Part 1of4 List of Ligatures & Homoglyphs & Symbols
List of (Multiple Latin Characters/Alphabets Look-Alike) Homoglyphs & Ligatures (& Symbols):

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Single Glyph/Homoglyph/Ligature or DiGraph/TriGraph Looks-Like Multiple Latin:

Various sections (A/a, B/b,…) in below are displaying lists of single Unicode homoglyphs+l追atures (which means: graphically combined/joined dual or triple or multiple le比ers or characters), or d追raphs/tr追raphs (which means: 2 or 3 or more le比ers and/or characters are grouped inside a single glyph as a single individual/unique le比er-set) from various Non-CJK language-scripts (aka, typographic-scripts), which looks-alike (or looks similar-to) Latin/English le比ers or characters.
And hണoglyphs+l追atures+di/tri/multi-graphs from CJK based language-scripts are shown under a different section: Single CJK Looks Like Multiple Latin Characters.


Unicode glyphs, symbols=symb히s, characters, l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which definitely look-like or appearing-as starting-with the le比er-"A" or "a", are shown/listed in this section. And slightly different looking characters or similar-looking other symb히s are shown in below next/another section: "Either-A/O/0/D/P/o/a".

Ꜳ<A732 =AA. ꜳ<A733 =aa. Nordic vowel

⎂<_ =aa =aa

ꬄ<_ =Ab =Ao

℀<2100 =a/c =a/c = ͣ/c = ͣ͏/c =/◌ᷧC Account Of

<FCBB =ac =oc, Arabic Ain with Meem, (R-to-L).

<2406 =ACK, symb히 for acknowledge

Æ<00C6 =AE, AElig, Alt+ 0198 | æ<00E6 =ae, aelig, Alt+ 0230 | Ash, Aesc | ᴁ<_ =AE | Ӕ<04D4 =AE | ӕ<04D5 | Pædia :Paedia

Æ̋<_ æ̋<_ =AE" =ae", ae with double acute

ꬂ<AB02 =AL =A_, E也юPꏸ Ge'ez Tthi

㏂<33C2 =a.m. =am. 5㏂ :5a.m. :5am

㏟<33DF =A/m

Ꜵ<A734 =AO. ꜵ<A735 =ao

🜇<1F707 🜇<_ =AR. Aqua Regia

⅍<214D =A/S =A/S, Aktieselskab

℁<2101 =a/s =a/S = ͣ͏/s =/◌ᷧs, Addressed to the subject

㍳<3373 =AU. ㍳ :AU :Astronomical Unit, 1㍳=1AU

Ꜷ<A736 =AU =AJ. ꜷ<A737 =au

Ꜹ<A738 =AV =A/. ꜹ<A739 =av =a/

ꥄ<A944 =AW =NV, Rejang Nda

Ꜽ<A73C =AY =A/. ꜽ<A73D =ay =a/

⎁<_ =a… =a…

<1EA4 =A', A with circumflex & acute

<1EA5 =a', a with circumflex & acute

₳<_ =A=. Austral symb히

ꬁ<AB01 =A-, E也юPꏸ Ge'ez Tthu


This section is showing characters, glyphs, symb히s, l追atures, (and/or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which can either look-like (starting-with) "O" or "0" or "o" or "a" or "A" or "P" or "D". Look & interpretation depends on position of the l追ature (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) inside a word & font's glyph & font-size.

<FD73 =aab, Arabic Tah with Meem & Meem, (R-to-L).

<FD77 =aac, Arabic Ain with Meem & Meem, (R-to-L).

ഏ<0D0F =aB =oB =aB =oB, MalayAlam Ee

<FD33 ><FD3A =ab, Arabic Tah with Meem, (R-to-L).

എ<0D0E =aD =oD, MalayAlam E

<FCEE =ai, Arabic Noon with Meem, ><FCD5 =ai, (R-to-L).

പ<0D2A =al =ol, MalayAlam Pa

<FCED =al, Arabic Lam with Meem, (R-to-L).

൬<0D6C =am =cm =nm =mn =cnD =anD, MalayAlam 6

ഹ<0D39 =aO =oO, MalayAlam Ha


㍴<3374 =bar. ㍴n :barn, 4㍴ :4bar

𝄫<1D12B =bb, Musical Symbol Double Flat

<2407 =BEL

Ы<042B ы<044B =bl =bI. Yeru. Ыue :blue

ᒈ<1488 =bi =bl =bI =bl, Canadian=Ca㎁dꙗn Kah

ፌ<134C =bo, E也юPꏸ Fee

㏃<33C3 =Bq. WE㏃uest :WEBquest, ㏃k :Bqk :be-quick, 3㏃ :3Bq

<2408 =BS. symb히 for backspace

ፊ<134A =bv =lov =bov, E也юPꏸ Fi

฿<0E3F =BI =IB =Bl =lB =B|. Thai curreny symb히 Baht, Also used as: BitCoin symb히, until this latest symb히 was adopted: <_ =B||. Cryptographic Data Commodity / Asset / Currency, its intended to be based on decentralized database & decentralized verification, to reduce centralized system abuses (and chance of abusing)

ᑿ<147F =b., Ca㎁dꙗn West-Cree Kwa

ፈ<1348 =b_ =b-, E也юPꏸ Fa

ᶀ<1D80 =b,


Coming soon




㎈<3388 =cal =cal. ㎈orie :calorie, ㎈if :calif, 100㎈ :100cal

<2418 =CAN

<FC26 =Cb, Arabic Tah with Hah, (R-to-L).

㏄<33C4 =cc. a㏄ess :access, o㏄ur :occur, 5㏄ :5cc

⋐<22D0 =CC. Double Subset │ ᕳ<1573 =CC, Ca㎁dꙗn Tya

ᱰ<1C70 =CD, Ol-Chiki Edd

<33C5 ㏅<_ =cd. ㏅ :cd :change directory, ane㏅ote :anecdote, 6㏅ :6cd

₠<20A0 =CE ==CE. Dan₠ :Dance

Œ<0152 ɶ<0276 =CE. danɶ :dance. BALANŒ :BALANCE. Though it looks like joined C & E, but its actually representing joined O ("oh") & E

Ҩ<04A8 ҩ<04A9 =Ce =6 =Cl =CQ =CQ, Abkhasian Ha

𝔈<1D508 𝕰<_ =CF

ᑪ<146A =CI =Cl =CI =Cl, Ca㎁dꙗn Tta

ꛐ<A6D0 =CI =Cl =CI =Cl =I◌ᷗ =◌ᷗI =l◌ᷗ =◌ᷗl, Bamum Reux

⍧<_ =Cl =lC =CI =IC

¢<00A2 =c| =c/ =Ic =cI =lc =cl, Cent/Centavo, ¢ ¢ │ ₵<_ =C| =IC =CI =lC =Cl, Ghanaian cedi │ ₡<_ =C//, Colon (CostaRica, Salvadoran)

ꢌ<A88C =Cip, Saurashtra=Sꜷrash㙀a E

㏆<33C6 =C/kg =c/kg. 2㏆ :2C/kg

𝔊<1D50A 𝕲<_ =CK

℄<2104 =CL =cL =L◌ᷗ, Center Line symb히

ᖙ<1599 =cl, Ca㎁dꙗn Sayisi Sho

𑂥<110A5 =cl, Kaithi Ba

ل<0644 =cl, Arabic Lam, (R-to-L).

<20BE =C =Cll =CII =Cll =CII =C◌ᷝ◌ᷝ │ ლ<_ =c. Georgian Lari

㎝<339D =cm. a㎝e :acme, 2㎝ :2cm

<A8A9 =cm =um, Sꜷrash㙀a Bha

௹<0BF9 =Cn. Tamil Rupee sign

സ<0D38 =cnv =cnu =mv =mu, MalayAlam Sa

㏇<33C7 =CO. 5㏇ :5CO.

ꭃ<AB43 =co, Latin Extnd-E Turned-O Open-O

⟃<27C3 =Co

℅<2105 =c/o =C/O = ͨ͏/o =/◌ᷗo, Care Of

ൽ<0D7D =cob =coo, MalayAlam Chillu L

ഝ<0D1D =cow =mw, MalayAlam Jha

𐔋<1050B =Cp, Elbasan Gje

ꩥ<AA65 =cp, Mayanmar Khamti Nya

⳧<2CE7 =cPc =CPC, Coptic Stauros

␍<240D =CR =CR. Symb히 for carriage return in computer

₢<20A2 =Cr

ℭ<_ 𝕮<_ =Cs =CS, 212D, Black-Le比er Capital C │ ᧖<19D6 =Cs

᮶<1BB6 =Cs =ls =Cs =ls, Sundanese-6

ꢰ<A8B0 =cs =es

क<092 =cTh =Tch =cTp =Tcp =qTp, Devangari Ka

℆<2106 =c/u =c/u = ͨ͏/u =/◌ᷗu, Cada Una

ꢎ<A88E =Cup, Sꜷrash㙀a Ai

៚<17DA =cw =cm, Khmer Koomuut │ ๛<0E5B =cw =cm, Thai Khomut

⫁<02AC1 =cx =cx = ͨ͏ ͓ =x◌ᷗ, submult

⨴<2A34 =Cx

Ꝣ<A762 =C3 =C3 | ꝣ<A763 =c3 =c3

<10BA =C,, Georgian capital Can

ᑢ<1462 =C., Ca㎁dꙗn West-Cree Twa

૯<0AEF =C-, Gujarati Nine

⪿<02ABF =c+ =C/+ = ͨ͏ ̟, subplus

Ͼ<03FE =C. =C*, Dotted Lunate Sigma. ͼ<037C =C. =C*, Looks like Crescent Moon & a star


Some glyphs, characters, symb히s which look-like capital-le比er "D", those may also look-like "O", such are shown/listed in this section.

ȸ<0238 =db =do =ob =ab =cb =olo. Latin DB D追raph. It joined as a l追ature. Voiced labiodental plosive symb히

𑘯<1162F =dTo =oTo, Modi Lla




glyphs, symb히s or l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which defintely look-like starting with only "d" or only "D", such are shown in this section.

㍲<3372 =da. ㍲d :dad, 40㍲ :40da

㏈<33C8 =dB. ㏈ :dB :deciBel, Mi㏈ody :MidBody, 1㏈ :1dB, Use㏈y :UsedBy

𑣍<118CD =db =ob =do, Ho/WarangCiti Eny

ȡ<0221 =db, Phonetic Voiceed alveolo-palatal stop

𝄊<1D10A =D.C., Musical Symbol Da Capo

<2421 =DEL

ⴛ<2D1B =dh, Georgian Jil

ᣛ᳢<18DB+1CE2 =dh

ᒇ<1487 =di =dl =dI =dl =dI, Ca㎁dꙗn Koh

㎗<3397 =dl =dl. ba㎗y :badly, 100㎗ :100dl

𑊽<112BD =dl, Khudawadi Gga

Ⱊ<2C1A =dl =dI, Glagolitic Pe

㍷<3377 =dm. a㍷in :admin, 3㍷ :3dm

𝔚<_ =DO =W, Wfr, 𝔚<1D51A

₯<20AF =Dp. Drachma

Ⴛ<10BB =dr, Georgian Jil

ꕈ<A548 =dn, Vai Nyi

Ⴥ<10C5 =dR =dP, Georgian Hoe

𝄉<1D109 =D.S., Musical Symbol Dal Segno

₫<20AB =dt =ot. Dong

ਗ<0A17 =dT, Gurmukhi Ga

ཆ<0F46 =dTb, Tibetan Cha

Ԃ<0502 ԃ<0503 =du =dv =di =, Komi Dje

DZ<01F1 =DZ. Dz<01F2 =Dz. dz<01F3 =dz. Latin

DŽ<01C4 =DZ. Dž<01C5 =Dz. dž<01C6 =dz. Gaj's Latin alphabet (Serbo-Croatian: abeceda, latinica, or gajica) is the form of the Latin script used for Serbo-Croatian (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, and Montenegrin)

ʣ<02A3 =dz, IPA Ext

ʤ<02A4 =dz =d3. IPA Ext

ď<010F =d', small-le比er D with caron

ᑻ<147B =d., Ca㎁dꙗn West-Cree Kwo

ᶁ<1D81 =d,

ꝱ<A771 =d/ =d,

Ժ<053A =d- Armenian Zhe


ઘ<0A98 =El, Gujarati Gha

ᦕ<1995 =El, New Tai-Lue Pha

𑂐<11090 =El, Kaithi Gha

ꢤ<A8A4 =El, Sꜷrash㙀a Dha │ ꣸<A8F8 =El │ છ<0A9B =E9 =Eg =El, Gujarati Cha

ꦩ<A9A9 =En, Javanese Ma

ಉ<0C89 =env =cnv =enu =cnu =ev =cv =eni =cni, Kannada U

ಊ<0C8A =ens =cns, Kannada Uu

<2419 =EM

𑋁<112C1 =Eo, Khudawadi Cha

㋍<32CD =erg, Square ERG

ꢕ<A895 =Es, Sꜷrash㙀a Gha

𑅚<1115A =Es, Mahajani Cha

<241B =ESC

🙰<1F670 =eT, Script lig ET Ornament │ 🙱<1F671 =eT │ 🙲<1F672 =ET │ 🙳<1F673 =ET

ध<0927 =ET =El, Devangari Dha

𐬡<10B21 =eu =ev, Avestan Bhe (R-to-L).

㋎<32CE =eV, Square EV

ట<0C1F =ev =eu =cv =cu, Telegu Tta

ཛ<0F5B =E', Tibetan Dza

<1EBE =E', E with circumflex & acute

ế<1EBF =e', e with circumflex & acute

€<_ =E- =C=. Euro, € €


℻<213B =FAX, Fascimile sign

⨐<2A10 =fc =cf

ff<FB00 =ff. Latin Small Lig FF

ffi<FB03 =ffi

fi<FB01 =fi. Latin Small Lig FI. fine :fine

fl<FB02 =fl, fllig. Latin Small Lig FL. fly :fly

<FB04 =ffl =ffI

㎙<3399 =fm. ㎙ :fm :frequency modulation, sur㎙an :surfman, 800㎙ :800fm

ʩ<02A9 =fn =fnj, IPA Ext

∮<222E =fo =of, Contour Integral

<241C =FS

ſt<FB05 =ft =feat =Featuring. Latin Small Lig Long S-T. (Some fonts display it incorrectly, as ligature "ft")

₣<20A3 =F- =Fr. Franc

ᶂ<1D82 =f,


glyphs, symb히s, l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which definitely look-like starting-with only "G" or "g", such are shown/listed in this section.

<33FF =gal. ㏿lon :gallon, 4㏿ :4gal

㎇<3387 =GB. BI㎇OY :BIGBOY, 4㎇ :4GB

ச<0B9A =gc =gc, Tamil Ca

𑌅<11305 =gcd =gd, Grantha A

㎓<3393 =GHz. 2.2㎓ :2.2GHz

₲<_ =IG =lG =GI =Gl =G|, Guaraní

௪<0BEA =gi =gi

ᮼ<1BBC =GL =CAZ, Sundanese Leu

௬<0BEC =gn =gcn =gcn, Tamil Six

ም<121D =go =go, Ethiopic=E也юPꏸ Me

ᥞ<195E =gn, Tai-Le Ha

௯<0BEF =go =gco =gn =gco, Tamil Nine

ዎ<12CE =gp =go =gp =go, E也юPꏸ Wo

ჶ<10F6 =gp =9p =cp, Georgian Fi

㎬<33AC =GPa. BI㎬ir :BIGPair, 1㎬ :1GPa

<241D =GS

㏉<33C9 =Gy. ㏉m :Gym

ɠ<0260 =g'

ᶃ<1D83 =g,

𐕊<1054A =g-, Caucasian Albanian Chi

ℊ<210A =g, script small G │ A CJK-based alternative character is 㠯<382F =g

Capital-le比er "G" often looks-like number "6", and small-le比er "g" often looks-like number "9", so also check these sections: G/6 , G/6-(CJK) , g/q/9 , g/q/9-(CJK) , 6 , 6-(CJK) , 9 , 9-(CJK).


glyphs, symb히s, l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which may appear-to or look-like starting-with any of these le比ers or numbers: small-le比er "g" or "q" or number "9", are shown/listed in this section.

ጼ<133C =qb =9b, E也юPꏸ Tsee

ჶ<_ =gp =qp =cp =9p

Ⴔ<10B4 =qp, Georgian Phar

ф<0444 =qp =cp =9p. Ef. fcy

ጹ<1339 =qr =9r, E也юPꏸ Tsu

Capital-le比er "G" often looks-like number "6", so also check/see: G/6 , G/6-(CJK) , G/g , G/g-(CJK) , 6 , 6-(CJK).


㏊<33CA =ha. ㏊ :ha :hactare, ㏊te :hate, 100㏊ :100ha

Њ<040A њ<045A =Hb =Ib =lb, Nje. Њeria :Iberia. Weight 99Њ :99lb

ዜ<12DC =Hb =lb =Ib, Zee │ ዤ<12E4 =Hb =lb =Ib =l6 =I6 =76, Zhee

𐅪<1016A / Ancient-Greek-Attic =HE

㋌<32CC =Hg, Square HG

Ԣ<0522 ԣ<0523 =Hh =hh =Hn =Hb =Hs =Ib =lb, En with middle hook

Ƕ<01F6 =Hi =Hl =Hu │ Ԋ<050A =Hi =Hl =Hu =Hv =IL, capital Komi Nje │ ԋ<050B =Hi =Hl =Hu =Hv, small Komi Nje │ Hwair

𐒙<10499 =hu =hi, Osmanya O

ឤ<_ =HI

<210D =HI =IH =HH, quaternions

Ꜧ<_ =HJ =IJ =lJ. Heng

Ѭ<046C ѭ<046D =hm =lm =Im =IX. Iotified big Yus

𐒝<1049D =hnu =hni, Osmanya Oo

𑨮<11A2E =HO =IO =I-O, Mongolian/Zanabazar Sha

㏋<33CB =HP. =IP =lP =I-P =l-P. ㏋ :HP :HorsePower, 746㏋ :746HP

𑫔<11AD4 =HP =IP =lP =I-P =l-P, Pau-Cin-Hau Cha. 𑫞<11ADE, T

㍱<3371 =hPa. Dis㍱n :DishPan, Touc㍱d :TouchPad, 10㍱ :10hPa

𐆘<10198 =HS =IIS, Roman Sestertius

<2409 =HT =HT, Symb히 for horizontal tabulation

Խ<053D =hu =lu =lv =Iu =hi, Armenian capital Xeh

խ<056D =hu =hi =lu =Iu, Armenian small Xeh

㎐<3390 =Hz. Hertz. 120㎐ :120Hz

Ⱨ<2C67 =H,

Ӊ<04C9 ӊ<04CA =H, Cyrillic=Cyriǁic En with tail │ Ң<04A2 ң<04A3 =H, Cyriǁic En with descender

Ҥ<04A4 ҥ<04A5 =H-. En Ghe

Ԧ<0526 ԧ<0527 =h,. Shha with descender

ⱨ<2C68 =h,

ዙ<12D9 =H-, E也юPꏸ Ge'ez Zu

ꛅ<A6C5 =H. Bamum Peux


Unicode glyphs, characters, symb히s or l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which definitely look-like starting with (Latin/English look-alike characters, or look-like very similar-to) small-le比er "i" or capital-le比er "I", those are shown in this section. But which looks-like slightly different, is shown in below next/another section: "Either-I/l/1".

Ѩ<0468 ѩ<0469 =IA =lA =hA, Iotified little Yus

<A656 =IA =lA. <A657 =Ia =la =Ha. Iotified A

𖬚<16B1A =Ia, Pahawh-Hmong Kaab

Ҧ<04A6 ҧ<04A7 =Ib =lb =nb =nh. Cyriǁic Pe with middle hook

𔖶<145B6 =IC =lC, Anatolian vir2a

Ѥ<0464 ѥ<0465 =IE =lE. Iotified E. Also looks like: =IC =lC

𖭴<16B74 =IE =IC, Pahawh-Hmong Cim Txwv

<_ =IH =HI =H =II =ll

<2161 =II =ll, ⅱ<2171 =ii

<2162 =III =lll, ⅲ<2172 =iii

IJ<0132 =IJ =lj, ij<0133 =ij. Dutch

𖬔<16B14 =IJ, Pahawh-Hmong Kiab

𔖵<145B5 =IL =lL, Anatolian vir2, word divider

<1EFA =IL, Latin capital middle-welsh Ll

ꦏ<A98F =im, Javanese KA

㏌<33CC =in. ㏌ch :inch, s㏌g :sing

ꪬ<AAAC =in =vi, Tai Viet Low Ho

ꦤ<A9A4 =in, Javanese Na │ ꦱ<A9B1 =in, Javanese Sa

ꪪ<AAAA =ins =vns, Tai Viet Low Vo

ꦑ<A991 =inu, Javanese Ka Murda

Ю<042E ю<044E =IO =lO =io, Yu

𖭧<16B67 =IO =I-O, Pahawh-Hmong Zwj Thaj

𐦿<109BF =Io, Meoitic Cursive Logogram Imn (R-to-L).

𐠚<1081A =ISI, Cypriot Ne (R-to-L).

ꪭ<AAAD =is, Tai Viet High Ho

<337A =IU. RAD㍺S :RADIUS, med㍺m :medium

𖬛<16B1B =IU, Pahawh-Hmong Kaav

𐬈<10B08 =iu =IU, Avestan E

<2163 =IV =lV, ⅳ<2173 =iv. LⅣE :LIVE, Hⅳe :Hive

<2168 =IX =lX, ⅸ<2178 =ix. MⅨ :MIX, Fⅸ :Fix

𖭡<16B61 =I|F =l|F, Pahawh-Hmong Number Trillions


Some le比ers/symb히s or l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) may look like (starting with) any of these: capital-le比er "I" (i) or small-le比er "i" or small-le比er "l" (el/L) or number "1" (one), this section displaying such l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs). Look & interpretation also depends on position of the l追ature/d追raph/tr追raph in a word & font's glyph & font-size.

ꭠ<AB60 =Ib =lb, Latin Sakha Yat

Ꙓ<A652 ꙓ<A653 =Ib =lb =Hb, Yat

ꭡ<AB61 =Ie =le, Latin Iotifies E

𞤦<1E926 =Ie =le, Adlam Small Ba (R-to-L).

