Part 2of4 List of Ligatures & Homoglyphs & Symbols
List of (Multiple Latin Characters/Alphabets Look-Alike) Homoglyphs & Ligatures (& Symbols):

How to find/search in this page, or how to use these letters or ligatures or glyphs or symbols or digraphs or trigraphs are explained in "List of Ligatures & Homoglyphs & Unicode Symbols" top/index page.

  • If you are looking for emoji, emoticon, pictographic Unicode characters or symbols, then please use your (Desktop/Mobile) web-browser (i.e: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc) software's own "Find in this page" or similar options & search for words without the equal = sign. And after finding it, copy the single image/picture/character/symbol which is in left-side of the sign inside that box/cell, (if that image/pic/char/symbol does not have a sign in left-side, then it is based on a single Unicode code-point). OR copy all images+pictures+symbols+characters which are in between the & signs (regardless of whether your web-browser/app can show it to you or not), (as some emoji/graphical-symbol needs+contains+requires multiple Unicode characters).
  • If you are looking for ligature or homoglyph or joined-alphabets (digraphs/trigraphs) or other textual Unicode characters/symbols, then please use the equal = sign in left-side of your search terms/letters/numbers, and to find SuperScript characters/symbols use =^ in left-side of your search terms/letters/numbers, and to find SubScripts use =_. After finding it, copy the single character/symbol which is in left-side of sign, (if it does not have a sign in left-side, then it is based on a single Unicode code-point). OR copy all the characters/symbols which are in between the & signs (regardless of whether your web-browser/app can show it to you or not), (as some textual-symbol needs+contains+requires multiple Unicode characters).

Data display style/format/syntax/legend: Unicode/Glyph/Homoglyph/Ligature /Emoji/DiGraph/TriGraph symbolUnicode Hex code-point number(s)[Unicode block name], Unicode Name. Few extra/related words/data. = English/Latin (look-alike) equivalent text = other English/Latin (look-alike) equivalent text. Few extra/related words/data. Example words with Unicode glyph : it's Latin/English text form.

Single Glyph/Character/Symbol/Ligature Looks-Like Multiple Latin/English:

Many individual Non-CJK Unicode characters or symbols/glyhs, are homoglyphs or homographs or ligatures, that is, some of them look-like or appear-as joined dual, triple or multiple characters or symbols of Latin/English language script, such are listed below.
And homoglyphs or ligatures from CJK based language-scripts are shown under a different section: Single CJK Looks-Like Multiple Latin Characters (in Part 1 of 4).

Non-CJK Character/Symbol Which Look-Like Latin/English:

List of links into Non-CJK sections.

Non-CJK Glyphs/Symbols Looks Like Objects/Shapes:

=U+10E2 Georgian Tar. Looks like: symbol for Power On/Off

=U+10D2 Georgian Gan. Looks like: Open/Unlocked Lock

=U+10D6 Georgian Zen. Looks like: Closed/Locked Lock

=U+10C4 Georgian capital Har. Looks like: Fork

Looks like: animal

Looks like: button, square

=+o, Target, ⌖/2316

=+, Hermitian Conjugate Matrix, hercon, ⊹/22B9

Single CJK Character/Symbol Looks-Like Multiple Latin Characters:

There are many individual CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) Unicode characters or symbols, which are homoglyphs or homographs or ligatures, that is, some of them look-like or appear-as joined dual, triple or multiple characters or symbols of Latin/English language script, such are listed below.
See also: CJK Unified Ideographs, CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A, CJK Compatibility Ideographs.

CJK AlphaNumeric Glyphs Which Look-Like Latin/English:

List of links into CJK sections.