ꕞ<A55E =IF =lF

փ<0583 =ih =uh , Armenian small Piwr

<2D23 =il

𐔚<1051A =il, Elbasan Rre

ǁ<01C1 =ll =II. Latin Le比er Lateral Click

॥<0965 =ll =II. Devangari double Danda

〢<_ =Il =lI =ll

‖<2016 =ll =II. Double Vertical Bar. Graphical symb히 looks like ll

𝍡<1D361 =ll =II

ꭐ<AB50 =lil

Խ<053D =lu =Iu =lv =Iv =hi =hu, Armenian Xeh

ŀ<0140 =l. =I.

ľ<013E =l' =I'

ᶅ<1D85 =l, =I,

ꝲ<A772 =l/ =l, =I/ =I,

ꛂ<A6C2 =I= =l=


Љ<0409 љ<0459 =Jb =nb, Lje

Ԡ<0520 ԡ<0521 =Jh =jh =Ab =/b =/h, El with middle hook

𖨝<16A1D =JE =JE, Bamum Phase-F Ya

𐡧<10867 =JH, (R-to-L). Palmyrene Heth

Л<041B л<043B =JI =Jl, Cyriǁic El │ Ӆ<04C4 ӆ<04C5 =JI, =n,, El with tail │ ᴫ<1D2B =JI =Jl =n, El

<FC8B =ji, Arabic Noon with Zain, (R-to-L).

Ԓ<0512 ԓ<0513 =JJ =jj, El with hook

ɲ<0272 =jn, Small le比er N with left hook

ᥟ<195F =Jn, Tai-Le Qa

ꩭ<AA6D =JP, Mayanmar Khamti Ha

𐢚<1089A =JP, Nabataean Qoph

Ⴐ<10B0 =Jr =Jn, Georgian Rae

Ꙥ<A664 ꙥ<A665 =JT =/T =A- =A-, Soft El

ᥭ<196D =ju, Tai-Le Ai

Ԉ<0508 ԉ<0509 =JL =Jv =nv, Komi Lje

Ԕ<0514 ԕ<0515 =JX =jx =/X =/x =AX =Ax. Lha

𐔴<10534 =J-, Caucasian Albanian Eb. 𐕏<1054F =J-, Dzyay


㎄<3384 =kA. Jac㎄ss :JackAss, 1㎄ :1kA

㎅<3385 =KB. SIC㎅AY :SICKBAY, 5㎅ :5KB

Ӄ<04C3 ӄ<04C4 =K, =Kb =KJ, Ka with hook

㎉<3389 =kcal =kcal. sic㎉l :sickcall, 1㎉ :1kcal :1000cal

㎏<338F =kg. bac㎏round :background, 49㎏ :49kg

㎑<3391 =kHz. 20㎑ :20kHz

𐒼<104BC =Kj, Osage Ka

㏍<33CD =K.K. =KK

㎘<3398 =kl =kl. an㎘e :ankle, 2㎘ :2㎘

㎞<339E =km. :km :kilometers, boo㎞ark :bookmark, 2㎞ :2km

㏎<33CE =KM. ㏎ :KM :KiloMiles, WOR㏎AN :WORKMAN, 10㏎ :10KM

㎪<33AA =kPa. Bac㎪in :BackPain, 3㎪ :3kPa

㏏<33CF =kt. 2㏏ :2kt

㎸<33B8 =kV. Bac㎸ault :BackVault, 10㎸ :10kV

㎾<33BE =kW. 1㎾ :1kW

㏀<33C0 =kΩ. 100㏀ :100kΩ

Ꝃ<_ ꝃ<_ =Kx =kx

Ԟ<051E ԟ<051F =Kx =kx =KX

𐆂<10182 =Kx. Ancient-Greek-Attic. Kyathos Base sign

Ⱪ<2C69 =K,

Қ<049A қ<049B =K,, Ka with descender

ᶄ<1D84 =k,

ⱪ<2C6A =k,

₭<_ =K- =|<-. Kip


glyphs, symb히s or l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which definitely look-like starting-with only "L" or "l", are shown/listed in this section.

<2113 =l =ℓ =L. ℓ/U+2113 Script Small L. Math symb히 "Ell". Liter(US)/Litre(Int'l)=ℓ (used for measuring volume). 2ℓ=2l

<FC88 =la =lo, Arabic Meem with Alef, (R-to-L).

℔<2114 =lb =ttb, L B Bar symb히, pounds

𞹯<1EE6F =Lc, Arabic Math Stretched Ain (R-to-L).

ம<0BAE =LD =LO, Tamil Ma

<240A =LF =L/F. Symb히 for line feed

ꚳ<A6B3 =Li =LI =Ll =LI =Ll, Bamum M

𑋌<112CC =LII, Khudawadi Nna

LJ<01C7 =LJ. Lj<01C8 =Lj. lj<01C9 =lj =Ij. Gaj's Latin alphabet (Serbo-Croatian: abeceda, latinica, or gajica) is the form of the Latin script used for Serbo-Croatian (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, and Montenegrin)

╚<_ =LL

𑫶<11AF6 =ll Pau-Cin-Hau Low-Falling Long-Final

<33D0 =lm =Im. Pa㏐ :Palm. 3㏐ :3lm

<33D1 =ln =In. vu㏑ :vuln, ㏑8 :ln8

ը<_ =Ln =C

ሬ<122C =Lo =lo, E也юPꏸ Ree

𐀨<10028 =Lo =L,, Mycenaean Greek Linear B Syllable B060 Ra

𞹬<1EE6C =Lo, Arabic Math Stretched Meem (R-to-L).

㏒<33D2 =log =Iog. ㏒ger :logger, B㏒ :Blog, ㏒4 :log4

<0869 =Lp, Syriac MalayAlam Llla, (R-to-L).

ꦗ<A997 =LR, Javanese Ja

ʪ<02AA =ls =Is, IPA-Ext

₶<_ =lt =It =H =tt. Livre Tournois symb히

㋏<32CF =LTD

Ⴞ<10BE =Lu =uL, Georgian Xan

<33D3 =lx =Ix. 2㏓=2lx

ʫ<02AB =lz =Iz

ɮ<026E =lZ =l3 =I3. IPA-Ext. lezh

<086A =L8, Syriac MalayAlam Ssa, (R-to-L).

╨<2AEB =ll

╙<_ =lL

Ľ<013D =L', capital L with caron | ľ<013E =l', small L with caron | Ŀ<013F =L.

ᒷ<14B7 =L., Ca㎁dꙗn West-Cree Mwa

<FC37 =L<, Arabic Kaf with Alef, (R-to-L).

₤<_ =L =fL. Lira (Italy)

£<00A3 =L =fL. Pound (British), &pound; &#163;

  • Some glyphs/symb히s/l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which look-like (starting with) small-le比er "l" (el/L), they also look-like (starting with) capital-le比er "I" (i) or number "1" (one), so also check+see these sections: L/l-(CJK) , Either-I/l/1/i , Either-I/l/1/i-(CJK) , I/i , I/i-(CJK) , 1 , 1-(CJK).


㎃<3383 =mA. Ca㎃rt :CamArt, 500㎃ :500mA

㏔<33D4 =mb. du㏔ :dumb, li㏔ :limb, to㏔ :tomb, wo㏔ :womb, 3㏔ :3mb

㎆<3386 =MB. LI㎆ :LIMB, 256㎆ :256MB

🝫<1F76B 🝫<_ =MB. Marian Bath (Bath Of Mary)

㎎<338E =mg. fil㎎oer :filmgoer, 15㎎ :15mg

㎒<3392 =MHz. 104.3㎒ :104.3MHz

<20BC =m =mI =ml =nI =In =nl =ln =n| =|n. Azerbaijani Manat

𑊱<112B1 =mi, Khudawadi Aa

㏕<33D5 =mil. ㏕itary :military, ㏕ls :mills, 100㏕ :100mil

㎖<3396 =ml =ml. war㎖y :warmly, 10㎖ :10ml

㎜<339C =mm. i㎜ature :immature, 10㎜ :10mm

㏖<33D6 =mol. ㏖e :mole, 500㏖ :500mol

ଳ<0B33 =mO =Om, Oriya Lla

㎫<33AB =MPa. RA㎫ge :RAMPage, 5㎫ :5MPa

⳥<2CE5 =MP =M◌ᷮ, Mi Ro. Also looks like: =PM

㎳<33B3 =ms. fil㎳ :films, 100㎳ :100ms

₷<20B7 =mS. Spesmilo sign

㎧<33A7 =m/s. da㎧ize :dam/size, 10㎧ :10m/s

𐒄<10484 =Mu =Mi, Osmanya Xa


㎷<33B7 =mV. Hu㎷ee :HumVee, 10㎷ :10mV

㎽<33BD =mW. Fir㎽are :FirmWare, 100㎽ :100mW

㎿<33BF =MW. TRA㎿AYs :TRAMWAYs, 10㎿ :10MW

㏁<33C1 =MΩ. 2.2㏁ :2.2MΩ

Ӎ<04CD ӎ<04CE =M,, Em with tail

ꟿ<A7FF =M/, Manius. Also looks like: =/W =AW =MV

₥<_ =m/. Mill, mil, an uncommon millesimal subdivision of US$ & other currencies

ꝳ<A773 =m/ =m/ =m,

Ꙧ<A666 ꙧ<A667 =M- =MT, Soft Em

ጡ<1321 =m-, E也юPꏸ Thu │ ጢ<1322 =m_ =m-, Thi

ᶆ<1D86 =m,

𑴮<11D2E =m-, Masaram-Gondi Kssa


㎁<3381 =nA. Pa㎁ir :PanAir, 200㎁ :200nA

ⴊ<2D0A =na, Georgian Las

ȵ<0235 =nb =no, Phonetic palatal nasal

𖽩<16F69 =nb =no, Hmong-Miao Ing

൯<0D6F =nb =ab =mb =no =ao, MalayAlam-9. ൻ<0D7B =nb =ab =mb =no =ao, MalayAlam Chillu N

<2415 =NAK

𐅩<10169 =nE, Ancient-Greek-Attic 50

㎋<338B =nF. 200㎋ :200nF

𖨒<16A12 =NH, Bamum Phase-F Suu

𐅮<1016E =nHE =n-E, Ancient-Greek-Attic 500

ᑨ<1468 =nI =nl =nI =nl, Ca㎁dꙗn Tti

Ŋ<014A =nj =NJ, ŋ<014B =nj

NJ<01CA =NJ. Nj<01CB =Nj. nj<01CC =nj. Gaj's Latin alphabet (Serbo-Croatian: abeceda, latinica, or gajica) is the form of the Latin script used for Serbo-Croatian (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, and Montenegrin)

៧<17E7 =nl

𑀲<11032 =nL =nl, Brahmi Sa

㎚<339A =nm. i㎚ate :inmate, gu㎚an :gunman, 7㎚ :7nm

ஹ<0BB9 =nm =om, Tamil Ha

𑇥<111E5 =om, Sinhala Archaic Digit-5

ꦟ<A99F =nm =mn, Javanese Na Murda

ꦬ<A9AC =nml =mnl, Javanese Ra Agung

𝈊<1D20A =NN, Greek Vocal Notation Symbol-11

𐰥<10C25 =NN, Old Turkic Yenisei Aen. It also looks like: ꁴ<A074 from Chinese(CJK) Yi Syllable Bby

ᦶ<19B6 =nn, New Tai-Lue Ae

꧗<A9D7 =nn, Javanese Digit-7 │ ꦭ<A9AD =nn, La

ណ<178E =nn, Khmer Nno

⋒<22D2 =nn. Double InterSection. ᕱ<1571 =nn

№<2116 =No, Numero sign

ꩡ<AA61 =no, Mayanmar Khamti Ca

𝔴<1D534 =no =ho =lv =lo, wfr

ᎄ<1384 =no, E也юPꏸ Sebatbeit Bwa

ஷ<0BB7 =nq =n9 =oq, Tamil Ssa

㎱<33B1 =ns. i㎱ :ins, so㎱ :sons, 3㎱ :3ns

൹<0D79 =ns =as =cs =no, MalayAlam Date mark

🝂<1F742 =NT =TN. Borax

<FB2F =NT, Hebrew Alef with Qamats. (R-to-L).

௱<0BF1 =nT =m =mT, Tamil 100

ឈ<1788 =nu =nw =nv, Khmer Cho

𐅭<1016D =nu, Ancient-Greek-Attic, 500

ⴠ<2D20 =nu, Georgian Hae

𑌝<1131D =nu, Grantha Jha

<2400 =NUL, symb히 for null

㎵<33B5 =nV. Co㎵oy :ConVoy, i㎵ade :inVade, 100㎵ :100nV

ഡ<0D21 =nv =nu =nw =av =aw =cw =cuv, MalayAlam Dda

ഢ<0D22 =nv =nw =av =aw =cw =cuv, MalayAlam Ddha

㎻<33BB =nW. U㎻rap :UnWrap, U㎻ise :UnWise, 200㎻ :200nW

₦<_ =N=. Naira

Ꞑ<A790 =N,

Ԥ<0524 ԥ<0525 =n, Pe with descender

ቡ<1261 =n-, E也юPꏸ Bu

ᶇ<1D87 =n,

ꞑ<A791 =n,

ꝴ<A774 =n/ =n,

𑴯<11D2F =n-, Masaram-Gondi Jnya


glyphs, symb히s or l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which definitely look-like starting-with only "o" or "O", are shown/listed in this section.

ዔ<12D4 =Ob =Qb =Ob =Qb

ങ<0D19 =oB =6B =6l3, MalayAlam Nga. ൡ<_ =oB =6B =6l9

𞺈<1EE88 =ob, Arabic Math Looped Tah (R-to-L).

⳪<2CEA =oc, Coptic Shima Sima. l⳪ate :locate

𑁛<1105B =oc, Brahmi Ten

Œ<0152 =OE, OElig, Latin Extnd-A, Alt+ 0140. ɶ<0276 =OE, IPA-Ext OE. These also look like: =CE. økonomi :economy, œconomia

œ<0153 =oe, oelig, Latin Extnd-A, Alt+ 0156. œthel :oethel :ethel

ꭀ<AB40 =oe =oG, Latin Extnd-E small inverted OE

𑨯<11A2F =OH =OI =O-I, Mongolian/Zanabazar Ssa

Ꙕ<A654 ꙕ<A655 =OI =Ol, Reversed Yu

𐒂<10482 =oL =OL, Osmanya Ta

ണ<0D23 =om =6m =Gm, MalayAlam Nna

ഞ<0D1E =om =6m =Gm, MalayAlam Nya

ᥖ<1956 =on =an, Tai-Le Ta

୩<0B69 =on =6n =Gn, Oriya Three

ⴇ<2D07 =on. Georgian Tan

𑜄<11704 =on =OA, Ahom Ta

ൺ<0D7A =onb =6nb =omb =6mb =Gnb =on8 =6n8 =om8 =6m8 =Gn8, MalayAlam Chillu Nn

<A74E =OO, <A74F =oo, it also looks like: <_ =infinity symb히. Fꝏd :Food

መ<1218 =oo, E也юPꏸ Ma

ထ<1011 =oo, Burmese/Myanmar Tha

Ꙭ<A66C ꙭ<A66D =oo, Double Monocular O

ഐ<0D10 =ooD =oaD =noD =naD, MalayAlam Ai

ማ<121B =oq =09 =o9, E也юPꏸ Maa

ण<0923 =oT, Devangari Nna

ꠛ<A81B =oT =qT, Syloti Nagri Bo

Ꭽ<13AD =oV, Cherokee Ha. Ꮝ<13CD =ov, Cherokee S

㍵<3375 =oV. Zo㍵et :ZooVet, 2㍵ :2oV

ல<0BB2 =ov =6v =nv =nu =ou =6u =Gv, Tamil La

𑋖<112D6 =oW =ow, Khudawadi Bha

𑌘<11318 =ow, Grantha Gha

༟<0F1F =ox, Tibetan Rdel Dkar del Nag

Ѹ<0478 =Oy, Cyriǁic Uk. ѹ<0479 =oy. bѹ :boy │ Ꙋ<A64A =oY =Yo │ ꙋ<A64B =oc =oy =yo =o◌᷶. Monograph Uk

൮<_ =oy, MalayAlam 8

𑄑<11111 =Oz, Chakma Ttaa

රු<0DD4 =Oz =Oc =bz =bc =bl =Ol =G. Sinhala Rupee sign

ფ<10E4 =oz =o3. Georgian Phar

Ơ<01A0 =O'. ơ<01A1 =o'. O with horn

<1ED0 <1ED1 =O' =o', O with circumflex & acute

ዑ<12D1 =O-, E也юPꏸ Ge'ez phar. U

𐕒<10552 =O-, Caucasian Albanian On


㎀<3380 =pA. Po㎀rtist :PopArtist, 100㎀ :100pA

㎩<33A9 =Pa. ㎩lm :Palm, 5㎩ :5Pa

㍶<3376 =pc. ㍶ :pc :piece, ㍶ :pc :personal computer, po㍶orn :popcorn

₰<_ =Pf =& =l =Nl, Pfennig symb히

㎊<338A =pF. 100㎊ :100pF

㏗<33D7 =pH. U㏗eave :UpHeave, 6㏗ :6pH

ჩ<10E9 =Ph =B, Georgian Chin

ᒆ<1486 =pi =pl =PI =Pl =PI, Ca㎁dꙗn Kih

ꛓ<A6D3 =Pi =Pl =PI

<_ =PI. Some fonts may display it as simple double-struck P, not a joined P & I

₪<_ =PJ =N. Shekel

Ⴒ<10B2 =PL =LP =L◌ᷮ, Georgian capital Tar

⅊<214A =PL =LP, Property Line

㏘<33D8 =p.m. =pm. 6㏘ :6p.m. :6pm

ዬ<12EC =Po, E也юPꏸ Yee

፼<137C =PP, E也юPꏸ 10,000

㏙<33D9 =PPM. 402㏙ :402PPM

<_ =PP. Some fonts may display it as simple double-struck P, not a joined-double P

㏚<33DA =PR. ㏚O :PRO

Ⴜ<10BC =Pr, Georgian Cil

㎰<33B0 =ps. colla㎰e :collapse, 10㎰ :10ps

₧<20A7 =Pts. Some fonts may incorrectly display it as: =Pt. 3₧ :3Pts. INCE₧ :INCEPts

㎴<33B4 =pV. Ra㎴oice :RapVoice, 100㎴ :100pV

㎺<33BA =pW. U㎺ard :UpWard, 100㎺ :100pW

☧<2627 ⳩<2CE9 =xP =Px =D* =Dx =x◌ᷮ, Chi Rho. Labarum. ⳩/Coptic Khi Ro. It also looks like: =Px

Ԗ<0516 ԗ<0517 =PK =pk =p< =PX =px. Rha

⳥<2CE5 =PM =M◌ᷮ, Coptic Mi Ro. Also looks like: =MP

ᑷ<1477 =P., Ca㎁dꙗn West-Cree Kwi

ᶈ<1D88 =p,

₱<_ =P=. Peso

𐔷<10537 =P-, Caucasian Albanian Zhil

Some glphs/l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which look-like "P"/"p", those may also look like "D" or "A", so check/see these sections: Either-A/O/0/D/P/o/a , Either-A/O/0/D/P/o/a-(CJK) , D/O , D/O-(CJK) , d/D , d/D-(CJK) , A/a , A/a-(CJK).


glyphs, symb히s, l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which definitely look-like starting-with only "Q" or "q", are shown+listed in this section.

ზ<10D6 =qb =8, Georgian Zen. Also looks like a closed-Lock │ ჹ<10F9 =qc =oc, looks like a open-Lock

🜀<1F700 =QE =QE, Quintessence

𑂍<1108D =qh =ch =9h, Kaithi Letter Ka

ᒅ<1485 =qi =ql =qI =ql =qI, Ca㎁dꙗn Keh

ሞ<121E =qo =qo, E也юPꏸ Mo

ȹ<0239 =qp =qo =ap =op. Latin QP D追raph. Its joined as l追ature. Voiceless labiodental plosive symb히

ዋ<12CB =qp =qo =op, E也юPꏸ Waa. ቀ<1240 =qp =qo =op, E也юPꏸ Qa

𐕗<10557 =qr, Caucasian Albanian Pen

फ<092B =qTh =Tqh =9Th =T9h =qTb =Tqb =9Tb =T9b, Devangari Pha

𐆉<10189 =qT, Ancient Greek Attic Tryblion Base sign

ᦽ<19BD =qU =aU =oU, New Tai-Lue Oy

ᑵ<1475 =q., Ca㎁dꙗn West-Cree Kwe

¶<_ =ql =qI =91 =9l =9I, Pilcrow (Paragraph), @para;, &#182;

Some glyphs/l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which look-like small-le比er "q", may also look-like number "9" or small-le比er "g", so also check these sections: g/q/9 , g/g/9-(CJK) , 9-(CJK) , 9.


㎭<33AD =rad, Square Rad. ㎭ical :radical, 5㎭ :5rad

㎮<33AE =rad/s, Square Rad Over S. g㎮on :grad/son, 10㎮ :10rad/s

Ԙ<0518 =RE, ԙ<0519 =Re. Yae


<241E =RS

℞<211E =Rx =Px, Prescription Take

ཥ<0F65 =p,. Tibetan Ssa

<20BD =P- =R. Russian Ruble

ᶉ<1D89 =r,

ꝶ<A776 =R/ =R, =R/


<240F =SI

<2120 =SM =SM, Service Mark

𑅲<11172 =so, Mahajani Rra

<240E =SO

<2420 =SP =SP

🝇<1F747 =SP =ΩSP =SPSP. Spirit

㏛<33DB =sr. di㏛upt :disrupt

§<00A7 =SS = =s◌ᷤ =Sect, Section Sign, &#167;

🝉<1F749 =SS =SbS =SbS. Gum

᯾<1BFE =SSS, Batak Bindu Judul. Also looks like: Smoke/Hot

🝜<1F75C =sss =SSS

<FB06 =st. Latin Small L追ature ST. =Street. =Saint

㏜<33DC =Sv. ㏜elte :Svelte

<2416 =SYN

ᔢ<1522 =S., Ca㎁dꙗn West-Cree Shwa

ᶊ<1D8A =s,

𑴘<11D18 =S-, Masaram-Gondi Dda

  • The le比er "S" also looks-like the number "5" in some glyphs, so also view these sections: 5-(CJK) , 5 , S/s-(CJK).