CJK Glyphs/Symbols Which Look-Like Objects/Shapes:

66F2 Musical composition. Looks like: Wall. Fence. Cage

垂,璽 垂/5782 droop. 璽/74BD. Looks like: Wall. A window on a wall

7530 Rice paddy. Looks like: A plus symbol inside a square. Shelf

5408 Fit. Looks like: House

76D2 Small box or case; Casket. Looks like: A house on top of 4 columns

76C0 Dish. Looks like: A pantheon with a flag on top

76BF Shallow container. Looks like: Fence. Four columns, connected at top

Secondary. Looks like: Plus symbol, Cross symbol

金 面 目 品 回 口 罪 非 圭 血 요 오 모 머 음 無 画 苦 ㅁ 罪 ㉤ 㐀

Looks like a Computer mouse, 7534

Looks like a Open-Lock

Looks like a Sickle

璔/7494, Looks like a Robot face & body, next to "E"

CJK Glyphs/Symbols Look-Like Being/Person:

C6C3 Looks like: a person

C720 Looks like: a person

D7A3 Looks like: a person with a hat has raiased left hand upward


International System of Units:

Various types standardized units used for measurements, tests, etc.

SI Units:

Unicode characters in this section are related to various types of measurement SI units, from following Unicode blocks: CJK Compatibility Unicode symbols.

3399 fm: femtometer

3380 ps: picosecond

33B4 pV: picovolt

33BA pW: picowatt

3380 pA: picoampere

338A pF: picofarad

339A nm: nanometer

33B1 ns: nanosecond

33B5 nV: nanovolt

33BB nW: nanowatt

3381 nA: nanoampere

338B nF: nanofarad

µ,μ 00B5, 03BC µ=micro sign, small-letter μ=mu. 10-6

339B µm: micrometer

33B2 µs: microsecond

33B6 µV: microvolt

33BC µW: microwatt

3382 µA: microampere

338C µF: microfarad

338D µg: microgram

3395 µl: microliter

339C mm: millimeter

33B3 ms: millisecond

33B7 mV: millivolt

33BD mW: milliwatt

3383 mA: milliampere

338E mg: milligram

3396 ml: milliliter

339F mm2: square-mm

33A3 mm3: qubic-mm

33D5 mil: 1/1000 inch, military, 10km

33D4 mb: mbar. millibar

339D cm: centimeter

33A0 cm2: square-cm

33A4 cm3: qubic-cm

3397 dl: deciliter

33C8 dB: decibel

33CC in: inch

33A1 m2: square-meter

33A5 m3: qubic-m

33CA ha: hectare =10000㎡ =100are =1/100

3390 Hz: hertz

=m/s=meter/second 33A7

=m/s2 33A8

=rad. 33AD. rad: radiation absorption dose, rad: angular measure

33AE rad/s

33AF rad/s2

33C9 Gy: gray=100㎭

33A9 Pa: pascal

3374 bar: 100000㎩

3388 cal: calorie

33D6 mol: mole

33D7 pH: potential of hydrogen

3373 AU/au: Astronomical Unit

33C3 Bq: becquerel

33DC Sv: sievert

33DB sr: steradian

33C5 cd: candela. Change Directory

33D3 lx: lux

33D0 lm: lumen

33DD Wb: weber

33CF kt: kiloton of TNT

33CB HP: horsepower

W 0057 W: watt

33FF gal: gallon. One US-gal water ≈8.34 lbs(≈3.78kg) at 62°F(17°C). One US-gal is ≈16.6% lighter than One imperial-UK-gal. It can be used to indicate: Gallery, Girl, etc

=l=ℓ=L. U+2113 Small letter L. Liter(US)/Litre(Int'l)=ℓ (used for measuring volume). Example: 2ℓ=2l

° 00B0 degree symbol

Ω,Ω 03A9, 2126 Ω,Ω: ohm. Capital-letter Omega

3372 da: deca-. 101=10. Ten

3371 hPa: hecto-pascals

339E km: kilometer

33CE KM: kilometer

33B8 kV: kilovolt

33BE kW: kilowatt

3384 kA: kiloampere

338F kg: kilogram

3398 kl: kilo-liter

33A2 km2: square-km

33A6 km3: qubic-km

3385 KB: kilobyte

3391 KHz: kilohertz

33C0 kΩ: kilo-ohm

33AA kPa: kilo-pascal

3389 kcal: kilo-calorie

33C4 CC: cubic-cm

33B9 MV: megavolt

33BF MW: megawatt

3386 MB: megabyte

3392 MHz: megahertz

33C1 MΩ: mega-ohm

33AB MPa: mega-pascal

33D9 PPM: Parts Per Million

3387 GB: gigabyte

3393 GHz: gigahertz

33AC GPa: giga-pascal

3394 THz: terahertz

33C2 a.m. Ante meridiem. After midnight. Before midday

33D8 p.m. Post meridiem. Pre midnight. After midday

33DF a/m

33DE v/m

33C6 C/kg

337A IU

3377 dm: decimeter

3378 dm2

3379 dm3

3375 oV

Computer Screen Control Pictures/Texts Block:

These symbols/glyphs show computer related control texts or pictures. But may not be available in some older fonts.