Ѣ<0462 ѣ<0463 =tb =td =+D =b =+b, Cyriǁic Yat

Ꚋ<_ =Tb

𐍱<10371 =Tb, Old Permic Letter Yat

ȶ<0236 =tb =to, Phonetic Voiceless palatal stop

𐓈<104C8 =TD, Osage Ta

𐅫<1016B / Ancient-Greek-Attic =TE

℡<2121 =TEL =TEL, Telephone sign

ʧ<02A7 =tf, IPA Ext

Ђ<0402 =Th =Th, =Tn =Tn, =Tb. ђ<0452 =th =th, =tb =tn =tn,

Ћ<040B =Th =Tn, ћ<045B =th =tn, Tshe

ᵺ<1D7A =th =th, Phonetic-Ext

𐒣<104A3 =Th, Osmanya Digit-3

𐓍<104CD =Th, Osage Dha

ᮮ<1BAE =ThA =Thn, Sundanese Kha

ᮯ<1BAF =ThN =AuN, Sundanese Sya

㎔<3394 =THz. AU㎔:AUTHz, 5㎔:5THz

Ҵ<04B4 ҵ<04B5 =TI =Tl =TU. Cyriǁic Te Tse

꛶<A6F6 =TI. Bamum Semicolon

Ҟ<_ =tK =+K

™<2122 =TM =TM, Trade Mark sign, &trade; &#8482;

ᎌ<138C =To =TO, E也юPꏸ Sebatbeit Pwa. ፔ<1354 =To =Tb, E也юPꏸ Pee

⏁<_ =TO =To =OT =oT. Dentistry symb히 Light Down and Horizontal W迆 Circle

ፚ<135A =Toi =Tv =Tov, E也юPꏸ Fya

ठ<0920 =TO =TO, Devangari Ttha

🝈<1F748 =TR, Tincture

𝆖<1D196 =tr, Musical Symbol TR

᮹<1BB9 =Ts =Tc, Sundanese-9

ʦ<02A6 =ts, IPA Ext. caʦ:cats

𖬸<16B38 =TU, Pahawh-Hmong Vos Tshab Ceeb

ፘ<1358 =Tu, E也юPꏸ Rya

Ԏ<050E ԏ<050F =Tu =Tv =Ti, Komi Tje

৳<09F3 =tv =tu =L =v =b. Bengali Taka/Rupee Sign

ঢ<09A2 =tv

₺<20BA =tv ==L =t= =L= =t-. Lira

🝃<1F743 =TW =WT. Borax-2

Ꜩ<A728 ꜩ<A729 =TZ =tz =T3 =t3 =T3 =t3

ʨ<02A8 =t6, IPA Ext

ť<0165 =t', small-le比er T with caron

Ҭ<04AC ҭ<04AD =T,, Te with descender

է<0567 =t, Armenian Eh

₮<_ =T= =T// =F. Tögrög

The small-le比er "t" also looks-like +/-, that is, when "+" is on top of "-", so also see these sections: Other-Symbols-(CJK)(in-Part-2) , Other-Symbols-(NonCJK).


µ<00B5 =µ =u. micro sign =µ =u. μ<03BC =μ: Greek lowercase le比er mu=µ =u. Sometime also shown-as or indicated-by the english small-le比er "u"

ᥚ<195A =Ua, Tai-Le Pha

㎂<3382 =µA =uA. 500㎂:500µA:500uA

𖽰<16F70 =ub =uo, Hmong-Miao Ung

<1D6B =ue, Phonteic-Ext

𖬠<16B20 =UF, Pahawh-Hmong NLau

㎌<338C =µF =uF. 500㎌:500µF:500uF

㎍<338D =µg =ug. 15㎍:15µg:15ug

ᮒ<1B92 =uh, Sundanese Ta

ﬕ<FB15 =uh =ilh =ifh, Armenian Small Lig Men Ini

ⴐ<2D10 =uh, Geoargin Rae

ﬗ<FB17 =uhu =ulu =iflu =uhi

𖬓<16B13 =UI, Pahawh-Hmong Kov │ 𖬆<16B06 =UI, Pahawh-Hmong Kub

ᑧ<1467 =UI =Ul =UI =Ul, Ca㎁dꙗn Tte

ꭐ<AB50 =ui

㎕<3395 =µl =ul. 500㎕:500µl, p㎕l:pull

ᥘ<1958 =ul, Tai-Le La │ ⴓ<2D13 =ul

ⴓ2D13 =ul, Georgian Un

ຟ<0E9F =ul =wl, Lao Fo Sung

ᮚ<1B9A =uN =UN, Sundanese Ya

տ<057F =in =un, Armenian small Tiwn

𓉕<13255 =un, Egyptian HieroGlyph

ꦲ<A9B2 =un, Javanese Ha │ ꦠ<A9A0 =un, Ta │ ꦢ<A9A2 =un =in, Da │ ꦥ<A9A5 =un, Pa │ ꦮ<A9AE =un =vn, Wa

𑜇<11707 =uo, Ahom Pha

ꭣ<AB63 =uo, Latin(Extnd-E) UO

ሆ<1206 =UP =lP =IP, E也юPꏸ Ho

𑜘<11718 =up, Ahom Bha

<241F =US

㎲<33B2 =µs =us. ㎲a:usa, 250㎲ :250µs :250us

ﬔ<FB14 =ut =ilt. Armenian Small Lig Men Ech. Bﬔ :But

𐮬<10BAC =uu, Psalter Pahlavi Number-4

⋓<22D3 =Uu, Double Union. ᕰ<1570 =Uu, Ca㎁dꙗn Tye

ஶ<0BB6 =UU =UP =UD, Tamil Sha

𔗪<145EA =UU =U-U, Anatolian

㎶<33B6 =µV =uV. 100㎶ :100µV :100uV

⩅<2A45 =Uv =Uv =U͏ ͮ. Also looks like: ⩅<_ =VU

ໜ<0EDC =uv, Lao Ho No

ཡ<0F61 =uv, Tibetan Ya

㎼<33BC =µW =uW. 320㎼ :320µW :320uW

ሣ<1223 =uy =ul =iy =w =wy =u/, E也юPꏸ Szaa

ᶭ<0270 ౻<07CB =uy =ul uI =w, ౻/Telegu

Ϣ<03E2 ϣ<03E3 =uy. Coptic le比er Shei

պ<057A =uy, Armenian Peh

𐒁<10481 =uy =uY, Osmanya Ba

𞤅<1E905 =uy, Adlam Cap Sinnyiiyhe

ꘋ<A60B =u6 =u6

ᥜ<195C =Ug =U9 =u9, Tai-Le Fa

ϑ<03D1 =ug =u9 =vl, vartheta

൰<0D70 =uv =µv =w, MalayAlam 10

⨄<_ ⊎<228E =U+. MultiSet Union

Ư<01AF ư<01B0 =U', U with horn

<1EF0 <1EF1 =U' =u', U with horn & dot below

ư<01B0 =u'

Ц<0426 =U, ц<0446 =u, Tse

Ա<0531 =U,. Armenian capital Ayb

ᑘ<1458 =U.. Ca㎁dꙗn West-Cree Twe

ሁ<1201 =U-, E也юPꏸ Ge'ez Hu

ꚶ<A6B6 =U: Bamum Shii

𐕉<10549 =U-, Caucasian Albanian Choy. 𑴛<11D1B =U-, Ta


🝬<1F76C =VB. Vapor Bath

ᜐ<1710 =VB =V3, Tagalog Sa

ൾ<0D7E =vb =v8 =ub =u8, MalayAlam Chillu Ll

<2165 =VI =Vl, ⅵ<2175 =vi. ⅥCTOR :VICTOR. Moⅵe :Movie

<2166 =VII =Vll, ⅶ<2176 =vii

<2167 =VIII =Vlll, ⅷ<2177 =viii

㏞<33DE =v/m

ꮙ<AB99 =Vo =VO, Cherokee Quo

𑜋<1170B =vo, Ahom Cha

🜈<_ =VS =VS =V◌ᷤ. Aqua Vitae

ശ<0D36 =vs =us =vo =uo, MalayAlam Sha

ꪢ<AAA2 =vs/ =us/ =is/ =vsl =usl =isl, Tai Viet Low Mo

⩖<2A56 =VV =W

Ꝡ<A760 =VY. It also looks like: =WY

ꝡ<A761 =vy. It also looks like: =wy

<1710 =VB =V3 =l/3 =lB

ᶌ<1D8C =v,

𑴩<11D29 =V-, Masaram-Gongi Sha


ඍ<0D8D =wa, Sinhala Iruyanna

ඎ<0D8E =waa, Sinhala Iruuyanna

㏝<33DD =Wb. CO㏝oy:COWboy

𐹺<10E7A, Rumi Number-900

ꦝ<A99D =wn, Javanese Dda

꘠<A620 =wo =wo =o◌ᷱ

ఋ<0C0B =wuu =ww =wvv, Telegu vocalic R

ʬ<02AC =ww =www =w◌ᷱ

ሣ<_ =wy =w/ =wl =iy =ul =u/ =uy =uY

ᶭ<_ =wl =ul =w =wy =iy =uy

Ꚇ<_ =uy =wy =uY =wY

Ꝡ<A760 =WY. It also looks like: =VY │ ꝡ<A761 =wy. It also looks like: =vy

₩<_ =W=. South/North Korean won

Щ<0429 =W,. щ<0449 =w,. Shcha

𑴬<11D2C =W-, Masaram-Gongi Ha

ᣭ<18ED =W., Canadian Gwu


<216A =XI =Xl, ⅺ<217A =xi. BOⅪNG:BOXING, Taⅺ:Taxi

<216B =XII, ⅻ<217B =xii

🝍<1F74D =Xo. Tutty

࿎<0FCE =xo, Tibetan Rdel Nag Rdel Dkar

Ж<0416 ж<0436 =X. Also looks like: =KK =XI =>K =>I< =>|<

Ҳ<04B2 ҳ<04B3 =X,, Ha with descender │ Ӽ<04FC ӽ<04FD =X, =x, Ha with hook

ᶍ<1D8D =x,

𐆖<_ =X- =-X. Denarius (Currency) │ Ӿ<04FE ӿ<04FF =X- =x-, Ha with stroke


ሄ<1204 =Yb =Yo =ub =Yb =ub, E也юPꏸ Hee

𐒓<10493 =Yhu =Yhi =Ynu =Yni, Osmanya Waw

௶<0BF6 =yl =yi, Tamil debit sign. Also looks like: =yi =YI =yu

<10C15 =Yn, Old Turkic Yenisei Ez

𐕟<1055F =YP, Caucasian Albanian Cyaw

ᦼ<19BC =YU =uU =uU, New Tai-Lue Uy

ﬖ<_ =yu =ilu

ሦ<1226 =Yu =Yv =Yu =Yv E也юPꏸ Szo

𐒍<1048D =Yu =Yi, Osmanya Fa

𐭈<10B48 =YY, Inscriptional Parthian Teth

¥<00A5 =Y= ==Y. Yen or Yuan. &yen; &#xA5; &#165; │ ¥<FFE5 =Y= ==Y, Fullwidth Yen sign


ᮅ<1B85 =Zs =ls =Zc =lc, Sundanese U | ᮳<1BB3, Sundanese-3

℥<2125 =z3 =Z3 =3◌ᷦ, Ounce Sign │ 🝳<1F773 =z3B =z3B =3◌ᷦ◌ᷩ, Half-Ounce, AlChemical

ᶎ<1D8E =z,

Ⱬ<2C6B =Z,

ⱬ<2C6C =z,

ʐ<0290 =z, IPA-Ext

The le比er "Z"/"z" also looks-like number "2", so also see: 2-(CJK) , 2. The "Z" is also represented by a glyph/symb히 similar to number "3".

Numbers 0-to-9 Ligature/Homoglyph (Non-CJK):

l追ature or Hണoglyph (or d追raph or TriGraph) which looks-like starting-with (latin/english) numbers 0 to 9, are shown/listed in this section. Circled digits ①<2460 - ⑳<2473. Parenthesized Digits: ⑴<2474 - ⒇<2487. Numbers/Digits with period: ⒈<2488 - ⒛<249B, (another similar set exists around 1F100). White on black circled numbers: ⓫<24EB - ⓴<24F4. Double circled numbers: ⓵<24F5 - ⓾<24FE. Dingbat negative circled digits: ❶<2776 - ❿<2785. Digit with Comma: 🄁<1F101 - 🄊<1F10A.


0 (NonCJK):

ㆀ<3180 =00 =OO | ⓪<24EA =0, Circled digit Zero/0 | ⓿<24FF =0, Negative Circled Digit Zero/0 | 🄌<1F10C =0, Dingbat Negative Circled Sans-serif Digit Zero | 🄀<1F100 =0. =O,, Digit Zero/0 Full Stop | 🄁<1F101 =0, =O,, Digit Zero/0 Comma | 🄋<1F10B =0, Dingbat Circled Sans-serif Digit Zero/0

𑈞<1121E =01 =o1, Khojki Na | 𑈥<11225 =007 =oo7, Khojki Ya

1 (NonCJK):

⑽<_ =(10) | ⑾<_ =(11) | ⑿<_ =(12) | ⒀<_ =(13) | ⒁<_ =(14) | ⒂<_ =(15) | ⒃<_ =(16) | ⒄<_ =(17) | ⒅<_ =(18) | ⒆<_ =(19) | ⒑<_ =10. | ⒒<_ =11. | ⒓<_ =12. | ⒔<_ =13. | ⒕<_ =14. | ⒖<_ =15. | ⒗<_ =16. | ⒘<_ =17. | ⒙<_ =18. | ⒚<_ =19. | ⑩<_ =10 | ⑪<_ =11 | ⑫<_ =12 | ⑬<_ =13 | ⑭<_ =14 | ⑮<_ =15 | ⑯<_ =16 | ⑰<_ =17 | ⑱<_ =18 | ⑲<_ =19 | ⓫<_ =11 | ⓬<_ =12 | ⓭<_ =13 | ⓮<_ =14 | ⓯<_ =15 | ⓰<_ =16 | ⓱<_ =17 | ⓲<_ =18 | ⓳<_ =19 | ➉<_ =10 | ❿<_ =10 | ➓<_ =10 | ⓾<_ =10 | ⑴<_ =(1) | ⒈<_ =1. | ①<_ =1 | ➀<_ =1 | ❶<_ =1 | ➊<_ =1 | 🄂<_ =1, | ⓵<_ =1 | =1…

𑜺<1173A =101 =1o1 =lol =IoI, Ahom Number-10

𝄸<1D138 =15ma, Musical Symbol Quindicesima Alta

𝄹<1D139 =15mb, Musical Symbol Quindicesima Bassa

2 (NonCJK):

⒇<_ =(20) | ⒛<_ =20. | ⑳<_ =20 | ⓴<_ =20 | ⑵<_ =(2) | ⒉<_ =2. | ②<_ =2 | ➁<_ =2 | ❷<_ =2 | ➋<_ =2 | 🄃<_ =2, | ⓶<_ =2 | =2…

ꕫ<A56B =20 =2o | શ<0AB6 =21 =2l, Gujarati Sha | ₴<_ =2=. Hryvnia | ㉑<3251 =21 | ㉒<3252 =22 | ㉓<3253 =23 | ㉔<3254 =24 | ㉕<3255 =25 | ㉖<3256 =26 | ㉗<3257 =27 | ㉘<3258 =28 | ㉙<3259 =29 | থ<09A5 =2t =2l | श<0936 =2l =2T

3 (NonCJK):

⑶<_ =(3) | ⒊<_ =3. | ③<_ =3 | ➂<_ =3 | ❸<_ =3 | ➌<_ =3 | 🄄<_ =3, | ⓷<_ =3 | =3… | ॳ<0973 =3t =31, Devangari Oe | अ<0905 =3T =3l, Devangari A | <0AF1 =3o =30 =2o =20 =320. Gujarati Rupee sign

㉚<325A =30 | ㉛<325B =31 | ㉜<325C =32 | ㉝<325D =33 | ㉞<325E =34 | ㉟<325F =35 | ㊱<32B1 =36 | ㊲<32B2 =37 | ㊳<32B3 =38 | ㊴<32B4 =39

🝲<1F772 =3B, Half Dram

Ꚅ<A684 ꚅ<A685 =3K, Zhwe

𖼼<16F3C =3., Hmong-Miao Zsa

4 (NonCJK):

⑷<_ =(4) | ⒋<_ =4. | ④<_ =4 | ➃<_ =4 | ❹<_ =4 | ➍<_ =4 | 🄅<_ =4, | ⓸<_ =4 | =4… | ㊵<32B5 =40 | ㊶<32B6 =41 | ㊷<32B7 =42 | ㊸<32B8 =43 | ㊹<32B9 =44 | ㊺<32BA =45 | ㊻<32BB =46 | ㊼<32BC =47 | ㊽<32BD =48 | ㊾<32BE =49

5 (NonCJK):

⑸<_ =(5) | ⒌<_ =5. | ⑤<_ =5 | ➄<_ =5 | ❺<_ =5 | ➎<_ =5 | 🄆<_ =5, | ⓹<5 =5 | =5… | ㊿<32BF =50

6 (NonCJK):

⑹<_ =(6) | ⒍<_ =6. | ⑥<_ =6 | ➅<_ =6 | ❻<_ =6 | ➏<_ =6 | 🄇<_ =6, | ⓺<_ =6 | =6… | ୩<0B69 =6n =on | ഞ<_ =6lD =OlD =GlD | ஸ<0BB8 =6nv =6nu =onv =onu =Gnv =Gnu, Tamil Sa | னை<_ =6D60T =GDGOT | ன<0BA9 =60T =GOT, Tamil Nnna | ண<0BA3 =600T =GOOT, Tamil Nna | ஏ<0B8F =6J =GJ =OJ, Tamil Ee | ଗ<0B17 =61 =6I =6l, Oriya Ga | எ<0B8E ௭<_ =6T =GT =OT, Tamil E

7 (NonCJK):

⑺<_ =(7) | ⒎<_ =7. | ⑦<_ =7 | ➆<_ =7 | ❼<_ =7 | ➐<_ =7 | 🄈<_ =7, | ⓻<_ =7 | =7…

Ⱈ<2C18 =7o =lo, Glagolitic Heru

8 (NonCJK):

⑻<_ =(8) | ⒏<_ =8. | ⑧<_ =8 | ➇<_ =8 | ❽<_ =8 | ➑<_ =8 | 🄉<_ =8, | ⓼<_ =8 | =8…

🎱<1F3B1 =8, Pool "8" Ball

𝄶<1D136 =8va, Musical Symbol Ottava Alta

𝄷<1D137 =8vb, Musical Symbol Ottava Bassa

9 (NonCJK):

⑼<_ =(9) | ⒐<_ =9. | ⑨<_ =9 | ➈<_ =9 | ❾<_ =9 | ➒<_ =9 | 🄊<_ =9, | ⓽<_ =9 | =9…

ꕑ<A551 =96 | ꛝ<A6DD =9.

𑈢<11222 =91, Khojki Bba

𞡒<1E852 =9+, Mende Kikakui M175 Long Jo (R-to-L).

𞠵<1E835 =911 (bottom-to-top), Mende Kikakui M196 Sia (R-to-L).

Key Buttons (Keycap) in Numeric KeyPads:

  >#️⃣<U+0023+FE0F+20E3 =#, keycap: # |  >*️⃣<U+002A+FE0F+20E3 =*, keycap: * |  >0️⃣<U+0030+FE0F+20E3 =0, keycap: 0 |  >1️⃣<U+0031+FE0F+20E3 =1, keycap: 1 |  >2️⃣<U+0032+FE0F+20E3 =2, keycap: 2 |  >3️⃣<U+0033+FE0F+20E3 =3, keycap: 3 |  >4️⃣<U+0034+FE0F+20E3 =4, keycap: 4 |  >5️⃣<U+0035+FE0F+20E3 =5, keycap: 5 |  >6️⃣<U+0036+FE0F+20E3 =6, keycap: 6 |  >7️⃣<U+0037+FE0F+20E3 =7, keycap: 7 |  >8️⃣<U+0038+FE0F+20E3 =8, keycap: 8 |  >9️⃣<U+0039+FE0F+20E3 =9, keycap: 9 |  >🔟<U+1F51F =10, keycap: 10


¼<00BC =1/4 | ½<00BD =1/2 | ¾<00BE =3/4

Vulger Franction: ⅐< =1/7 =1/7 | ⅑< =1/9 | ⅒< =1/10 | ⅓< =1/3 | ⅔< =2/3 | ⅕< =1/5 | ⅖< =2/5 | ⅗< =3/5 | ⅘< =4/5 | ⅙< =1/6 | ⅚< =5/6 | ⅛< =1/8 | ⅜< =3/8 | ⅝< =5/8 | ⅞< =7/8 | U+2150 to U+215E | ↉<2189 =0/3, Vulger Fraction.

⅟<215F =1/ =1/, Fraction Numerator One

Other Symbols (Non-CJK): Ligatures/Homoglyphs:

This section showing glyphs, symb히s, characters, l追atures, d追raphs, tr追raphs, etc which BEGINs with a punctuation characters or other symb히s, and after that, it includes a latin/english (or look-alike) character.

Å<2124 Å<212B =A =A° =°A, Andstrom sign | Å<00C5 =A, Latin A with ring, Aring

Ά<0386 <1F08 <1F09 ='A, Greek Alpha with tonos(Ά), psili(Ἀ), dasia(Ἁ)

𖽁<16F41 =.A, Hmong-Miao Zzsya

@<0040 =a (at-a) =(a), Commercial At (aka, At-sign) (Basic Latin/Common) | @<FF20 =a (at-a) =(a), Commercial At (HalfWidth & FullWidth Forms)

Ɓ<0181 ='B

Ƀ<0243 =-B

ᑾ<147E =.b, Ca㎁dꙗn Kwa

ᒂ<1482 =:b, Ca㎁dꙗn Naskapi Kwaa

൫<0D6B =B (at-B) =(B) =By, MalayAlam 5

Ъ<042A ъ<044A =-b, Cyriǁic Hard sign

Ꙑ<A650 ꙑ<A651 =-bl =-bI, Yeru with back yer

℃<2103 =°C =C, Degree Celsius

ᑡ<1461 =.C, Ca㎁dꙗn Twa

ᑥ<1465 =:C, Ca㎁dꙗn Naskapi Twaa

⟈<27C8 =\c, bsolhsub

𖼑<16F11 =.C, Hmong-Miao Nha. 𖼰<16F30 =.C, Hmong-Miao Yi Tsha

Ɗ<018A ='D

ᑺ<147A =.d, Ca㎁dꙗn Kwo

Ð<00D0 =-D | Đ<0110 =-D | Ɖ<0189 =-D

Έ<0388 <1F18 <1F19 <1FC8 Έ<1FC9 ='E =`E. Greek Epsilon with tonos/Έ, psili/Ἐ, dasia/Ἑ, varia/Ὲ, oxia/Έ

𖼮<16F2E Hmong-Miao Tsha

Ҽ<04BC ҽ<04BC =-e, Abkhasian Che

℉<2109 =°F =F, Degree Fahrenheit

ዏ<12CF =-gp =-go =-gP =-gO, E也юPꏸ Woa

ⶋ<2D8B =-H, E也юPꏸ Ge'ez Zoa

Ɦ<A7AA ='H

𐕚<1055A ='h, Caucasian Albanian Seyk

Ή<0389 <1F28 <1F29 <1F98 <1FCA Ή<1FCB ='H =`H. Greek Eta with tonos/Ή, psili/Ἠ, dasia/Ἡ, psili prosgegrammeni/ᾘ, varia/Ὴ, oxia/Ή

Ί<038A <1F38 <1F39 <1FDA Ί<1FDB ='I =`I. Greek Iota with tonos/Ί, psili/Ἰ, dasia/Ἱ, varia/Ὶ, oxia/Ί

𖼩<16F29 =.I, Hmong-Miao Ghha

𖼢<16F22 =.J, Hmong-Miao Qga

Ҡ<04A0 ҡ<04A1 =-K, Bashkir Ka

𖬿<16B3F =.L., Pahawh-Hmong Xyeem Faib

Ⱡ<2C60 ==L

Ɫ<2C62 =~L

ᒶ<14B6 =.L, Ca㎁dꙗn Mwa

ᒺ<14BA =:L, Ca㎁dꙗn Naskapi Mwaa

𖼗<16F17 =.L, Hmong-Miao Lya

ଳ<0B33 =m (at-M) =(m), Oriya Lla | ଲ<0B32 =m (at-M) =(m), Oriya La

ʼn<0149 ='n, Small-le比er N preceded by apostrophe. Can be used to replace: ʼn<_ =an =and =ing (Tryʼn :Trying, Bed 'n Breakfast)

π<03C0 =π =n =pi, Greek Small Le比er Pi

ብ<1265 =-n, E也юPꏸ Be

ᎇ<1387 =-no, E也юPꏸ Bwe

Ό<038C <1F48 <1F49 <1FF8 Ό<1FF9 ='O =`O. Greek Omicron with tonos/Ό, psili/Ὀ, dasia/Ὁ, varia/Ὸ, oxia/Ό

ꝓ<A753 =-p

Ƥ<01A4 ='P

ᑶ<1476 =.p, Ca㎁dꙗn Kwi

<1FEC ='P, Greek Rho with dasia

Ⱀ<2C10 =-P, Glagolitic Nashi

ཤ<0F64 =.q =-q =.9 =-9, Tibetan Sha

ᑴ<1474 =.q, Ca㎁dꙗn Kwe

𖼶<16F36 =.R, Hmong-Miao Zsha

ᔡ<1521 =.S, Ca㎁dꙗn Shwa

ⶒ<2D92 =-T, E也юPꏸ Poa

𖭄<16B44 =.T., Pahawh-Hmong Xaus

𖼋<16F0B =.T, Hmong-Miao Da

𖼸<16F38 =.t, Hmong-Miao Dza

ᑗ<1457 =.U, Ca㎁dꙗn Twe

𐕈<10548 ='U Caucasian Albanian Aor

𐕞<1055E ='U-, Caucasian Albanian Iwn

ሇ<1207 =-UP, E也юPꏸ Hoa

Ꙡ<A660 ꙡ<A661 =,U =,u, Reversed Tse

𖼉<16F09 =.V, Hmong-Miao Vfa

𑌲<11332 =w (at-w) =(w), Grantha La

𖽄<16F44 =.Y, Hmong-Miao Hha

Ύ<038E <1F59 <1FEA Ύ<1FEB ='Y =`Y. Greek Upsilon with tonos/Ύ, dasia/Ὑ, varia/Ὺ, oxia/Ύ

ꢛ<A89B =& (at-Ampersand, at-And) =(&), Sꜷrash㙀a Nya

🙵<1F675 =&T, Swash Ampersand Ornament

⅋<214B ='8 =&, Turned Ampersand

<1ABE =( ), Combining Parenthesis Overlay. It creates braces in both left & right side of any glyph, (depends on font support)

Ω<03A9 =Ω =omega: Greek capital le比er Omega. <2126 = =ohm: Ohm sign

#<0023 =#, Number sign (Latin/Common). =hash =number | #<FF03 =#, Fullwidth Number sign

Ж<0416 ж<0436 =X. Also looks like: =KK =XI =>K =>I< =>|<

⁇<2047 ⁈<2048 ⁉<2049 ‼<203C =?? =?! =!? =!!

…<_ …<2026 =… =…, Horizontal =Ellipsis, &#0133; &#8230; &#x2026; &hellip; Alt+0133, Three dot leader, =Continuation, =hellip

ꓻ<A4FB =., Lisu Mya Bo | ‥<2025 =.. Two Dot Leader (nldr) | ꓺ<A4FA =.. Lisu Mya Cya | ꓾<A4FE =-. Lisu comma | „<_ =,, Double Low Quote (bdquo)

<2014 =- =—, Em Dash, =EmDash, =Dash, &#0151; &#8212; &#x2014; &mdash; Alt+0151 | -<002D =- Hyphen-minus &#45; | –<2013 =- En Dash (ndash), &#8211; (General Punctuation)

<2022 =o =• =., =Bullet, &#0149; &#8226; &#x2022; &bull; | ‣<2023 =>, Triangular Bullet

'<0027 =', Apostrophe, typewriter apostrophe (&apos;) &#x27; &#39; | <2019 =' =’, Right Single Quotation Mark, punctuation apostrophe (rsquo) | <2018 =' =‘, Left Single Quotation Mark (lsquo) | ʼ<02BC =' =ʼ, Modifier Le比er Apostrophe | ‛<201B =', Single High Reversed-9 Quotation mark | `<0060 =' =‘ =`, Grave Accent, &grave; &#x60; &#96; | ´<00B4 =’ =´, Acute Accent, &acute; &#xB4; &#180; | ˊ<02CA =' =ˊ, Modifier Le比er Acute Accent | ˋ<02CB =' =ˋ, Modifier Le比er Grave Accent | ʻ<02BB =' =ʻ, Modifier Le比er Tunred Comma | ʼ<02BC =' =ʼ, Modifier Le比er Apostrophe | ʽ<02BD =' =ʽ, Modifier Le比er Reversed Comma | ˈ<02C8 =' =ˈ, Modifier Le比er Vertical Line (Stress accent or dynamic accent) | ‘<_ =' single-quote | ̀<0340 =' = ̀, Combining Grave Tone Mark | ́<0341 =' = ́, Combining Acute Tone Mark | ̀<0300 =' = ̀, Combining Grave Accent | ́<0301 =' = ́, Combining Acute Accent | ̒<0312 =' = ̒, Combining Turned Comma Above | ̓<0313 =' = ̓, Combining Comma Above | ̔<0314 =' = ̔, Combining Reversed Comma Above | ̕<0315 =' = ̕, Combining Comma Above | ⸌<2E0C =' Left Raised Omission Bracket | ⸍<2E0D ='

<2032 =' =′, =Prime (=minutes, =feet =arcminutes), &#8242; &#x2032; &prime; | <2035 =' =‵, Reversed Prime, &#8245; &backprime; | ʹ<02B9 =' =ʹ, Modifier Le比er Prime

<2033 ='' =" =″, =Double =Prime (=seconds, =inches =arcseconds), &#8243; &#x2033; &Prime; | <2036 ='' =" =‶, Reversed Double Prime, &#8246; | "<0022 =", double-quote (Latin/Common) (&quot;) &#x22; &#34; | <201C =" =“, Left Double Quotation Mark (ldquo) | <201D =" =”, Right Double Quotation Mark (rdquo) | <201F =" =‟, Double High Reversed-9 Quotation Mark | ˝<02DD =" =˝ Double Acute Accent | ❞<275E =" =❞, Heavy double comma quotation mark ornament, Dingbat | ❝<275D =" =❝, Heavy double turned comma quotation mark ornament, Dingbat

<2034 =''' =‴, =Triple =Prime, &#8244; &#x2034; &tprime; | <2037 =''' =‷, Reversed Triple Prime, &#8247;

↔<2194 =<->, =Left Right Arrow, &#8596; &#x2194; &harr;

↵<21B5 =<-', Downwards Arrow W迆 Corner Leftwards (=carriage return, =CR), &#8629; &#x21B5; &crarr;

≠<2260 ==/ =!=, Not Equal To, =not =equal, &#8800; &#x2260; &ne; | ¬<00AC =- =not, Not, &not; &#xAC; &#172; | ¬<FFE2 =- =not, Fullwidth Not

∞<221E =oo =∞, =Infinity, Closed infinity, &#8734; &#x221E; &infin;

∝<221D =oc =∝, =Proportional To, Open infinity, &#8733; &#x221D; &prop;

<203E =- =‾, =Overline (spacing overscore), &#8254; &#x203E; &oline; |  ̄<FFE3 =- =‾ Fullwidth Macron

÷<00F7 =./. =÷, =Division (=obelus), =divide, &#0247; &#x00F7; &divide; | ⊘<2298 =/, Circled Division Slash | ➗️2797 =÷ =./. Heavy Division sign

¡<00A1 =! =¡, Inverted Exclamation Mark, &#161; &#x00A1; &iexcl;

°<00B0 =° =o =^o, =Degree symb히, Latin/Common, &#176;, &deg;, Alt+ 0176

·<00B7 =. =·, Middle Dot, =middle =dot, &#183; &#x00B7; &middot; &centerdot; &CenterDot; | ‧<2027 Hyphenaton Point | ˙<02D9 =. =˙, Dot Above (Spacing Modifier) | ˚<02DA =o =^o =˚, Ring Above (Spacing Modifier)

^<005E =^, =Caret, =cap. circumflex accent. chevron. inverse "v". "it lacks". Often used to indicate that the next character is a superscript or exponentiation | ˇ<02C7 =^v =v, caron | ꞈ<A788 =^ =_^

_<005F =_, =Underscore. Low Line (Latin/Common). Underline, underbar, low line, or low dash. Often used to indicate an empty area/space, to write/enter specific data. Also used to indicate that the next character is a subscript. | ‗<2017 =_, Double Low Line

|<007C =l =I =|, Vertical Line, &#124; &verbar; | ¦<00A6 =l =I =| =¦, Broken Bar, =broken =bar, &#166; &#x00A6; &brvbar; | <2016 =|| =ll =II, Double Vertical Line, norm | ∥<2225 =// =ll =II, parallel slant/to, double-slash | ⁄<2044 =/ =⁄, Fraction Slash | ⃫<20EB =//, Combining long double solidus overlay | \<005C =\, Reverse Solidus, BackSlash. backslant, escape | ꛳<A6F3 =/. Bamum Full Stop | ⳹<2CF9 =\\, Coptic Full Stop | ⳼<2CFC =//, Coptic Verse Divider

<2A27 =+2, plustwo, Plus Sign with SubScript Two

ː<02D0 =: Modifier le比er Triangular Colon | :<FF1A =: Fullwidth Colon | :<003A =: Colon (Latin/Common)

܀<0700 =diamond =<> | 💠<1F4A0 =<> Diamond Shape with Dot inside

❎<274E ❌<274C Χ<03A7 χ<03C7 ✖<2716 ✗<2717 ⨯<2A2F ×<00D7 =X =x =×. ❎/Cross Mark button, ❌/Cross Mark, Χ/Chi, χ/chi, ✖/Heavy Multiplication X, ✗/Cross, ⨯/cross, ×/Multiplication Sign (Alt+ 0215). =cross

⊠<22A0 🝱<1F771 =x =×, boxtimes. ⊗<2297 =x =×. ⨂<2A02 =x =×, bigotimes. 🝱<_ =x =×. =x-mark =cross-mark. Alt+ 10005

✅<2705 ☑<2611 ✓<2713 ✔<2714 (textual) ✔️<2714 (emoji) =/ =✓ =✔️. ✅/White Heavy Check Mark Button, ☑/Ballot Box W迆 Check, ✓/=check/=checkmark (), ✔/Heavy Check Mark. =tick mark. Alt+ 10003

💰<_ =$ =dollar bag | 💲<1F4B2 =$ Heavy dollar sign | $<0024 =$, Dollar sign

⊜<229C == =equal-sign | ⩵<2A75 === Two Consecutive Equals Signs | ⩶<2A76 ==== Three Consecutive Equals Signs | ≈<_ =~ == Almost equal to (asymp)

⊕<2295 =+. ⨁<2A01 =+, bigoplus. 𐊨<_ =+. 🜨<_ =+. ⊞<229E =+, boxplus. ➕<2795 =+. =plus-sign, positive-sign, heavy-plus-sign. ㊉<3289 =+, Ten (CJK)

⊖<2296 ⊝<229D ⊟<229F ➖<2796 =-, =minus-sign, =negative-sign, =heavy-minus-sign. ㊀<3280 =-, one (CJK).

➗<2797 ⨸<02A38 ÷<00F7 =÷. Heavy Division Sign (Divide-By Sign). odiv. =Division Sign (Obelus)

❗<2757 ❕<2755 ‼<203C =! =!!, =Exclamation mark

❓<2753 ❔<2754 ⁉<2049 =? =??, =Question Mark, Exclamation Question Mark

~<FF5E =~

Super/Sub-Script Ligature/Homoglyph/Di-Tri-Multi-Graph:

Displaying ligatures, di/tri/multi-graphs, which contain superscripts or subscripts.

Measurements Or Science Use Purpose Super/Sub-Scripts:

㎠<33A0 =cm2 =cm^2 | ㎤<33A4 =cm3 =cm^3

㍸<3378 =dm2 =dm^2 | ㍹<3379 =dm3 =dm^3

㎢<33A2 =km2 =km^2 | ㎦<33A6 =km3=km^3

㎡<33A1 =m2 =m^2 | ㎥<33A5 =m3 =m^3

㎟<339F =mm2 =mm^2 | ㎣<33A3 =mm3 =mm^3

㎨<33A8 =m/s2 =m/s^2

㎯<33AF =rad/s2 =rad/s^2, Square Rad over S Squared


SuperScripts: Latin: <2070 =^0 =0 | <2071 =^i =i | ¹<00B9 =^1 =1 | ²<00B2 =^2 =2 | <_ | ³<00B3 =^3 =3 | <_ | <2074 =^4 =4 | <_ =^5 =5 | <_ =^6 =6 | <_ =^7 =7 | <_ =^8 =8 | <_ =^9 =9 | <_ =^+ =+ | <_ =^- =- | <_ =^= ==<_ =^( =(<_ =) =)<207F =^n =n | Latin-Ext-C <_ =^v =v | Latin-1 Supplement: ª<_ =^a =a | º<_ =^o =o | Latin Ext-D: <_ =^9 =9 | <_ =^oe =oe

Latin superscripts: <_ =A | <_ =B | <_ =D | <_ =E | <_ =G | <_ =H | <_ =I<_ =J | <_ =K | <_ =L | <_ =M | <_ =N | <_ =O | <_ =P | ᴿ<_ =R | <_ =T | <_ =U | <_ =V | <_ =W | <_ =I<_ =L | <_ =N | <_ =U | <_ =a | <_ =b | <_ =c | <_ =d | <_ =e | <_ =f | <_ =g | ʰ<_ =h | <_ =i | ʲ<_ =j | <_ =k | ˡ<_ =l<_ =m | <_ =n | <_ =o | <_ =p | ʳ<_ =r | ˢ<_ =s | <_ =t | <_ =u | <_ =v | ʷ<_ =w | ˣ<_ =x | ʸ<_ =y | <_ =z

Latin Ext-D superscripts: <_ | <_ | <_ | <_ | Latin/IPA superscripts: <_ =A | <_ =AE | <_ =B | <_ =B | <_ =D | <_ =E | <_ =3 | <_ =G | <_ =H | <_ =I<_ =J | <_ =K | <_ =L | <_ =M | <_ =N | <_ =N | <_ =O | <_ =^oc =oc | <_ =P | ᴿ<_ =R | <_ =T | <_ =U | <_ =W | <_ =a | <_ =a | <_ =a | <_ =^ae =ae | <_ =b | <_ =d | <_ =e | <_ =e | <_ =E | <_ =3 | <_ =g | <_ =k | <_ =m | <_ =^nj =nj | <_ =o | <_ =c | <_ =p | <_ =t | <_ =u | <_ =w =m | <_ =v | Cyrillic: <_ =H | Spacing modifier le比ers ʰ<_ =h | ʱ<_ =h | ʲ<_ =j | ʳ<_ =r | ʴ<_ =r | ʵ<_ =r =l | ʶ<_ =R | ʷ<_ =w | ʸ<_ =y | ˀ<_ =? | ˁ<_ =? | ˠ<_ =x | ˡ<_ =lˢ<_ =s | ˣ<_ =x | ˤ<_ =? | Greek: <_ =B | <_ =Y | <_ =d | <_ =^cp =cp | <_ =x | Georgian: <_ =6 | others: <_ =i | <_ | <_ | <_ =n | <_ | Cyrilic Ext-A: <2DE1 =B =^B | <2DE3 =A =^A | <2DE4 =* =^* | <2DE5 =3 =^3 | <2DE6 =K =^K | <2DE7 =A =^A | <2DE8 =M =^M | <2DE9 =H =^H | <2DEA =O =^O | <2DEB =n =^n | <2DEC =P =^P | <2DED =C =^C | <2DEE =T =^T | <2DEF =X =^X | <2DF1 =Y =^Y | <2DF2 =W =^W | <2DF4 =0 =^0 | <2DF5 =CT =^CT | <2DF6 =a =^a | <2DF7 =e =^e | <2DFB =IO =10 =^IO =^10<2DFC =Ia =la =^Ia =^la<2DFD =A =^A | <2DE0 =6 =^6 | Cyrillic Ext-B: <_ | <_ | Tifinagh: <_ =^u =u | Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement: 🅪<_ =^(MC) =(MC), marque de commerce | 🅫<_ =^(MD) =(MD), marque déposée

Phonetic Ext Supplement superscripts: <_ =a =D | <_ =c | <_ =6 | <_ =d | <_ =3 | <_ =f | <_ =f | <_ =g | <_ =h =y | <_ =i | <_ =l<_ =I<_ =I =3E<_ =j | <_ =l<_ =l<_ =L | <_ =_nj =_mj =nj =mj | <_ =_uy =uy | <_ =_jn =jn | <_ =n | <_ =N | <_ =0 | <_ =_Io =_oI =Io =oI<_ =s | <_ =f | <_ =t | <_ =u | <_ =u | <_ =U | <_ =u | <_ =^ | <_ =z | <_ =z | <_ =z | <_ =3

º<_ =o =^o, Masculine. Superscript o

ª<_ =a =^a, Feminine. Superscipt a

⸆<2E06 =T =^T | ⸉<2E09 =S =^S


SubScripts: Latin: <2080 =_0 =0 | <2081 =_1 =1 | <2082 =_2 =2 | <2083 =_3 =3 | <2084 =_4 =4 | <2085 =_5 =5 | <2086 =_6 =6 | <2087 =_7 =7 | <2088 =_8 =8 | <2089 =_9 =9 | <208A =_+ =+<208B =_- =-<208C =_= ==<208D =_( =(<208E =_) =)<2090 =_a =a | <2091 =_e =e | <2092 =_o =o | <2093 =_x =x | <2094 =e | <2095 =_h =h | <2096 =_k =k | <2097 =_l =l<2098 =_m =m | <2099 =_n =n | <209A =_p =p | <209B =_s =s | <209C =_t =t

Latin subscripts: <_ =a | <_ =e | <_ | <_ =i | <_ =j | <_ | <_ | <_ | <_ | <_ =o | <_ | <_ =r | <_ | <_ | <_ =u | <_ =v | <_ =x | Latin Ext-C: <_ =_j =j

Latin/IPA subscripts: <_ =i | <_ =r | <_ =u | <_ =v | Greek: <_ =B | <_ =y | <_ =e | <_ =_cp =cp | <_ =x

Subscripts: Misc.Tech <_ =_10 =10

FullWidth AlphaNumerics, Punctuations, Symbols:

When you need to display extra spaces in both left & right side, or in just left or in just right side of a glyph/character or symb히, then you can use these. For full list, goto Wikipedia: Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms, Wikipedia: Hangul Compatibility Jamo.

FF0h FF1h FF2h FF3h FF4h FF5h FFEh
0   0<
1 !<

2 "<
3 #<
4 $<
5 %<

6 &<
7 '<
8 (<
9 )<
A *<
B +<


C ,<

D -<


E .<
F /<


  || @< 

Unicode Emoji & Similar W迆 AlphaNumerics:

Unicode emoji (aka, pictographic) symb히s, and other Unicode textual symb히s (which appear like a button, key, or enclosed in circled or squared shaped), and when such symb히 has one or more alphanumeric or other characters, such are shown/listed in this section.