=NUL 2400 symbol for null

=ACK 2406 symbol for acknowledge

=BS 2408 symbol for backspace

=HT 2409 symbol for horizontal tabulation

=LF 240A symbol for line feed. Actual "LF" is 000A

=CR 240D symbol for carriage return. Actual "CR" is 000D


§ 00A7 section

00B6 paragraph

· 00B7 interpunct, middle dot

¼=1/4 00BC one-quarter

½=1/2 00BD one-half

¾=3/4 00BE three-quarters

2012 figure dash

2013 en dash

2014 em dash

2015 quotation dash

2018 left single quote

2019 right single quote, apostrophe

201A single quote

201C left double quote

201D right double quote

201E double quote

2020 dagger

2021 double dagger

2022 bullet

2026 ellipsis

203D interrobang

2042 asterism

=1/7 2150 one-seventh

=1/9 2151 one-ninth

=1/10 2152 one-tenth

=1/3 2153 one-third

=2/3 2154 two-thirds

=1/5 2155 one-fifth

=2/5 2156 two-fifths

=3/5 2157 three-fifths

=4/5 2158 four-fifths

=1/6 2159 one-sixth

=5/6 215A five-sixths

=1/8 215B one-eighth

=3/8 215C three-eighths

=5/8 215D five-eighths

=7/8 215E seven-eighths

=1/ 215F fraction numerator one

2190 left arrow

2191 up arrow

2192 right arrow

2193 down arrow

23CE carriage return symbol

232B erase to the left (backspace)

2423 space symbol

25A1 square

★/2605 starf, bigstar, black star

☆/2606 white star

26E4 pentagram

2610 ballot box

2611 ballot box with check

2612 ballot box with X

261B black right pointing finger

261E white right pointing finger

269C fleur-de-lys

2713 check mark

2717 cross mark

2E3A two-em dash

2E3B three-em dash

3003 ditto

Special Typography Symbols

  •   00AD soft hyphen - is shown where it is inserted in a word if the word is too long for the line and breaks just after the soft hyphen. Otherwise the hyphen is invisible. In several word-processors soft hyphen can be entered by holding the control key and at the same time pressing the hyphen key, and is shown as a hyphen with gray background.
  • 200B zero-width space - provides a non-printing word separator, an invisible line break opportunity.
  • 200C zero-width non-joiner - non-printing character to separate two characters that would otherwise produce a ligature.

Mathematical, Calculation:

Few significant mathematical symbols are shown below. For more: List of mathematical symbols , List of logic symbols , Greek letters used in mathematics, science, and engineering , List of letters used in mathematics and science , Latin letters used in mathematics.

Unary operators (Math):

221A radic, Sqrt, radical, square root

221B cube root

221C fourth root

± 00B1 plus or minus

2213 minus or plus

2032 prime, derivative

2033 Prime, double prime

2034 tprime, triple prime

220F N-ary product

2211 N-ary summation

Binary operators (Math):

2212 minus, subtraction, deduction

× 00D7 multiplication sign

22C5 sdot

2215 division slash

÷ 00f7 division sign

Relationships (Mathematical):

221D prop, propto, Proportional, vprop, varpropto, proportional to

2223 divides

2224 does not divide

2243 asymptotically equal to

2244 not asymptotically equal to

2245 approximately equal to

2246 approximately but not actually equal to

2247 neither approximately nor actually equal to

2248 almost equal to

2249 not almost equal to

225C trie, triangleq, delta equal to

225D equal to by definition

225F equest, checked equal to

2260 ne, NotEqual, not equal to

2261 equiv, Congruent, equivalent to

2264 less-than or equal to

2265 greater-than or equal to

226A much less than

226B much greater than

Calculus, Vector Calculus, Differential Equations (Math):