🅰< =A =[A] | 🅱< =B =[B] | 🅲< =C =[C] | 🅳< =D =[D] | 🅴< =E =[E] | 🅵< =F =[F] | 🅶< =G =[G] | 🅷< =H =[H] | 🅸< =I =[I] | 🅹< =J =[J] | 🅺< =K =[K] | 🅻< =L =[L] | 🅼< =M =[M] | 🅽< =N =[N] | 🅾< =O =[O] | 🅿< =P =[P] | 🆀< =Q =[Q] | 🆁< =R =[R] | 🆂< =S =[S] | 🆃< =T =[T] | 🆄< =U =[U] | 🆅< =V =[V] | 🆆< =W =[W] | 🆇< =X =[X] | 🆈< =Y =[Y] | 🆉< =Z =[Z] | 🅰<1F170 - 🆉<1F189, Negative Squared Latin Capital Letters

ⓐ<_ =a | ⓑ<_ =b | ⓒ<_ =c | ⓓ<_ =d | ⓔ<_ =e | ⓕ<_ =f | ⓖ<_ =g | ⓗ<_ =h | ⓘ<_ =i | ⓙ<_ =j | ⓚ<_ =k | ⓛ<_ =l | ⓜ<_ =m | ⓝ<_ =n | ⓞ<_ =o | ⓟ<_ =p | ⓠ<_ =q | ⓡ<_ =r | ⓢ<_ =s | ⓣ<_ =t | ⓤ<_ =u | ⓥ<_ =v | ⓦ<_ =w | ⓧ<_ =x | ⓨ<_ =y | ⓩ<_ =z | ⓐ<24D0 - ⓩ<24E9, Circled Latin small letters

⒜<_ =(a) | ⒝<_ =(b) | ⒞<_ =(c) | ⒟<_ =(d) | ⒠<_ =(e) | ⒡<_ =(f) | ⒢<_ =(g) | ⒣<_ =(h) | ⒤<_ =(i) | ⒥<_ =(j) | ⒦<_ =(k) | ⒧<_ =(l) | ⒨<_ =(m) | ⒩<_ =(n) | ⒪<_ =(o) | ⒫<_ =(p) | ⒬<_ =(q) | ⒭<_ =(r) | ⒮<_ =(s) | ⒯<_ =(t) | ⒰<_ =(u) | ⒱<_ =(v) | ⒲<_ =(w) | ⒳<_ =(x) | ⒴<_ =(y) | ⒵<_ =(z) | ⒜<249C - ⒵<24B5, Parenthesized Latin small letters

Ⓐ<_ =A | Ⓑ<_ =B | Ⓒ<_ =C | Ⓓ<_ =D | Ⓔ<_ =E | Ⓕ<_ =F | Ⓖ<_ =G | Ⓗ<_ =H | Ⓘ<_ =I | Ⓙ<_ =J | Ⓚ<_ =K | Ⓛ<_ =L | Ⓜ<_ =M | Ⓝ<_ =N | Ⓞ<_ =O | Ⓟ<_ =P | Ⓠ<_ =Q | Ⓡ<_ =R | Ⓢ<_ =S | Ⓣ<_ =T | Ⓤ<_ =U | Ⓥ<_ =V | Ⓦ<_ =W | Ⓧ<_ =X | Ⓨ<_ =Y | Ⓩ<_ =Z | Ⓐ<24B6 - Ⓩ<24CF, Circled Latin capital letters

🄐<_ =(A) | 🄑<_ =(B) | 🄒<_ =(C) | 🄓<_ =(D) | 🄔<_ =(E) | 🄕<_ =(F) | 🄖<_ =(G) | 🄗<_ =(H) | 🄘<_ =(I) | 🄙<_ =(J) | 🄚<_ =(K) | 🄛<_ =(L) | 🄜<_ =(M) | 🄝<_ =(N) | 🄞<_ =(O) | 🄟<_ =(P) | 🄠<_ =(Q) | 🄡<_ =(R) | 🄢<_ =(S) | 🄣<_ =(T) | 🄤<_ =(U) | 🄥<_ =(V) | 🄦<_ =(W) | 🄧<_ =(X) | 🄨<_ =(Y) | 🄩<_ =(Z) | 🄐<1F110 - 🄩<1F129, Parenthesized Latin Capital Letters

🄰<_ =A | 🄱<_ =B | 🄲<_ =C | 🄳<_ =D | 🄴<_ =E | 🄵<_ =F | 🄶<_ =G | 🄷<_ =H | 🄸<_ =I | 🄹<_ =J | 🄺<_ =K | 🄻<_ =L | 🄼<_ =M | 🄽<_ =N | 🄾<_ =O | 🄿<_ =P | 🅀<_ =Q | 🅁<_ =R | 🅂<_ =S | 🅃<_ =T | 🅄<_ =U | 🅅<_ =V | 🅆<_ =W | 🅇<_ =X | 🅈<_ =Y | 🅉<_ =Z | 🄰<1F130 - 🅉<1F149, Squared Latin Capital Letters

🅐<_ =A | 🅑<_ =B | 🅒<_ =C | 🅓<_ =D | 🅔<_ =E | 🅕<_ =F | 🅖<_ =G | 🅗<_ =H | 🅘<_ =I | 🅙<_ =J | 🅚<_ =K | 🅛<_ =L | 🅜<_ =M | 🅝<_ =N | 🅞<_ =O | 🅟<_ =P | 🅠<_ =Q | 🅡<_ =R | 🅢<_ =S | 🅣<_ =T | 🅤<_ =U | 🅥<_ =V | 🅦<_ =W | 🅧<_ =X | 🅨<_ =Y | 🅩<_ =Z | 🅐<1F150 - 🅩<1F169, Negative Circled Latin Capital Letters

🇦<_ =A | 🇧<_ =B | 🇨<_ =C | 🇩<_ =D | 🇪<_ =E | 🇫<_ =F | 🇬<_ =G | 🇭<_ =H | 🇮<_ =I | 🇯<_ =J | 🇰<_ =K | 🇱<_ =L | 🇲<_ =M | 🇳<_ =N | 🇴<_ =O | 🇵<_ =P | 🇶<_ =Q | 🇷<_ =R | 🇸<_ =S | 🇹<_ =T | 🇺<_ =U | 🇻<_ =V | 🇼<_ =W | 🇽<_ =X | 🇾<_ =Y | 🇿<_ =Z | 🇦<1F1E6 - 🇿<1F1FF | (Country/Location/Flag) Regional Indicator Symbol Letters. Join any of these two letters to turn them into a COUNTRY's FLAG or symbol, if your app's rendering engine supports.

𝒶<1D4B6 =a, Small-le比er A, ascr

🆎<1F18E =AB

🔤<1F524 =abc, Input symb히 For Latin Le比ers

🔠<1F520 =ABCD, Input symb히 For Latin Capital Le比ers

🔡<1F521 =abcd, Input symb히 For Latin Small Le比ers

🎟<1F39F =ADMIT ONE, Admission Ticket

🏧<1F3E7 =ATM, Banking ATM

🅱<_ =B

🔙<1F519 =BACK arrow (left pointing arrow & word)

🅲<_ =C

©<00A9 Ⓒ<_ =C =c, Copyright symb히. Alt+0169

🄫<1F12B =C, Circled Italic Latin Capital Le比er C

🄭<1F12D =Cd, Circled Cd

🆑<1F191 =CL

🆒<1F192 =COOL

🆥<1F1A5 =d, Squared Latin Small Le比er D

🆐<1F190 =Dj, Square Dj

📧<1F4E7 =E =E-Mail =Email

🔚<1F51A =END Arrow (left pointing arrow)

🆓<1F193 =FREE


<210A =g, gscr, Script Small G


🆦<1F1A6 =Hc, Squared Hc

🆧<1F1A7 =Hdr, Squared Hdr

🆨<1F1A8 =Hi-Res, Squared Hi-res

🅊<1F14A =Hv, Squared Hv

Le比er I with Serif: ɪ<A7AE =I, Latin capital le比er small capital I | ɪ<026A =I, IPA-Ext, Latin le比er small capital I | 𑀡<11021 =I, Brahmi Nna | 𝙸<1D678 =I, Math Monospace Cap I | 𝐈<1D408 =I, Math Bold Cap I

ℹ<2139 =i (texual), information source | ℹ️<2139 =i (emoji)

𝒾<1D4BE =i, iscr

🆔<1F194 =ID

🆋<1F18B =Ic, Negative Squared Ic

🆝<1F19D =KK, Squared Two K

🆞<1F19E =KKKK, Squared Four K

🆟<1F19F =KKKKKKKK, Squared Eight K


🆩<1F1A9 =Lossless, Squared Lossless

<32CF =LL, Limited Liability sign

Ⓜ<24C2 =M (textual), Ⓜ️<24C2 (emoji), Circled M

🅋<1F14B =Mv, Squared Mv

🅪<1F16A =Mc, Raised Mc Sign

🅫<1F16B =Md, Raised Md Sign

🆕<1F195 =NEW

🆖<1F196 =NG

🅾<1F17E =O

⭕<2B55 =O, Heavy Large Circle, Red Circle

📴<1F4F4 =OFF (Mobile Phone)

🆗<1F197 =OK

🔛<1F51B =ON! Arrow (both left-right pointing arrow)

⚭<26AD =oo, Marriage symb히

⚮<26AE =o|o, Divorce symb히

⚯<26AF =oo =o-o, Unmarried partnership

♀<2640 =o+ =+o, =Female sign. Venus

♂<2642 =o->, =Male sign. Mars

⚥<26A5 =o+-> =o->+, =Male And Female Sign. Hermaphrodite

🅿<1F17F =P

℗<2117 =P, Sound recording copyright, Published, PhonoRecord Sign | Circled latin capital le比er P is Ⓟ<24C5 =P

🅎<1F14E =PPV, Squared Ppv

🆌<1F18C =PA, Negative Squared Pa

🆊<1F18A =P, Crossed Negative Squared Latin Capital Le比er P


®<00AE =R =(R), Registered symbol, &reg; &#174; | <_ =R =(R)

🄬<1F12C =R, Circled Italic Latin Capital Le比er R

𝓇<1D4C7 𝓻<1D4FB =r, rscr, Mathemetical Script Small R (Cursive small-le比er R) | <A783 =r, Latin small-le比er insular R | ꪦ<AAA6 =r, Tai Viet Low Ro | A CJK based alternative is 九<4E5D or ヵ<30F5 =r | >𐣬<108EC =r, Hatran(Iraq) Mem (R-to-L) | >𑣭<118ED =r, Ho/Warang-Citi Number-40

<24C8 =S, circledS

𝓈<1D4C8 =s, sscr | 𖬺<16B3A =s, Pahawh-Hmong Vos Thiab

🔜<1F51C =SOON Arrow (right pointing arrow)

🆘<1F198 =SOS

🄪<1F12A =S, Tortoise Shell Bracketed Latin Capital Le比er S

🅌<1F14C =SD, Squared Sd

🅍<1F14D =SS, Squared Ss

🆍<1F18D =SA, Negative Squared Sa

🆪<1F1AA =Shv, Squared Shv


🔝<1F51D =TOP Arrow (Upward pointing arrow)


🆙<1F199 =UP!

🆫<1F1AB =UHD, Squared Uhd

🆚<1F19A =VS

🆬<1F1AC =VOD, Squared Vod

🆏<1F18F =WC, Negative Squared Wc.

🅏<1F14F =WC, Squared Wc. Water Closet on Toilet

🄮<1F12E =Wz, Circled Wz


💤<1F4A4 =zzz, Sleeping symb히. Snoring


🔟<1F51F =10, KeyCap Ten

🔞<1F51E =18, No One Under Eighteen symb히. UnderAge

💯<1F4AF =100, Hundred Points symb히. Full/All points/marks

🆤<1F1A4 =120P, Squared One Hundred Twenty P

🔢<1F522 =1234, Input symb히 For Numbers


🆢<1F1A2 =22.2, Squared Twenty-two Point Two


🆛<1F19B =3D, Squared Three D ||


🆠<1F1A0 =5.1, Squared Five Point One


🆣<1F1A3 =60P, Squared Sixty P ||


🆡<1F1A1 =7.1, Squared Seven Point One


🔣<1F523 =₸♪&% =₸&♪%, Input symb히 For symb히s


〰<3030 =~~, Wavy Dash, =wave =wiggly line | ꦪ<A9AA =~~, Javanese Ya | ꧙<A9D9 =~~, Javanese Digit-9


➰<27B0 =o, Single Curly Loop

➿<27BF =oo, Double Curly Loop

⅏<214F =ooo, Samaritan Source. Looks like: triple loop

Zodiac (Star Chart, Constellation): ♈<2648 Aries =V =′V` | ♉<2649 Taurus =\o/ =`o′ =>o | ♊<264A Gemini =II | ♋<264B Cancer =69 | ♌<264C Leo =dL =ol =oΩ | ♍<264D Virgo =mb | ♎<264E Libra =Ω =ohm =Omega | ♏<264F Scorpius =m | ♐<2650 Sagittarius =-&gt;&gt; | ♑<2651 Capricorn =nb =vb | ♒<2652 Aquarius =wave =mm =ww =double-wiggly-line | ♓<2653 Pisces =)( (strikeout 1st braces) =)-( =H | ⛎<26CE Ophiuchus =U~ =~U =ll~ =~ll

🌞<1F31E =Sun with face =>o< =>:)< | ☉<2609 =Sun =o. =.o | ☿<263F =Mercury =)O+ =>o+ =a+ =+oc | ♀<2640 =Venus, Female Sign, =female =o+ | ♁<2641 =Earth, Home, Little Blue Planet =+o | ♂<2642 =Mars, Male Sign, =male =o-> | ♃<2643 =Jupiter =21 =2l =2I =al =ol =aI =oI | ♄<2644 =Saturn =h =+h =th | ♅<2645 =Uranus =]+[ =]|[ (astrological) | ⛢<26E2 =Uranus =o.-> =o^ =^o =o.^ =.o^ (astronomical) | ♆<2646 =Neptune =\|/ =\|/+ | ♇<2647 Pluto =PL =LP =LD =DL | 🌟<1F31F Glowing Star, =star =* | 🌠<1F320 Shooting Star, =*-, Asteroid, Meteor

Single CJK Looks Like Multiple Latin Characters:

There are many individual CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) Unicode characters or symb히s, which are homoglyphs or homographs, that is, they look-like or appear-as l追ature of multiple characters or symb히s of Latin/English language script.
See also: CJK Unified Ideographs, CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A, CJK Compatibility Ideographs.


CJK characters/l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which look like definitely (starting with or beginning with) Latin/English look-alike characters (or look-like very close to): capital-le比er "A" or small-le比er "a", are shown in this section.

朋<_ 朋<670B 崩<5D29 䏴<43F4 =AA

朤<6724 =AAAA

䣙<48D9 =AAB =wAAB


剻<527B =AAIJ =AAlJ =AAY =wAAIJ =wAAlJ =wAAY

鹏<9E4F =AAS

㽰<3F70 㽰<_ =AAlE =AAiE

䢷<48B7 那<90A3 郍<90CD 邢<90A2 =AB. 郱<90F1 =AB =#B. 郬<90EC =AB =3EAB

䑮<446E =AB7K =ABT =ABT =AB ̞ =AB͏ ̞ =AB =AB

䑥<4465 =ABx

ᄯ<112F ᇨ<11E8 =AC

舱<8231 =Ac =AAc =AAc

슫<C2AB =A/C =AC =A/C

ퟪ<D7EA =AD =_AD =AO =_AO

肥<80A5 舥<8225 =Ae

舵<8235 舷<8237 胘<80D8 肐<8090 䏕<_ =AE

ᄹ<1139 =AE

ퟱ<D7F1 =AE =_AE

𤴓<24D13 㿿<3FFF =AE =lE. ⾡<2FA1 =AE =lE

胙<80D9 =AE

슽<C2BD =A/E =AE

胝<80DD 𦨢<26A22 =AEE

䐚<441A =AeP

肝<809D =AF

샤<C0E4 =AF

샷<C0F7 =AFA



샨<C0E8 =AFL

샪<C0EA =AFLo

샸<C0F8 =AFM

샹<C0F9 =AFO

膅<8185 =AFDo =AFDA =AFPo =AFPA

舨<822F =AFx


䏨<43E8 =Ag =AB

肍<808D 肋<808B 胁<_ 㼛<_ 肋<F953 =Ah

새<C0C8 새<_ =AH



𦛿<266FF =AHC =Ac

샡<C0E1 =AHE


샎<C0CE =AHLo



𦛨<266E8 =AHr =Ar


舡<8221 肛<809B =AI

시<C2DC 시<_ =Al =AI =A|


싣<C2E3 =AIC


싵<C2F5 =AIE

膇<8187 =Aig

𦘩<26629 =AII =All

刖<5216 刐<5210 削<524A 削<_ 刑<_ 前<524D 前<_ 俞<4FDE =AIJ =AlJ =AY

신<C2E0 =AIL

싢<C2E2 =AILo

싰<C2F0 =AIM

싱<C2F1 =AIO

싲<C2F2 =AIZ =AIK

실<C2E4 =AI2 =Al2 =A12

肘<8098 =AJ

胀<80C0 =AK

ᄮ<112E ㅻ<317B =AL

쇄<_ =AlH =AH =ATH

슨<C2A8 =A/L =AL

세<C138 =AlI =AII =All

셋<C14B =AlIA =AllA =AIIA

섿<C13F =AlIC =AllC =AIIC

셈<C148 =AlID =AllD =AIID

셑<C151 =AlIE =AllE =AIIE

셌<C14C =AlIM =AllM =AIIM

셍<C14D =AlIO =AllO =AIIO

셉<C149 =AlIU =AllU =AIIU

셎<C14E =AlIZ =AllZ =AIIZ =AlIK =AllK =AIIK

셀<C140 =AlI2 =All2 =AII2

슪<C2AA =A/Lo =ALo

朑<6711 =ALU =AtU

胍<80CE =AM

脺<813A =AMT =ATM

航<822A 朌<670C 朊<670A =An =Ar

船<8239 𦚔<26694 =Ano =Ana =Allo =Alla =Ao

𗟫<177EB =Ant

股<80A1 般<822C =Anx =Arx

ᄵ<1135 =AO =A0. ᄻ<113B =Ao

䏩<43E9 䑪<446A =Ao =Aa =AAa =AAo

舸<8238 䏤<43E4 胢<80E2 朐<6710 䑦<4466 =AoJ

胑<80D1 =Ao =AR

승<C2B9 =A/O =AO

𦚭<266AD =AoL =A9e =Age

𦛉<266C9 =AoT =AoTP

舮<822E =AP

朎<670E =AP =AAP

䑷<4477 =APA. 艙<8259 =APo =APa

䑀<4440 =APaY =APoY

𦝋<2674B =APg =AP9

鸰<9E31 =APS =A2S

胒<80D2 =APt. 𦜀<26700 =APt =AOt =AAt

朖<6716 服<670D =APx =AR

舯<822F 肿<80BF =Aqp =A9P =Ao =AoI =AIo =Aol =Alo

䏐<43D0 =AR

筋<_ =Ar =An. 㶢<3DA2 =Ar

䏮<43EE =Arx =Ar><

䴖<4D16 =AS =3EAS

肧<80A7 =AT =A7F. 呼<_ =AT =A3F. 㰢<3C22 =AT =AhA

𗀈<17008 =At

수<C218 수<_ =AT. 𫝆<2B746 =AT

舦<8226 肰<80B0 =At. 肚<809A =At =A+- =A±

龰<9FB0 =At

眾<_ =ATA =MT =TM

能<_ =At =at =Att =atAt =4tAt

肔<8094 胣<80E3 䑨<4468 =Ath

쉬<C26C =ATI

쉿<C27F =ATIA

쉳<C273 =ATIC

슅<C285 =ATIE

쉰<C270 =ATIL

삖<C272 =ATILo

슀<C280 =ATIM

슁<C281 =ATIO


슂<C282 =ATIZ =ATIK

舰<8230 =ATh =ATn =ATL. 䏙<43D9 =Ath =Atn =AtL

순<C21C 순<_ =ATL

숴<C234 =ATl

숬<C22C =ATM

肶<80B6 舭<822D =Att. 䏶<43F6 =Att+-

𗟦<177E6 =ATx

脂<8102 =At8 =AtB

ᄲ<1132 =AU

습<_ =A/U =AU

䵊<4D4A =AUTO

舢<8222 𦘹<26639 =AW

舣<8223 肞<809F 䑡<4461 =AX. 㬵<3B35 =Ax =AAX

散<6563 朕<6715 =A7F =AX= =UAX =HAX

𦜝<2671D =AXA

艂<8242 =AXT =AXE =ATX =AEX =AX3E

胸<_ =AxJ =ALxIJ =AIXIJ

羘<7F98 =AY =A3YE

肊<808A 𦨇<26A07 =AZ =A2. 𦙏<2664F =Az =Awz

䑧<4467 =A1t =A1J. 㬸<3B38 =A1t =AH1t

胞<80DE =A2J =AeJ

肟<809F =A5 =AS

ᇩ<11E9 =A2

䑠<4460 =A7. ᇧ<11E7 =A7

舶<8236 胆<80C6 =A8 =AB

艊<824A =A8T =AT8 =ABT =ATB =A8M =ABM

䐊<440A =A8tt =ABtt

胦<80E6 =A9P =Agp =Aqp =A9R =AgR

𦜖<26716 =A+

胋<80CC =Ato =Aot =Ata =Aat =A-key

肼<80BC 䑫<446B =A#


Some CJK characters/l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) may look-like any of these Latin/English characters: capital-le比er "A" (aa) or capital-le比er "O" (oh) or small-le比er "o" or number "0" (zero) or small-le比er "a" or le比er "P" or le比er "D", such are shown in this section. Look & interpretation also depends on position of the l追ature (or d追raph/tr追raph) inside a word & font's glyph & font-size.

吅<5405 哨<54E8 =AA =PA =OA 0A =PP =OO =00

唂<5502 =Ao =AA =Oo =OA =Po =PA

㕨<3568 叽<535D 叨<53E8 =PA =PJL =AA =AJL =OA =OJL

叺<53FA 㕥<3565 =PA =PY =AA =AY =OA =OY

䚴<46B4 䛁<46C1 =oA =aA =pA


楍<694D =AAA =ooo =aaa =7KAAA

哪<54EA =PAB =AAB =OAB =0AB


𠵴<20D74 =Aap =Oap =Pap =0ap =AAap =Aop =Oop =Pop =0op

𠸥<20E25 =Aat =Aa+ =Aot =Ao+ =Pat =Pa+ =Pot =Po+ =Oat =Oa+ =Oot =Oo+

𠹻<20E7B =PAX =OAX =AAX

𠸾<20E3E =PAz =PATZ =OAz =OATZ =AAz =AATZ

𠮨<20BA8 =AB =OB =PB =0B

郤<90E4 =aB =oB =AoB. 䚮<46AE =aB =pB =oB

䜏<470F =oBGA =aBGA

𠴉<20D09 =ABn =PBn =OBn

啊<554A 啊<_ =ABoJ =ABPJ =OBoJ =OBPJ =0BoJ =0BPJ

𠹯<20E6F =ABtt+- =PBtt+- =OBtt+-

吸<5438 吸<_ 訯<8A2F =AB =OB =ABx =PB =PBx =0B =oB =oBx

呛<545B =Ac =Ae =Oc =Oe =Pc =Pe =0c =0e =AAc. 𠴏<20D0F =Ac =Oc =Pc =AHc =OHc =PHc

咂<5482 =ACT =A[T =ACIP =AClP =OCT =O[T =OCIP =OClP =PCT =P[T =PCIP =PClP

呕<5455 =ACX =A[X =OCX =O[X =PCX =P[X

吆<5406 吒<5412 吆<_ 呟<545F 呟<_ 咜<549C 吃<5403 吃<_ 咋<548B =AE =OE =0E =PE

訖<8A16 託<8A17 =aE =oE

吧<_ =Ae =Oe =0e

𠻴<20EF4 =AeA =PeA =OeA

啷<5577 =AeB =OeB =PeB

𠺻<20EBB =AEBx =OEBx =PEBx

呧<5467 嗞<55DE 噝<565D 咝<549D =OEE =PEE =AEE =0EE

噀<5640 =Pee# =Oee# =Aee# =0ee#

譔<8B54 =pee# =oee# =aee#

詆<8A46 =oEE =aEE


呦<5466 呦<_ =AEh =OEh =0Eh =PEh

𠸣<20E23 =PEI =AEI =OEI =0EI

咆<5486 =AeJ =PeJ =OeJ =0eJ

哟<54DF 𠯻<20BFB =AEJ =PEJ =OEJ =0EJ. 䛌<46CC =aeJ =oeJ =peJ

𠾼<20FBC =PEne =AEne =OEne =PEe =AEe =OEe

唧<5527 =AeP =PeP =OeP =0eP

𠿰<20FF0 =Per =Aer =Oer

吓<5413 =AF =OF. 吓F :OFF, 吓FER :OFFER

吀<_ =AF =OF =0F =AT =OT =0T

𠳖<20CD6 =AFBx =PFBx =OFBx

呃<5443 =PFc =PFe =AFc =AFe =OFc =OFe


𠴙<20D19 =AFe =PFe =OFe

訴<8A34 =oFF =aFF

𠲞<20C9E =AFI =OFI =PFI. 咗<_ =AFI =AtI =PtI =OFI =OtI =0tI


咑<5491 =AFJ =PFJ =OFJ =0FJ

𠳏<20CCF =AFlt =OFlt =PFlt

㖃<3583 詬<8A6C =AFo =oFo =AFo =PFo =0Fo =PFa =pFa =pFA =oFa =oFA

𠴋<20D0B =AFhh =OFhh =PFhh

喊<558A =PFoX =AFoX =OFoX =0FoX

听<542C 訢<8A22 =AFT =OFT =0FT =oFT =PFT. S听 :SOFT, SH听 :SHAFT

𠳓<20CD3 =PFtt =AFtt =OFtt

嗻<55FB =PFU =OFU =AFU =0FU


㖅<3585 哦<54E6 𠲦<20CA6 𠴫<20D2B =AFX =PFX =OFX =0FX

䛀<46C0 =oFx =pFx =aFx

啪<556A =AF8 =AFB =OF8 =OFB =PF8 =PFB

𠻺<20EFA =AF+ =PF+ =OF+

𠴜<20D1C =PF+X =AF+X =OF+X

𠰴<20C34 𠰋<20C0B =AG =A6

舘<FA6D =og =ag =+-og =+-ag =Aog

唔<5514 =AGo =AGA =A6o =A6A =PGo =PGA =P6o =P6A =OGo =OGA =O6o =O6A

吗<5417 =Ag =A9 =Pg =P9 =Og =O9 =0g =09

𠶡<20DA1 =PGH =P6H =AGH =A6H =OGH =O6H


𠰭<20C2D =Pgp =Agp =Ogp =P9P =A9P =O9P

𠹶<20E76 =PGT =AGT =OGT

𣍲<23372 =AGX =A36X

叻<53FB 㕤<3564 訅<8A05 䜪<472A =Ph =Oh =Ah =0h =oh =ah =ph, J㕤n :John

咖<5496 =AhA =OhA =0hA =PhA =AhO =OhO =0hO =PhO. GR咖M :GRAhAM, m咖wk :mohAwk




𠶙<20D99 =PHT =AHT =OHT =PH7F =AH7F =OH7F

㖑<3591 =PHX =AHX =OHX =PAX =AAX =OAX

𠺴<20EB4 =PHXO =AHXO =OHXO =PHxa =AHxa =OHxa

叿<5355 叿<_ =PI =0I =AI =DI. 訌<8A0D 䜫<472B =oI =aI =AoI

嗵<5 =PiA =OiA =AiA =0iA

啵<5575 =PiFx =AiFx =OiFx

㗓<35D3 =Pig =Aig =Oig

䜔<4714 =piA =piGA =oiA =oiGA =aiA =aiGA

嚃<5683 =Pil =Ail =Oil =0il

𠶕<20D95 =Pino =Pina =Aino =Aina =Oino =Oina

𠺙<20E99 𠺘<20E98 =PiPx =PiPLX =PiR =PiRx =AiPx =AiPLX =AiR =AiRx =OiPx =OiPLX =OiR =OiRx

𠸽<20E3D =PiPt =AiPt =OiPt =0iPt


哒<54D2 =Pit =Ait =Oit =0it

𠲨<20CA8 =Pith =Oith =Aith. 𠴥<20D25 =Pith =Oith =Aith =Pit =Oit =Ait

𠲤<20CA4 =PiX =AiX =OiX

𠸪<20E2A 𡀩<21029 =PiXa =AiXa =OiXa =PiXo =AiXo =OiXo

𠶆<20D86 =Pi1t =Pilt =PiIt =Ai1t =Ailt =AiIt =Oi1t =Oilt =OiIt

𠺸<20EB8 =Pi3X =Ai3X =Oi3X

唖<5516 唖<_ =AI =OI =AoI =AIo =0I =0o

唾<553E 唾<_ =AI =OI =AoI =AIo =0I =0oI =0Io

叮<53EE =AJ =PJ =OJ =0J

可<53E5 句<53E5 司<53F8 訂<8A02 句<F906 =oJ =aJ =pJ. 咛<549B =AJ =OJ =PJ =0J

劬<52AC =oJh =pJh =AJh

吁<5401 吁<_ =AJ =PJ =OJ =AT =PT =OT =A3F =P3F =O3F

㐖<3 =oL =aL =+-oL =+-aL

唽<553D =AlFT =AIFT =PlFT =PIFT =OlFT =OIFT =0lFT =0IFT

䚯<46AF =aIJ =oIJ =alJ =olJ =aY =oY

叭<53ED 叭<_ 啉<5549 =All =Oll =AA =AII =OII =A/l =A/I =0ll =0/l =0/I =Pll =PII =P/l =P/I

㖉<3589 𠯽<20BFD =Alt =Plt =Olt. 訨<8A28 =alt =olt =plt. 䜀<4700 =alt =olt

啃<55 =AltA =OltA =PltA =0ltA =AA =OA =PA =0A

呲<5472 訿<8A3F =Altt =Oltt =0ltt =oltt =altt =Pltt. S呲y :SAltty, B呲 :BOltt

喍<558D =Pltt =Pltt7K =Altt =Altt7K =Oltt =Oltt7K

呭<546D 詍<8A4D =ALU =OLU =0LU =oLU =Atu =Otu =0tu =otu. V呭E :VALUE, 呭M :ALUM

喋<558B =PLU =Ptu =PLU7K =Ptu7K =ALU =Atu =ALU7K =Atu7K =OLU =Otu =OLU7K =Otu7K

㕽<357D 㕽<_ =ALX =OLX =ALY =OLY =0LX =0LY

𠶣<20DA3 =AlX =AIX =OlX =OIX =PlX =PIX

𠸧<20E27 =Alxa =AIxa =Alxo =AIxo =Olxa =OIxa =Olxo =OIxo =Plxa =PIxa =Plxo =PIxo

呱<5471 呱<_ =AM =OM =PM =0M. D呱 :DAM. 呱NI :OMNI

ᇞ<11DE =AM =OM =0M

啐<5550 =AMT =OMT =PMT =0MT

䛇<46C7 =ana =ona =ano =ono

吺<543A =Pnx =Anx =Onx =0nx

呮<546E =Po =PR =Ao =AR =Oo =OR =0o =0R. 䛊<46CA =oo =oR =ao =aR =po =pR

唈<5508 嗈<55C8 =Aoe =Ooe =Poe =0oe

呴<5474 =AoJ =APJ =OoJ =0oJ =0PJ =A'oJ =A'PJ =O'oJ =0'oJ =0'PJ. 呵<5475 呞<545E =AoJ =APJ =OoJ =0oJ =0PJ. B呴 :BOoJ, B呵 :BOoJ

哫<54EB =Polt =PoAt =PolE =PoAE =Aolt =AoAt =AolE =AoAE =Oolt =OoAt =OolE =OoAE

噞<565E =Poo =PooM =Aoo =AooM =Ooo =OooM =0oo =0ooM

㗁<3 =Poo5 =PooS =Aoo5 =AooS =Ooo5 =OooS =0oo5 =0ooS

哵<54F5 =PorIJ =PorlJ =PorY =AorIJ =AorlJ =AorY =OorIJ =OorlJ =OorY =0orIJ =0orlJ =0orY

㖪<3 =AoX =OoX =PoX

呺<547A =Ao5 =AoS =Oo5 =OoS =Po5 =PoS =0o5 =0oS

叩<53E9 =AP =OP =0P. 叩PLY :APPLY, M叩 :MAP, P叩 :POP

㕧<3567 吚<541A =PP =AP =OP =0P. P㕧 :POP

命<547D 命<_ =ap =op =AP. 卻<537B =oP =aP =AP

嗆<55C6 =PPo =PPA =OPo =OPA =APo =APA =0Po =0PA

𠹴<20E74 =PPaB =APaB =OPaB =PPoB =APoB =OPoB

噼<567C 𡀳<21033 =PPAY =APAY =OPAY =0PAY

𠵘<20D58 =Apg =Opg =Ppg =AP9 =OP9 =PP9

呢<5462 呢<_ 唳<5533 =PPt =APt =OPt =0Pt. 䛏<46CF =aPt =oPt =pPt

哏<54CF 哴<54F4 =APx =AR =OPx =OR =PPx =PR =0Px =0R

𡁤<21064 =APxog =OPxog =PPxog =APxo9 =OPxo9 =PPxo9

呝<545D =OPz =PPz =0Pz =APz. P呝 :POPz, LO呝 :LOOPz

呎<544E 吷<5437 =AR =OR =0R =PR. DO呎 :DOOR, 呎DER :ORDER, B呎 :BAR

呡<5461 =AR =APt =PR =PPt =OR =OPt =0R =0Pt. 䛉<46C9 =oPt =aPt =oR =aR

𠴛<20D1B =Pr =Ar =Or

訳<8A33 訣<8A23 =oR =pR =aR

䜎<470E =or =ar =pr

𠸏<20D =Pro =Pra =Pho =Pha =Oro =Ora =Oho =Oha =Aro =Ara =Aho =Aha

呜<545C 鸣<9E23 鸼<9E3C =AS =OS =0S =PS. 呜H :ASH. M呜S :MASS. H呜T :HOST

呀<5440 呀<_ =ASJ =OSJ =0SJ =A5J =O5J =05J =AR =OR =0R =AST =OST =0ST =PST =PSJ

呯<546F 吀<5400 =AT =A7F =OT =O7F =0T =07F =PT =P7F

呼<547C 呼<_ 吋<540B =AT =AJ =OT =OJ =0T =0J =A3F

呗<5457 呗<_ 唢<5522 员<5458 呗<_ =PT =AT =OT =0T =PCK =PEK =ACK =AEK =OCK =OEK =DEK =DCK

吹<5439 =PT =AT =OT =0T =PhA =AhA =OhA =0hA. 欱<6B31 =oT =pT =aT =oA =pA =aA =AhoA. 䚿<46BF =pT =oT =aT =phA =ohA =ahA

叱<53F1 叱<_ 呔<5454 吠<5420 𠮟<20B9F =At =Ot =0t =Pt. B叱 :BAt, 叱tack :Attack, 叱her :Other, N叱ary :NOtary

䚰<46B0 =at =ot =pt. 㖋<358B 㕾<357E 唜<551C 㖍<358D =At =TAt =ot =Tot

𠿀<20FC0 =ATA =PTA =OTA

䚹<46B9 =att =ott

唀<5500 =PTB =OTB =ATB =0TB

吔<5414 訑<8A11 =Ath =Oth =0th =oth =ath. B訑 :Both, B吔 :BAth, 吔eist :Atheist


𠳘<20CD8 =A1IX =A1lX =ATIX =ATlX =O1IX =O1lX =OTIX =OTlX

吡<5421 =Att =Ott =Ptt =0tt

哋<54CB =Atth =Otth =Ptth =0tth

哔<54D4 =Att+ =AttT =Ott+ =OttT =Ptt+ =PttT

喈<5588 =Att8 =AttB =Ott8 =OttB =Ptt8 =PttB

嘤<5624 =PTTX =ATTX =OTTX =0TTX =PX

唻<553B =PTX =ATX =OTX =0TX

吰<_ =0t4 =At4 =Ota =Ata =Pt4 =Pta

詣<8A63 =ot8 =otB =at8 =atB

ᄜ<111C ᇜ<11DC 咁<_ =AU =OU =0U =AB =OB =0B =A8 =O8 =08


𠮿<20BBF =AW =OW =PW =0W

啱<55 =PwG =PDYE =AwG =ADYE =OwG =ODYE

㕮<356E 叹<53F9 呚<545A 呅<5445 咬<54AC 咚<549A =PX =AX =OX =0X. 哎<54CE 𠴑<20D11 =PHX =AHX =OHX =PX =AX =OX

㪉<3A89 䚺<46BA =oX =AoX =pX =ApX =AaX

咯<54AF 喀<5580 =Axo =AxA =Oxo =OxA =Pxo =PxA

𠲝<20C9D =PXJ =P7J =OXJ =O7J =AXJ =A7J

吖<5416 =AY =OY =0Y. 䛨<46E8 =oY =aY. D吖 :DAY, T吖s :TOYs

䆗<4197 =AY =OY =ALI =OLI =oy =A4 =O4

嗍<55CD =PYA =OYA =AYA =0YA =PYwA =OYwA =AYwA =0YwA

呓<5453 =Az =Pz =Oz =0z =AHZ

𠲥<20CA5 =AzL =AzIL =AIzL =OzL =OzIL =OIzL =PzL =PzIL =PIzL

𠸘<20E18 =A1a =A1Aa =A1o =A1Ao =P1a =P1Aa =P1o =P1Ao =O1a =O1Aa =O1o =O1Ao =Ala =AlAa =Alo =AlAo =Pla =PlAa =Plo =PlAo =Ola =OlAa =Olo =OlAo =AIa =AIAa =AIo =AIAo =PIa =PIAa =PIo =PIAo =OIa =OIAa =OIo =OIAo


𠯾<20BFE =A1h =Alh =AIh =O1h =Olh =OIh =01h =0lh =0Ih

咐<5490 哘<54D8 𠯼<20BFC =A1J =O1J =01J =P1J =AIJ =OIJ =0IJ =PIJ =AlJ =OlJ =0lJ =PlJ

哬<54EC =A1oJ =O1oJ =01oJ =AIoJ =OIoJ =0IoJ =AloJ =OloJ =0loJ

吪<_ =A1t =O1t =01t =AIt =OIt =0It =Alt =Olt =0lt

咃<5483 =A1th =O1th =01th =AIth =OIth =0Ith =Alth =Olth =0lth

㖡<35F1 =A1X =AlX =AIX =O1X =OlX =OIX

𠯇<20BC7 =A2 =AZ =O2 =OZ

記<8A18 =oZ =aZ =a2 =o2

𠳚<20CDA =A2X =AZX

叼<53FC =A3 =P3 =O3 =03

唌<550C =P3lE =A3lE =O3lE =03lE =P3xlE =A3xlE =O3xlE =03xlE

唚<551A =P3X =A3X =O3X =03X

叫<53EB 叫<_ =A4 =04 =ALI =O4 =P4 =0U =AU =OU =PU =0Y =AY =OY =PY

𠲠<20CA0 =A4X =O4X =P4X =AYX =OYX =PYX

䚷<46B7 =a5 =o5 =all5 =oll5 =aS =oS =allS =ollS

吇<5407 吇<_ 𠮩<20BA9 =07 =A7 =O7

吟<541F =A7 =AA7 =P7 =PA7 =O7 =OA7 =07 =0A7

咏<548F =A7K =P7K =O7K =07K

吼<543C 啂<5542 =A7L =P7L =O7L =07L

畮<756E =O8 =08, 畮 :Windows8

呾<547E 呣<5463 㕷<3577 =A8 =AB =P8 =PB =O8 =OB =08 =0B

唱<5531 =A88 =ABB =A8B =AB8 =O88 =OBB =O8B =OB8 =P88 =PBB =P8B =PB8


咰<54B0 咰<_ 啲<5572 啲<_ =A8J =O8J =08J =ABJ =OBJ =0BJ

唣<5523 =A8t =ABt =O8t =OBt =P8t =PBt =08t =0Bt

唕<5515 =A8T =ABT =A8+ =AB+ =O8T =OBT =O8+ =OB+ =P8T =PBT =P8+ =PB+ =08T =0BT =08+ =0B+

䛰<46F0 =a8tt =o8tt =aBtt =oBtt

㪟<3A9F =o8X =oBX

啘<5558 =P9c =P9e =O9c =O9e =A9c =A9e =09c =09e

咉<5489 =P9R =P9P =A9R =A9P =O9R =O9P =09R =09P

吱<_ =A+X =O+X =0+X =AtX =OtX =0tX =P+X

叶<53F6 叶<_ =A+ =O+ =At =Ot =0+ =P+. 䛩<46E9 =o+ =a+

咭<_ =A+-o =A±o =O+-o =O±o =0+-o =0±o =Ato =Oto =0to =Ata =Ota =0ta

𠱥<20C65 =P+H =A+H =O+H

詀<8A40 =ato =aot =oto =oot =ata =aat =ota =oat =o-key =a-key

瓠<_ =ASM =A5M =tSM =t5M

㽗<3F57 =OA =0A

邮<_ =OB =0B

甿<753F 㕀<3540 =OC =0C. 甿E :WindowsCE

㽖<3F56 =Oh =0h. 㽖ome :Windowshome

㽘<3 =On =0n.

嘅<_ =AeTh =AeR =A8IItn =ABOtn =Ae9E

𠲸<20CB8 =Por =Aor =Oor =0or

动<_ =4h =ah

町<753A =OJ =0J

畖<7556 =OM =0M, 畖E :WindowsME

喟<559F =AoA =PoA =OoA

喚<_ =APq =PPq

畡<7561 =OST =O9Y =0ST =09Y

毗<6BD7 =Ott =0tt

戦<6226 =OTX

畞<755E =OTZ =0TZ

畋<754B =OX =0X, 畋P :WindowsXP

畂<7542 =OZ =0Z

呫<546B =Ato =Pto =Oto =0to =A-key =P-key =O-key =0-key


阴<9634 陗<9657 堕<5815 =BA

队<_ =BA =BY

阦<_ =BK =BA =BY

䧍<49CD =Ba =Bo =BAO

莻<83BB =Bat =T3at =Bot =T3ot

陀<_ =BE =Bt. 𦱆<26C46 =BE =Bt. 陀ST :BEST

阣<9623 =BE =Bz. 阣ST :BEST

阺<963A 𨸝<28E1D =BEE. 阺 :BEE, 𨸝 :BEE

阡<9621 =BF =BT. 阧<_ =Bt =B+ =B't =B'+. 阼<963C =BE =B'E

阨<_ =BFe =BFc

䧜<49DC =BFPa =BFPo =BFDa =BFDo

阩<_ =BF+ =BT+ =BTI =BTl =BFI =BFl =BTt =BFt =BA

阠<_ =BTl =BFl =BA

阪<_ =BFx

阞<961E 防<_ =Bh =Br

陾<967E =BHEK =BIEK

随<968F 隨<_ =BitA =BiA =BiG

䦺<49BA 䦺<_ =BJ

陫<966B =Bll =BII =B3E

阷<9637 =BlE =BiE

阯<962F =Blt =Bit

陋<F951 =BLITJ. 陋 :BLITJ

䧑<49D1 =BlE =BAE

阬<_ =Bn =Bπ. 阮<_ =Bπ =Bn. 阢<_ =Bπ =BTL =BJL =BA. 阭<_ =Bπ =B4JL =BJL =BaJL

䧂<49C2 =Bno =Bna =BDY

䧎<49CE =BoA

陨<9668 =BOCK =BOEK =BDEK =BDCK =BoT. 𨹦<28E66 =BOT =BO7K

䧁<49C1 阿<_ =BoJ

䧕<49D5 =BoX. 䧕er :BoXer

䧐<49D0 =Bo7

𨹬<28E6C =Boo =Bg

險<96AA =Boo =BooM

隦<96A6 =BPaY =BPoY

限<_ =BPx =BR =BPLX

䦿<49BF =Bqp =B9P =Bo =BoI =Bol

䦼<49BC =BR =B7R =B3P

埅<57C5 =Br =Bn =Bs

阸<_ =BPz =BFPz

际<_ =BT =BJ =BIJI =BlJl

陕<_ =BT =B9P =Bgp =B9R =B9F

阤<9624 =Bth

阰<9630 =Btt

陲<9672 陣<_ =BtOT =Bo =BI =BoI =BIo

䧒<49D2 =Btx =Bxt

䧀<49C0 =Bt4 =BtA

及<53CA 及<_ =Bx =B =A3

夃<5903 =B7 =Bx =PxJ

䧄<49C4 =Bxo =Bxa

𬯀<2CBC0 =Bxll =BxII

降<_ =Bx4 =Bxqc =Bxt

陉<9649 =BZI =BNH =BHN

附<_ =B1J =BIJ BlJ

陥<_ =BI8 =B18 =BP8 =Bl8 =BlB =BIB =B18 =BPB

𬮿<2CBBF =B2 =Bw2 =Bz =Bwz

䦻<49BB 䦻<_ =B7

阥<_ =B7K

阳<9633 =B8

䦹<49B9 䦹<_ =B+ =Bt

阱<_ 䧆<49C6 =B# =BJI =BJl =BFI =BFl =BU

阽<963D =Bot =Bto =B-Key. 院<_ =BJL =Bn =Bπ

𨺊<28E8A 𨺐<28E90 =BOT. 𨹎<28E4E 陴<9674 =Bot

  • Also see: B/b.

glyphs/l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which starts-with "B", also appears-as (or looks-like) number "8", so also check: B/8-(CJK) , B/8.


Some CJK characters/l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) may look-like any of these Latin/English characters: capital-le比er "B" or number "8". Such are shown in this section. Look & interpretation also depends on position of the l追ature (or d追raph/tr追raph) inside a word & font's glyph & font-size.