221E infinity

2202 partial differential

222B integral

222C double integral

222D triple integral

222E contour integral

222F surface integral

2230 volume integral

2231 clockwise integral

2232 clockwise contour integral

2233 anticlockwise contour integral

2207 nabla, Del, backward difference, gradient

Sets (Math):

2282 subset, included in, proper subset

2283 superset, includes, proper superset

2286 subset of or equal to

2287 superset or equal to

2284 notin set

2229 intersection

222A union

2208 isin, isinv, Element, in, element of (large symbol)

220A element of (small symbol)

2209 notin, NotElement, notinva, not element of

220B niv, ReverseElement, ni, SuchThat, contains as member (large symbol)

220D contains as member (small symbol)

220C notni, notniva, NotReverseElement, does not contain as member

2205 empty, emptyset, emptyv, varnothing, empty set

Mathematical Typography:

22EE vellip, vertical ellipsis

22EF hellip, horizontal ellipsis

22F0 utdot, rising dots, up right diagonal ellipsis

22F1 dtdot, falling dots, down right diagonal ellipsis

27E8 left angle bracket

27E9 right angle bracket

Logic (Math):

¬ 00AC not sign

2227 Logical AND

2228 Logical OR


2234 THEREFORE, there4, therefore, Therefore

2235 BECAUSE, becaus, because, Because

2200 FOR ALL, forall, ForAll

2203 THERE EXISTS, exist, Exists

2204 THERE DOES NOT EXIST, nexist, NotExists, nexists

Geometry (Math):

2220 ang, angle

2221 angmsd, measured angle

2222 spherical angle

27C2 perpendicular to

221F right angle

Sine Wave. 223F. She. 1510. Sine wave

📏/1F4CF, Straight Ruler

📐/1F4D0, Triangular Ruler

Other (Mathematical):

π=pi Greek small letter Pi 03C0. Π Greek Capital Pi 03A0

33D2 log

33D1 ln

Box Drawing

Box drawing, and shapes looks like: box, square, rectangular, etc.

29C9 Joined Squares. Box Box

Squared Small Circle

Squared Square

Block Elements

Geometric Shapes

△,▲,△. △ 25B3 equilateral triangle. ▲ Black Up Pointing Triangle, △ White Up Pointing Triangle

triangle with serifs at bottom. Also looks like pyramid

22BF right triangle

,⬜ 2B1C square. ᆷ<11B7

♢,◆. ♢ 2662 rhombus, diamond. ◆ Black diamond

25AD rectangle

Lower Three Eighths Block

□,■. □ White square. ■ Black square

2B20 pentagon

⬡,⬢. ⬡ 2B21 hexagon, ⬢ black hexagon

○,●. ○ 25CB circle. ● Black Circle. ᆼ<11BC

⬭,⬬. 2B2D ⬭ ellipse, 2B2C ⬬ Black ellipse. Looks like: Oval shape, Egg

⎔,⬣. ⎔ Software Function Symbol, ⬣ Horizontal black hexagon

White Square With Rounded Corners

Dotted Square

▤ ▥ ▦. ▤ quare With Horizontal Fill. ▥ Square With Vertical Fill. ▦ Square With Orthogonal CrossHatch Fill


23EA Black left-pointing double triangle

23E9 Black right-pointing double triangle

23EB Black up-pointing double triangle

23EC Black down-pointing double triangle

23ED Black right-pointing pointer double triangle with vertical bar

23EE Black left-pointing pointer double triangle with vertical bar

25BA Black right-pointing pointer

25C4 Black left-pointing pointer

25B2 Black up-pointing triangle

25BC Black down-pointing triangle

25B3 White up-pointing triangle

25BD White down-pointing triangle

25C9 Fisheye

25CE Bullseye

2702 Black Scissors

2704 White Scissors

2705 White heavy check mark

2713 Check mark

2714 Heavy check mark

2715 Multiplication

2716 Heavy multiplication

2717 Ballot X

2718 Heavy ballot X

274C Cross mark

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