明<_ 明<660E =8A =BA. 晴<FA12 =8A =BA =83EA =B3EA

炚<_ =8A =BA =8K =BK

猒<7312 =8At =BAt

是<_ 是<662F =BAE =8AE

㬚<3B1A =8AX =BAX

㿢<3FE2 =8A8 =BAB =8AB =BA8

𣅅<23145 =8B =BB

昅<6605 =8Bx =BBx

昛<661B =8Co =BCo =8Ce =BCe

昂<_ 昂<6602 =8CP =BCP

昡<6621 㫓<3AD3 =8E =BE

昨<_ 昨<6628 =8E =BE =8'E =B'E

皅<7685 =8e =Be

㫝<3ADD =8EE =BEE

旰<65F0 旰<_ 旿<65FF =8F =8T =BF =BT

昕<_ 昕<6615 =8FT =BFT

㪽<3ABD 㪽<_ =8FT =BFT =87T =B7T

皈<7688 昄<6604 =8Fx =BFx

昴<6634 =8gp =Bgp

㫒<3AD2 =8H =BH

㫑<3AD1 劰<52B0 勄<52C4 𠡎<2084E =8h =Bh

旺<_ 旺<65FA =BE =8E =BI =8I =83E =B3E

昖<6616 =BII4 =8II4 =Bll4 =8ll4

昮<662E =BIr =8Ir

昻<663B =BIP =8IP

旴<_ =8J =8F =8T =BJ =BF =BT =83F =B3F

旬<65EC 的<7684 时<_ 时<65F6 旬<_ 旳<65F3 =BJ =8J

㰬<3C2C =BJT =8JT =BJhA =8JhA

昰<6630 =BLE =8LE

癿<767F =BL =8L

刯<522F 𠛣<206E3 =8lJ =8IJ =BlJ =BIJ =8Y =BY

皉<7689 =8ltt =Bltt =8itt =Bitt

㼔<3F14 =8M =BM

晬<666C =8MT =BMT

㫟<3ADF 昭<_ =8OY =BOY =8no =Bno =8DY =BDY =8na =Bna

煦<7166 昫<662B =8oJ =BoJ

曔<66D4 娿<5A3F =8oJX =BoJX

𣉸<23278 =8o2 =8a2 =Bo2 =Ba2 =8oZ =8aZ =BoZ =BaZ

昈<6608 =8P =BP

𣇉<231C9 =8Pa =8Po =BPa =BPo

昤<6624 =8P =BP =8AP =BAP

昵<_ 昵<6635 =8Pt =BPt

㬖<3B16 =8PXA =8PXo =BPXA =BPXo

㬆<3B06 =8R8 =BRB =8RB =BR8 =8Pt8 =BPtB =8PtB =BPt8

晠<6660 晟<665F =8PX =BPX. 㫰<3AF0 =8Px =8R =BPx =BR

旯<65EF 旯<_ =8r =Br

晐<6650 =8ST =BST

早<65E9 早<_ 旪<65EA =8T =BT =8+ =B+. 㫔<3AD4 㫐<3AD0 =8t =Bt

緜<7DDD =8TE =BTE =8E =BE =8ETJ =BETJ

卽<537D =8tP =BtP =8CP =BCP

毑<6BD1 =8th =Bth

皍<768D =8tp =Btp =tp8 =tpB

昆<_ 昆<6606 =Btt =8tt

昢<6622 =BWW =8WW =8EE =BEE

㫞<3ADE =8wx =Bwx

旼<65FC 敀<6540 晈<6648 昸<6638 旻<65FB 妟<599F =BX =8X


暀<_ =B1E =81E =BiE =81I =B1I =813E =B13E

𣅗<23157 =82 =8Z

皑<7691 =Bz =8z =8wz =Bwz

㬠<3B20 =83X =B3X

晇<6647 =85 =B5 =8A5 =BA5 =8S =BS =8AS =BAS. 𣅙<23159 =85 =8S =B5 =BS

㝀<3740 䪩<4AA9 昑<6611 㫗<3AD7 𤽀<24F40 =87 =B7 =8A7 =BA7

昹<6639 =87K =B7K

昍<660D 㿟<3FDF 昌<660C 昌<_ 晅<6645 㫜<3ADC 䪭<4AAD =88 =BB =8B =B8

㫀<3AC0 =88FT =BBFT

㫬<3AEC =88J =BBJ =B8J =8BJ

皛<769B 晶<6676 晿<667F =888 =BBB

𣊭<232AD =8888 =BBBB

㫥<3AE5 =89A =89o =B9A =B9o

晼<667C =89c =B9c =89e =B9e

昳<6633 =89F =B9F

映<6620 暎<668E =89P =B9P =8gp =Bgp =8oR =BoR

旪<_ =8+ =B+


望<671B =CA =CAI =CAE =CA3E

肓<8093 =CA. 吂<5402 =CO =CA

ꥢ<A962 =ca

ퟐ<D7D0 =CA =_CA

邙<9099 =CB

朚<671A =CBA =C8A

ㄸ<1104 =CC =cc, Hangul Jamo Choseng Ssangtikeut

ퟍ<D7CD =cc =_cc

뜻<B73B =CCA =CC/A

땨<B568 =CCF

땻<B57B =CCFA

땯<B56F =CCFC

떁<B581 =CCFE

땮<B56E =CCFLo

땼<B57C =CCFM

땽<B57D =CCFO


때<B54C 때<_ =CCH

땟<B55F =CCHA

땥<B565 =CCHE

땐<B550 =CCHL

땠<B560 =CCHM

땡<B561 땜<B55C =CCHO

띠<B760 =CCI =CCl

띳<B773 =CCIA =CClA

띧<B767 =CCIC =CClC

띹<B779 =CCIE =CClE

띤<B764 =CCIL =CClL

띴<B774 =CCIM =CClM

띵<B775 =CCIO =CClO

띱<B77 =CCIU =CClU

띶<B776 =CCIZ =CClZ =CCIK =CClK

뜬<B72C 뜬<_ =CC/L =CCL

떼<_ =CClI =CCII =CCll

뜼<B73C 뜠<B720 =CCM =CC/M

뜽<B73D =CCO =CC/O

뚜<B69C =CCT

뛰<B6F0 =CCTI =CCTl =CCT|

뚠<B6A0 =CCTL

뚸<B6B8 =CCTl

ퟎ<D7CE =ccu =_ccu

뜰<_ =CC/2 =CC2

巨<5DE8 =Ce =Co

듵<_ =C/E =CE

ퟔ<D7D4 =CE =_CE

䢹<48B9 =CeB =CoB

邼<90BC =CEB =CIB =[EB =[IB =C3EB

劻<_ =CEh =CIh =C+h =[Eh =[Ih =C3Eh

乬<4E6C =Cez =Coz

댜<B31C 댜<_ =CF

댯<B32F =CFA

댣<B323 =CFC

댵<B335 =CFE

댠<B320 =CFL

댰<B330 =CFM

댱<B331 댬<B32C =CFO =CFD

댲<B332 =CFZ =CFK

댤<B324 =CF2

대<B300 대<_ 대<_ =CH

댓<B313 댓<_ =CHA

댇<B307 =CHC

댙<B319 =CHE

댄<B304 =CHL

댔<B314 =CHM

댕<B315 댐<B310 =CHO =CHD

댖<B316 =CHZ =CHK

匄<5304 乐<4E50 =CJ

디<B514 디<_ =CI

딧<B527 =CIA

딛<B51B =CIC

딤<B524 =CID

딭<B52D =CIE

创<521B 创<_ =clJ =cIJ =elJ =eIJ =cY =eY

딘<B518 =CIL

딚<B51A =CILo

딨<B528 딨<_ =CIM

딩<B529 딩<_ 당<_ 딤<B524 =ClO =CID

딥<B52A =CIU

딦<B52A =CIUA

딪<B52A =CIZ =CIK

딜<B51C =CI2 =CIZ

忘<5FD8 =CL =CILI =ClLl =CIUI =ClUl

든<B4E0 든<_ =C/L =CL

더<B354 =Cl =CI

덧<B367 =ClA

덛<B35B =ClC

덤<B364 =ClD

덭<B36D =ClE

데<B370 데<_ =ClI =CII =Cll

뎃<B383 =ClIA =CIIA =CllA

덷<B377 =ClIC =CIIC =CllC

뎀<B380 =ClID =CIID =CllD

뎉<B389 =ClIE =CIIE =CllE

덴<B374 =ClIL =CIIL =CllL

뎄<B384 =ClIM =CIIM =CllM

뎅<B385 =ClIO =CIIO =CllO

뎁<B381 =ClIU =CIIU =CllU

뎆<B386 =ClIZ =CIIZ =CllZ =ClIK =CIIK =CllK

델<B378 =ClI2 =CII2 =Cll2 =ClIZ =CIIZ =CllZ

던<B358 =ClL

덚<B35A =ClLo

덨<B368 =ClM

덩<B369 =ClO

덥<B365 =ClU

덦<B366 =ClUA

덪<B36A =ClZ =ClK

딜<B3 =Cl2 =ClZ

ꏳ<A3F3 =Co

ꥠ<A960 =co

叵<53F5 笸<7B38 =Co

尀<5C00 尀<_ =CoJ

등<B4F1 등<_ =C/O =CO

卬<536C 𠨑<20A11 =CP. 䒢<44A2 =cp =Hcp. T卬 :TCP

氓<6C13 =CR =CPt. 氓Y :CRY

鸧<9E27 =cS =eS =AcS

두<B450 두<_ =CT. 㠵<3835 =CT =Cnr

さ<_ =ct =dt =C+ =+c. ざ<_ =ct" =dt" =C+" =+c"

匜<_ =Cth =[th

뒤<B4A4 =CTI =CT|













둔<B454 =CTL. 둬< =CTl

둬<B46C =CTl

둿<B47F =CTlA =CTAl

뒅<B485 =CTlE =CTEl

뒈<B488 =CTlI =CTII =CTll






뒀<B480 =CTlM =CTMl

뒁<B481 =CTlO =CTOl

둽<B47D =CTlU =CTUl

둾<B47E =CTlUA =CTUAl

뒂<B482 =CTlZ =CTZl =CTlK =CTKl

둤<B464 =CTM =C/M =CM

ꥡ<A961 =cu

ퟏ<D7CF =cu =_cu

戉<6209 戉<_ 戗<6217 =CX

鸥<9E25 =CXS =[XS

ꥣ<A963 =cz

ᇋ<11CB =C2

들<_ =C/2 =C2

ᄗ<1117 ᇊ<11CA =C7

ꏹ<A3F9 =C+ =[+

ꄡ<A121 =C]

듀<_ =Cπ =C/π

  • Also see: C/c.


Some CJK based glyphs/symb히s/l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) look-like (or appear-as) starting-with both "D" and/or "O", such are shown+listed in this section. CJK based glyphs which definitely look-like only "d" or "D" is shown in a different section (in below): d/D-(CJK). And CJK based glyphs which definitely look-like only "O" (oh) or "o" is shown in another different section: O/o-(CJK).

肙<7155 =oA =De =Coe =DA

剈<5248 =oAIJ =oAY =oAlJ

ꥰ<A970 =oc =DC

먀<BA00 =DF =0F

먓<BA13 =DFA =0FA

먇<BA07 =DFC =0FC

먙<BA19 =DFE =0FE

먄<BA04 =DFL =0FL

먔<BA14 =DFM =0FM

먕<BA15 =DFO =0FO

매<B9E4 애<_ =DH =0H

맨<B9E8 =DHL =0HL

告<_ =DHF =DIF =DA =HcA =Hco

맹<_ 행<_ =DHO =0HO

미<BBF8 이<_ =DI =Dl =OI =Ol


밑<BC11 =DIE =OIE =DlE =OlE =01E

밎<BC0E =DIK =DIZ =OIK =OIZ =DlK =DlZ =01K =01Z

민<BBFC 인<_ =DIL =OIL =DlL =OlL =01L

밌<BC0C =DIM =OIM =DlM =OlM =01M

ퟞ<D7DE =DL =_DL =OL =_OL

⾜<2F9C 足<_ =olt =olE =oAt =oAE =Dlt =DlE =DAt =DAE =lE =lt =lot =At =AE =Aot =AtO


叧<53E7 =on =Dn =oTJ =DTJ

別<5225 =onlJ =onIJ =onY =oslJ =osIJ =osY

ퟠ<D7E0 =DD =_DD =OO =_OO

喣<55A3 =DoJ =OoJ

另<53E6 =or =Dr =otJ =DtJ

别<522B =orlJ =orIJ =orY

무<_ 우<_ =DT =OT

㰨<3C28 =oT =ohA =RT =RhA

뭐<_ 워<_ =DTl =OTl

묻<_ =DTC =OTC =D/C =O/C

勋<52CB =DTh =OTh =DEKh =DCKh =OEKh =OCKh

문<_ =DTL =OTL =D/L =O/L

岧<5CA7 =DYE =wno =wnD. 岩<5CA9 =DYE =wG =wTD =wTo =wTA

若<_ =DYI =TO =TA =G

号<53F7 =o5 =oS =D5 =DS

뮤<_ =Dπ =D/π =Oπ =O/π


CJK based glyphs which definitely look-like (starting-with) "d" or "D" are shown in this section, and, glyphs which look-like both "D" or "O" are shown in a different section d/D-(CJK) (in above). And CJK based glyphs which definitely look-like only "O" (oh) or "o" is shown in another different section: O/o-(CJK).

煕<7155 熙<7199 𤋮<_ =De =Coe

𤋮<_ =DZ =D2 =De =Coe

よ<3088 =dt =ot

あ<3042 ぁ<3041 =dtb =tvo =ovt =tdx =dtx

お<304A =dtb` =dts` =tvo` =ovt` =dto` =tdb` =tds` =tdo`

め<3081 =dx =db


玥<73A5 玬<73AC 珘<73D8 琑<7411 绡<7EE1 㺬<3EAC 𤣿<248FF =EA

朗<_ 朗<6717 =eA. 飤<98E4 =eA. 朗<F929 =eA =exA =PxA

餄<9904 =ea =eo. 琂<7402 =Ea =Eo

틋<D2CB =E/A =EA

㻚<3EDA 珊<_ 绷<7EF7 =EAO =EAA =EITO =EMO =E-Fence

𤥶<24976 =EAB

瑐<7450 䌃<4303 =EAlJ =EAIJ =EAY

绐<7ED0 紿<7D3F 珨<73E8 =EAo =Ea =Eo =E4a =E4o

𦁸<26078 =Eap =Eop =EAap =EAop

瓍<74CD =EBiA

氖<6C16 =EBl

级<7EA7 級<7D1A =EB =EBx =EA3

饊<994A =eAX =euAX =

钬<_ =EA =EY =EK

郎<90CE 级<_ 級<_ 蓈<84C8 =EB =eB =EBx =ETB =ETBx. 郎<F92C =eB =PxB. W郎 :WeB

㺲<3EB2 纽<_ =EB =E8

䋪<42EA =EBoJ

玱<73B1 =Ec =EAc. 𦀴<26034 =Ec =EHC

튿<D2BF =E/C =EC

岊<_ =ECB =EC8 =eW =We

玈<7388 =ECF

䋌<42CC =ECo =ECe

𬍛<2C35B =ECJ =E9

䋐<42D0 =ECX. 𤥑<24951 =ECX

틈<D2C8 =E/D =ED

绍<7ECD 紹<7D39 玿<73BF =EDY =EOY =Eno =Ena

氏<6C0F ⽒<2F52 =EE. 丝<4E1D 丝<_ =EE, 玹<73B9 =EE. 玆<7386 兹<5179 =EE. 氐<6C10 䍕<4355 =E,E =EE. D氏P :DEEP

纥<7EA5 =EE =Ez. 𤤴<24934 =EE

ꥹ<A979 =EE =^EE

紦<7D26 =Ee

飵<98F5 =eE =eF =e'E =e'F

틑<D2D1 =E/E =EE

𤨡<24A21 =EeA

邸<90B8 =EEB =E,EB

紙<_ 䬫<4B2B 𤧹<249F9 =EEE =ETEE =EIEE =eEE

玸<73B8 =EeJ

鸱<9E31 鸱<_ =EES =E,ES. B鸱 :BEES

帋<5E0B =EET

㪆<3A86 =EEx =EEtx =E,Ex =E,Etx

昏<660F =EE8 =EEB

玝<739D =EF =E'F =E9F =EqF =E7F =E'7F, R玝ER :REFER

탸<D0F8 玕<7395 纡<7EA1 玣<73A3 =EF =ET =E7F, B玕S :BETS

玗<7397 =EF =EJ =ET =E3F, D玕 :DEF

飦<98E6 =eF =eT

턋<D10B =EFA


绻<7EFB =EFc =Etc =EYc

턈<D108 =EFD

턑<D112 =EFE


탾<D0FE =EFLo

턌<D10C =EFM

턍<D10D =EFO

㻈<3EC8 =EFo =EFa =EFA

瑊<744A =EFox

䌅<4305 =EFPo =EFDo =EFPa =EFDa

紤<7D24 =EFT

턉<D109 =EFU

䭖<4B56 =eFu

턊<D10A =EFUA

珬<73EC =EFX

玻<73BB =EFx

飯<98EF =eFx

턎<D10E =EFZ =EFK

턀<D100 =EF2 =EFZ

绾<7EFE 綰<7DB0 館<9928 琯<742F 䌣<4323 =Eg =eg =EB =eB

玛<739B =Eg =E9 =ES

䭉<4B49 =eGA =eA

𦀡<26021 =EGo =EGa =E6o =E6a =E36o =E36a

珋<_ =Egp =EYP =E9P =EqP

珋<73CB 飹<98F9 =Egp =egp =EYP =eYP =E9P =e9P =Eqp =eqp

瑡<7461 =EgIP =EglP =EgTITp =EglTP

태<D0DC 태<_ 택<_ =EH

幼<5E7C 幼<_ 糼<7CFC 䊵<42B5 =Eh. 玏<738F =Eh =3Eh. 勆<52C6 勆<_ =eh


䊻<42BB =EhA =ET

䌋<430B =EHAo =EA =Ea =Eo

탣<D0E3 =EHC


탵<D0F5 =EHE

탠<D0E0 =EHL

탢<D0E2 =EHLo

탰<D0F0 =EHM

珗<_ =EHn

탱<D0F1 =EHO

珈<73C8 =EhO =EhA



탲<D0F2 =EHZ =EHK

탤<D0E4 =EH2 =EHZ

玒<7392 红<7EA2 紅<7D05 =EI, V玒L :VEIL

토<_ =EI =HM =WH

티<D2F0 =EI

팃<D303 =EIA

틷<D2F7 =EIC

팀<D300 =EID

팉<D309 =EIE

䭀<4B40 =eiA =eiFl

缒<7F12 =Eig. 䭔<4B54 =eig

玐<7390 䋉<42C9 =EII =Ell

䍀<4340 =EIIK =EllK =EIlK

玜<739C =EII4 =EIIa =Ell4 =Ella

㺫<3EAB =EIJ =ElJ =EY

剆<5246 =eIJ =elJ =eY

刉<5209 =EIJ =ElJ =EY. 𤤾<2493E =EiJ

班<_ =EIJE =ElJE =EYE

틴<D2F4 =EIL

틶<D2F6 =EILo

팄<D304 =EIM

팅<D305 =EIO

𦄁<26101 =EiPx =EiR =EiRx =EiPLX =EiRLx

팁<D301 =EIU

팂<D302 =EIUA

⾧<_ =E/IX =EIX =Fx =ELX =ECF =ECP

팆<D306 =EIZ =EIK

틸<D2F8 =EI2 =EIZ

琏<740F =Ei4

𥿣<25FE3 =EI5 =EIS

琎<740E =Ei#

幻<5E7B 幻<_ 玎<738E 约<_ 玓<7393 䒛<449B =EJ. S幻 :SEJ :Says

糽<7CFD 約<_ 紵<7D35 =EJ =ETJ =EIJ

包<5305 包<_ 炰<70B0 =eJ =2J

㒫<34AB =EJL =EJC =En =FJL =FJC =Fn =ETL =ETC

玔<7394 =EJll =EJII =EJIL

乣<4E63 糺<7CFA =EL. 玌<738C 乿<4E7F =EL. T乣 :TEL. D玌 :DEL

튼<D2BC =E/L =EL

튾<D2BE =E/Lo =ELo

터<D130 타<D0C0 =El

텃<D143 =ElA

턷<D137 =ElC

텀<D140 =ElD

텉<D149 =ElE

䋊<42CA 䌉<4309 =ElE. 㺼<3EBC 琁<7401 㻄<3EC4 =ElE =EAE

테<D14C 테<_ =ElI =Ell =EII

텔<_ =ElI2 =ElIZ =EII2 =E112 =Ell2

턴<D134 =ElL

턶<D136 =ElLo

텄<D144 =EFM

텅<D145 =ElO

䊼<42BC =Elt

玼<73BC 紪<7D2A =Eltt =Eitt

텁<D141 =ElU

玴<73B4 绁<7EC1 紲<7D32 𤤙<24919 =ELU =ETLU =EILU =EtU =EItU

텂<D142 =ElUA

䭎<4B4E =eLUT =etuT =eLU7K =etu7K

⻑<2ED1 ⾧<2FA7 =ELX =ETX =ETF =EIF

䬮<4B2E =eLX. 𤤳<24933 =ELX

继<7EE7 =EL* =EL+ =ELt =ELY =ELX

텆<D146 =ElZ =ElK

털<D138 =El2 =ElZ

纵<7EB5 =EM. 𩛃<296C3 =eM

틌<D2CC =E/M =EM

㻜<3EDC 緃<7DC3 =EMlt =Elt =EMAt =EAt

綷<7DB7 琗<7417 =EMT =EM+

玩<_ =En =EJL

䬰<4B30 =ena =eno

㱼<3C7C 㱼<_ 䬦<4B26 =enx =exn

织<7EC7 𥿗<25FD7 =Eo =ER

틍<D2CD 통<_ =EO =E/O

绢<7EE2 緭<7DED 琄<7404 =EoA. 䬼<4B3C =eoA

䭂<4B42 =eoe

珵<73F5 =EoE =EoI =Eo3E

玽<73BD =EoJ =EpJ =E'oJ =E'pJ. 珂<73C2 䋍<42CD =EoJ =EpJ. 飼<_ 䬲<4B32 =eoJ =epJ

綺<_ =EoJ =EtoJ =EtToJ =EtIoJ =EItoJ

㻤<3EE4 =EoJ =EHoJ. 璥<_ =EoJX =EpJX

琼<_ =EoJ =Eo

䌞<431E =Eoo =EooM =EAooM

㻍<3ECD =EoT =Eo7F =Eo3F

緎<7DCE 琙<7419 =EoX

印<5370 =EP. 䋆<42C6 却<_ =EP. DE印 :DEEP, S印T :SEPT

珒<73D2 =EP

即<5373 即<_ =eP. 節<_ =ep. R即 :ReP

即<_ =eP. 玲<73B2 玲<F9AD =Ep =E2 =EAP =EA2

珺<73FA 瑲<7472 =EPA =EPo

編<_ =ePAO =EIPAO. 䭏<4B4F =ePA =ePAO =eP-bars

繝<7E5D =EPAg =EPA9

䌟<431F =EPaY =EPoY


𦁺<2607A =EPg =EP9

䌪<432A 𦄞<2611E =EPog =EPo9 =Epg =EP9

㻕<_ =EPww =EPEE

𤤗<24917 铌<_ 𥿡<25FE1 =EPt =ttPt =tEPt

琅<7405 珢<73E2 =EPx =EPLx =ER. 䬶<4B36 =ePx =ePLx =eR

𤧅<249C5 =EP#

䋇<42C7 玦<73A6 䊽<42BD =ER

𥁒<25052 =Er

䬨<4B28 =erJ

珉<73C9 䋋<42CB =ER =EPt. P珉 :PER

瑉<7449 =ER8 =ERB

紣<7D23 =Ert =Er+

𤣻<248FB =Erx

孧<5B67 =Er7 =En7

絯<7D6F =EST =E9T. 䬵<4B35 =eST

玡<73A1 =EST =ESJ


玶<73B6 =ET

㺴<3EB4 =Et

䊶<42B6 =Eth. 现<73B0 =ET =ETh =ETL

㺵<3EB5 㺵<_ =ET =EA =EhA. 欴<6B34 㰝<3C1D =eT =eA =ehA

琐<7410 =ET

飾<_ =eT =eTp =eITp =elTp, B飾 :BeT

투<D22C 투<_ =ET

𩛷<296F7 =eTa =eTo =e7Fa =e7Fo

䋳<42F3 =EtA =EA

琇<_ =ETB =ETKB

絁<7D41 =Eth

튀<D280 튀<_ =ETI

튓<D293 =ETIA =ETAI

튇<D287 =ETIC =ETCI

튐<D290 =ETID =ETDI

튙<D299 =ETIE =ETEI


튄<D284 =ETIL =ETLI

튆<D286 =ETILo =ETLoI

튔<D294 =ETIM =ETMI

튕<D295 =ETIO =ETOI

튑<D291 =ETIU =ETUI



튈<D288 =ETI2 =ETIZ =ET2I =ETZI

툰<D230 =ETL

퉈<D248 =ETl

퉛<D25B =ETlA =ETAl

퉏<D24F =ETlC =ETCl

퉘<D258 =ETlD =ETDl

퉡<D261 =ETlE =ETEl

퉤<D264 =ETlI =ETll =ETII

퉌<D24C =ETlL =ETLl

퉎<D24E =ETlLo =ETLol

퉜<D25C =ETlM =ETMl

퉝<D25D =ETlO =ETOl

퉙<D259 =ETlU =ETUl

퉚<D25A =ETlUA =ETUAl

퉞<D25E =ETlZ =ETlK =ETZl =ETKl

퉐<D250 =ETl2 =ETlZ =ET2l =ETZl

퉀<D240 =ETM

绠<7EE0 =ETox, D绠 :DeTox

玭<73AD 紕<7D15 =Ett. 𬘭<2C62D =Ett

瑎<744E =Ett8 =EttB

纯<7EAF 𤤀<24900 =EtUL =EtwL

純<7D14 =Et =EtU =EIt =EItU =EItW =ETt =ETtU =ETtW

珑<73D1 紱<7D31 =Etx =EFx

线<_ =Etx =EX

球<_ =Etx =EJX =EJK =EXJ =EXT

琜<741C 䋱<42F1 =ETX =EXT

珛<73DB =EtA =EA

纮<7EAE 紘<7D18 =Et4 =EtA =Eta

缂<7F02 緙<7DD9 =EUOT =EU9e

틉<D2C9 =E/U =EU


璜<749C =EUTO

氙<6C19 =EWl

岊<5C8A =ew =ECB

玫<73AB 玟<739F 纹<7EB9 紋<7D0B 紁<7D01 珳<73F3 =EX. 珓<73D3 =Ex =EAX. 𤥃<24943 =Ex. 㩿<3A7F =EX =zX. 终<7EC8 =EX =EX=. 㺳<3EB3 =Ex =Etx

攺<653A 餀<9900 =ex =eX. 𩚔<29694 =ex

緕<7DD5 =EXA

珞<73DE 络<7EDC 珞<F917 =Exo =Exa

絡<_ =Exo =EIxo =ExIo =ETxo =ExTo

餎<990E =exo

琒<7412 =ExE

绦<7EE6 経<7D4C =EXT =EX+- =EX±

䋂<42C2 綫<_ =Exx =EIxx =ExIx =ETxx =ExTx

経<_ =Ex+- =Ext =EIx+- =EIx± =ExI+- =ExI± =ETx+- =ETx± =ExT+- =ExT±

絴<7D74 =EY =EYE. 珜<73DC 锌<_ =EY =ttY =tEY =EYF. 䬺<4B3A =eY

玖<7396 =EZ =E2. 𤦧<249A7 =Ez =EHZ

틎<D2CE =E/Z =EZ =E/K =EK

玘<7398 纪<7EAA 紀<7D00 䋟<42DF 䋟<_ 䬣<4B23 =E2 =EZ

틀<D2C0 =E/2 =E2 =E/Z =EZ


珔<73D4 =E17 =EI7 =El7

珩<73E9 =E1J =EIJ =ElJ

瑽<_ =E1lt =E1Mlt =EIlt =EIMlt

𤣱<248F1 =E2 =EZ

𦀻<2603B =E2X =EZX

珰<73F0 =E3

㻏<3 =E3 =E3A

珽<73FD =E3E =E3xE

纠<7EA0 糾<7CFE =ELI =E4 =EU =EY. 㺨<3EA8 =E4 =EA. 㺩<3EA9 =E4 =ELI =EY. R纠C :RELIC

㻆<3EC6 =E4A. 珆<73C6 珆<_ =E4a =E4o =EAa =EAo

㺹<3EB9 =E4H =EAH

𦀏<2600F =E4X =EYX

玙<7399 㺮<3EAE 䊸<42B8 =E5 =ES. B玙T :BEST

㺭<3EAD 玪<73AA =E7 =EA7

䊷<42B7 䌶<4336 =E7t =E7J

珀<73C0 䋎<42CE =E8 =EB

琩<7429 =E88 =EBB

绚<7EDA 珣<73E3 =E8J =EBJ

瑅<7445 =E8lE =E8IE =EBlE =EBIE

绵<7EF5 綿<7DBF =E8T =EBT

緄<7DC4 琨<7428 =E8tt =EBtt

瑆<_ =E8E =EBE

琝<741D =E8X =EBX

璘<_ 繗<7E57 =E94 =E*94

紻<7D3B 绬<7EEC 䬬<4B2C =E9P =E9R =Egp =EgR =EoR =EHgp =EH9P

𤦩<249A9 =E+

𤣰<248F0 =E+- =Et

結<_ =E+-o =E±o =Eo =E+-To =E±To =ET+-o =ET±o =E+-Io =E±Io =EI+-o =EI±o =Eto

紶<7D36 珐<73D0 =E+-a =E±a =E4 =E+-4 =E±4 =Eta =Et4 =EFL =ELF

理<_ =Eo =EHo =EoH

珅<73C5 玾<73BE =Eo =EoI =EoH

玷<73B7 =E-key =Eto =Eot =Eta =Eat. 䬯<4B2F =e-key =eto =eot =eta =eto

縊<_ =E-Home =ET-Home =EI-Home =EX-Fence =E-Fence =E-pantheon

既<_ =e9L =eIIn =eLTn

㻂<3EC2 =E#

  • Also see: E/e.


抈<6288 捎<634E 㧇<39C7 =FA

掤<63A4 =FAA

挪<632A 挪<_ =FAB

厑<5391 厑<_ =FAt =At =FPt =Pt =FOt =Ot

扖<_ =FA =FY

揃<63C3 擶<64F6 =FAIJ =FAlJ =FAY


搬<642C =FAnx =FArx

𢈈<22208 =FAo =FAa

掵<63B5 =FAP =FOP

撤<64A4 撒<6492 =FAX

𢫃<22AC3 =FAY =FA4 =FOY =FO4 =FPY =FP4

䢴<9097 =FB =TB

扔<6254 扔<_ 疓<_ =FB

邘<9098 =FB =JB =3FB

邦<_ =FB =TB =JB =3EB

撱<64B1 =FBA =FBGA

扱<6271 扱<_ =FBx =FA3

挅<6305 =FB =FB7K

卮<536E 抢<62A2 =Fc. Brie卮ase :BrieFcase

拒<62D2 =FCo =FCe

抑<6291 抑<_ =FCP

牤<7264 =FC

抠<62A0 =FCx =F[x

唐<5510 =FDA =FPA =FDo =FPo

招<_ =FDY =FOY =Fno =Fna

㕄<3544 㕄<_ 扢<6262 扢<_ 扥<6265 托<6258 托<_ 疙<_ 拃<62C3 拃<_ 㸲<3E32 =FE =F'E. 拕<62D5 㸰<3E30 =FE =Ft

疟<759F =FE =FC

巵<5DF5 巵<_ 把<_ 筢<7B62 =Fe. 把<628A 㸭<3E2D =Fe

𢲩<22CA9 =FEBx

𢲲<22CB2 =FeB

扺<627A 扺<_ 牴<7274 㡳<3873 抵<62B5 疧<_ 底<_ 抵<62B5 撰<64B0 撧<64A7 厎<538E 㡳<3873 =FEE. 扺T :FEET

捪<636A =FEE8 =FEEB

拗<62D7 =FEh

抝<629D =FEJ

抱<62B1 菢<_ =FeJ =F2J

𢯜<22BDC =FEl

𢵰<22D70 =FEa =FEo =FEAo =FEAa

揤<63E4 擳<64F3 揤<_ =FeP

𢭑<22B51 =FER

揿<63FF =FET =FEhA

抃<6283 疜<_ 扜<_ 扞<_ =FF =FT

扼<_ =FFC =FFe

扟<_ =FFl =FA =FTl

㧨<39E8 㸸<3E38 =FFo =FFA

折<6298 折<_ 拞<_ =FFT =Fh

报<62A5 报<_ 掓<6393 扳<6273 =FFx =FFX

拓<62D3 拓<FA02 =FG =F6

捾<637E 㢂<3882 =Fg =FB. 㧰<39F0 =Fg =F9 =FCJ

㩡<3A61 =FGGG =F666

㧕<39D5 =Fgp =F9P

扐<6250 扏<624F 扏<_ 扐<_ 厉<_ 牞<725E =Fh =Fr

拁<62C1 拁<_ =FhA =FhO =FrA =FrO

𢳠<22CE0 =FHAH =FAH

𢯓<22BD3 =FHe

拋<62CB 抛<629B 抛<_ =Fhh

揓<_ =Fhth =Frth

扛<625B 扛<_ 疘<_ =FiJ =TlJ =FlJ =FIJ =TIJ

㧟<39DF =FiC

搥<6425 搥<_ =Fig =FiB

応<_ =FILI =FlLl =FL

排<_ =FII =Fll =FJI =FJF =F3E. Fahrenheit Temperature ThermoMeter Scale

刋<520B 刋<_ 刊<520A 刊<_ =FIJ =TIJ =FlJ =TlJ =FY =TY

扪<626A =FIJ =FlJ =FI'J =Fl'J

挝<631D 挝<_ =Fit =FiJ =TlJ =FlJ =FIJ =TIJ

𢭯<22B6F =FiR

挞<631E =Fit. 尻o扯 :ProFit, 尻o挞 :ProFit

𢭽<22B7D =FiT =FiTh =FiTL

拭<_ =FIt

辰<8FB0 辰<F971 ⾠<2FA0 =FIX =FTX

唇<5 =FIXa =FTXa =FIXo =FTXo

戒<_ =FIX =AX =JIX =HX

𢫚<22ADA =FI5 =FIS

打<6253 打<_ 㡰<3870 厅<_ 扚<_ 疔<_ 疛<_ =FJ

𢭭<22B6D =FKt =FK+- =PKt =PK+-

烕<_ =FKX =FTX

扎<624E 扎<_ =FL

症<75C7 =FLE =Flt

掟<639F =FLE =FAE =Flt


刋<520B 刊<520A =FlJ =FIJ =FY =TlJ =TIJ =TY

𢭴<22B74 =FlR =FIR =PlR =PIR

扯<626F =Flt

掯<63AF =FLtA =FA

㧗<39D7 =Fltt

𣦆<23986 =FltTox =FltT9xe =FltTgxe

抴<62B4 抴<_ =FLU =Ftu

拟<62DF =FLX

𗎥<173A5 =Flx =FIx

抓<6293 抓<_ 㧓<39D3 搲<6432 =FM

㧿<39FF =FMAt =FAt =Flt =FMlt =FAAAt

瘁<7601 捽<637D =FMT

菮<83EE 疦<75A6 =FR

抗<6297 抗<_ =Fn

招<62DB =Fno =FDY

投<6295 投<_ =Fnx =Frx

段<_ =FnFx =FrFx

挆<6306 =Fn7K =FnT

扣<6263 扣<_ 筘<7B58 =FO =FA

后<540E 抧<62A7 =Fo. 后r :For, IN后 :INFO

拾<62FE =Fo =FAo

捐<6350 =FoA

郈<90C8 =FoB =FAB

挹<6339 邫<90AB =Foe =Eoe =Fe

厛<_ =FpFT =FPFT =FoFT

揜<63DC =FoH =FAOH

劶<52B6 劶<_ 劶<_ =Foh =Fph =Fah =FAh

抲<62B2 拘<62D8 抲<_ 牱<7271 𢱏<22C4F =FoJ =FaJ. 掎<638E =FoJ =FtoJ

擏<64CF =FoJX

捉<6349 =FoLE =FoAE =Folt =FoAt

捛<635B =Foo

撿<64BF =FooM =Foo

撣<64A3 =FoooT =FooT

拐<62D0 箉<7B89 =For =Fon


𢭻<22B7B =FOT =FPT =FAT =FOhA =FPhA =FAhA. 𢬢<22B22 =FOT =FOTP

咸<54B8 箴<7BB4 𤷇<24DC7 =FoX =FpX. 掝<639D 掝<_ 摑<6451 =FoX. 咸 :FoX

㰹<3C39 =FoXT =FoXhA

揊<63CA =Foo

垕<_ =Fo+-

护<62A4 护<_ =FP

疖<_ =FP =FTJ

掮<63AE 㨝<3A1D =FPA

撊<648A =FPAg =FPA9

擗<64D7 =FPAY =FPoY

捤<6364 =FPE =FP3E

捫<636B 捫<_ =FPg

撋<648B =FPIg =FP3Eg =FPI9 =FP3E9

捃<6343 =FPo =FPA. 搶<_ 搶<6436 =FPo =FPA

𢵱<22D71 =FPAg =FPA9

㨭<3A2D =FPoe

挶<6336 =FPoJ

掶<63B6 =FFR

抳<62B3 抳<_ 捩<6369 =FPt

拫<62EB =FPx =FR =FPLx =FRx

𢴖<22D16 =FPXo =FPXa

㧖<39D6 =FPz

択<629E 抉<6289 =FR

撈<6488 捞<635E 𢭐<22B50 =Fr =Fs =FAAr =Fkkr =FHr =Fwr

㨉<3A09 =FR8 =FRB =FPt8 =FPtB. 捓<6353 =FRB =FSJB =FSTB

庚<5E9A =FR. 抿<62BF 䆢<41A2 =FR =FPt

鹒<9E52 =FRS

捣<6363 捣<_ =FS =FwS

㧡<39E1 =FST

斤<65A4 斤<_ 厈<5388 厈<_ ⽄<2F44 =FT =FF. SO斤 :SOFT

疕<_ =Ft =FTL =FE. 厇<_ =FT =FTL =FE

岸<_ =FT =WFT

庆<_ =FT =FA

牝<725D 牡<7261 =Ft =F+-


邤<90A4 邱<_ =FTB =FIB =6B =GB =hB. 指<6307 =Ft8 =FtB

郉<_ =FFB =AB =FTB

扡<6261 扡<_ 拖<62D6 牠<7260 㸱<3E31 =Fth

劤<52A4 劤<_ =FTh =hh

斦<_ =FTFT =hh

𢫄<22AC4 =FtL =FIL =FlL

批<6279 批<_ 疪<_ =Ftt

揩<63E9 =Ftt8 =FttB

欣<_ =FTT =FIT =FThA

撄<6484 =FTTX

抜<_ 庞<_ =FTx =Ftx =Fix

指<_ =FtB =Ft8

㧄<39C4 =FU

庶<5EB6 =FU =Fu

㫂<3AC2 =FuFT =FUh


庹<5EB9 =FUR =FR

鹧<9E67 =FuS

席<5E2D 席<_ =FUT =FT

度<5EA6 度<_ 度<FA01 =FUX =Fx

𢇢<221E2 =FW

反<53CD 反<_ 戌<620C 戌<_ 戍<_ 戎<_ 我<_ 皮<_ 牧<7267 挍<630D 抆<6286 扠<6260 扙<6259 叔<53D4 㽴<3F74 =FX =Fx

㪀<3A80 =FX =TX =3FX. 攼<653C =FX =TX =7FX

㡲<3872 叐<53D0 友<_ =Fx =Tx

㨈<3A08 =FXA

掷<63B7 掷<_ =FXB

挌<630C 揢<63E2 =Fxo =Fxa

厗<5397 =FY =FY7F. 㧃<39C3 =F4 =FY =FLI

搠<6420 =FYA =FYWA

𢩧<22A67 =FZ

抸<62B8 抸<_ =FZ =FTZ

摍<644D =F18 =FIB =FlB =Fl8 =FI8

拊<62CA =F1J =FlJ =FIJ =F1t =Flt =FIt

掖<6396 =F1X =FlX =FIX

抱<_ =F2J =FeJ

𢭮<22B6E =F2X

扫<626B 挡<6321 =F3

挦<6326 =F3J

払<_ =F4 =FA. 㸨<3E28 =F4 =FLI =FY

㨢<3A21 =F4tAt =FAtFAt

抅<6285 =F4J =FaJ =FAJ

扝<625D 扝<_ 疞<759E 𢇡<221E1 =F5 =FS. 挎<630E =F5 =FA5 =FS =FAS

疗<_ =F7. 扲<6272 =F7 =FA7

掹<63B9 =F7

掇<6387 =F7777

㧐<39D0 =F7X =FXX

拍<62CD 牳<7273 挴<6334 拇<62C7 担<62C5 =F8 =FB

擝<64DD =F8A =FBA

提<63D0 =F8LE =FBLE =F8AE =FBAE

㧦<39E6 =F8J =FBJ

掍<638D =F8tt =FBtt

捥<6365 =F9c =F9e

挒<6312 挒<_ =F9IJ =F9lJ =F9Y

抰<62B0 =F9P =F9P =FgR =Fgp

牡<_ 扗<6257 扗<_ =F+- =Ft

特<_ 持<_ =F+-J =F±J =FtJ

掸<63B8 =FOT =FYOT

捜<635C =FOX

拈<62C8 =Fto =Fot =Fta =Fat =F-key

  • Also see: F/f.


CJK symb히s which definitely look-like latin/english "G" or "g", are shown in this section. And, small-le比er "g" also look like number "9" or "q", so (CJK) symb히s which look-like any of the le比er or number: "g" & "q" & "9", are shown in another/next "g/q/9-(CJK)" section, and some (CJK) symb히s which look-like both "G" & "6", are also shown in another/next section: "G/6-(CJK)".

骈<9A88 =gA =SA =9A

驼<9A7C =gE =SE =9E. 𫠊<2B80A =gE =SE =9E

驻<9A7B =gE =SE =9E =gI =SI =9I

驹<9A79 =goJ =SoJ =9oJ

骋<9A8B =go5 =So5 =9o5 =905

驴<9A74 =gP =SP =9P

骗<9A97 =gPAA =SPAA =9PAA

𫘝<2B61D =gR =SR =9R

帥<5E25 師<5E2B 帥<_ 篩<7BE9 ⾩<2FA9 =gT =BT =gIP =gt =g+

驮<9A6E =gt =St =9t

驰<9A70 =gth =Sth =9th

峊<5CCA =gw

驭<9A6D =gX =SX =9X

骆<9A86 =gxo =Sxo =gox =Sox =9xo =9ox =gxA =SxA =gAx =SAx =9xA =9Ax

骍<9A8D 嶭<5DAD =gY =SY =9Y

骊<9A8A =g00 =goo =S00 =Soo =900

驲<9A72 =g8 =S8 =98 =gB =SB =9B


Some CJK based symb히s, glyphs or l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) may look-like or appear-as starting with small-le比er "g" or "q" or "S" or number-"9", such are shown+listed in this section.

知<77E5 =9EO =gEA =gEO =9EA =KA =KO

失<5931 =9F =gF

卯<536F 笷<7B37 丣<4E23 戼<623C 峁<5CC1 卵<5375 卵<F91C =9P =gp =yp =qp, Ma卯ie :MagPie, 卯M :9PM

㤻<393B =gpu =gpL =9PU =9PL

孵<5B75 =gp7 =9p7 =qp7

乮<4E6E =gpz =9PZ =qpz

央<592E 㬰<3B30 =9P =gp =9R =gR =oR

史<_ =9xP =gxp =qxp


Some (CJK) glyphs/l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which display (latin/english look-alike) capital-le比er "G", those often also look-like number "6", this section showing such l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs). And CJK glyphs which look-like small-le比er "g", those also look-like number "9" or le比er "q", those are shown in a different section g/q/9-(CJK).

砃<7803 矾<77FE 硝<785D =GA =6A =ToA =TpA

硼<787C 磞<78DE =GAA =6AA =GWAA =6WAA

𥑬<2546C =GAA =6AA =G00 =GOO =600 =6OO


䃑<40D1 =GAnx =GA

揅<63C5 =GA =GAJ =GA3E =6A =6AJ =6A3E

䂙<4099 䂙<_ =GB =6B =ToB =TaB

砐<7810 =GBx =6Bx

硭<786D =Gc =GHC

𥑭<2546D =GCe =GCo

砾<783E =Gcj =Gct =6cj =6ct =G9 =69

砸<7838 =GCT =6CT =GCIP =6CIP =G[T =G[IP

矺<77FA 砣<7823 矻<77FB =GE =6E =ToE

砥<7825 =GEE =6EE. 𥔵<25535 =GEE =GHEE

碈<7888 =GEE8 =GEEB

礠<7920 =GEE =GEEL

䂶<40B6 =GEh

䂻<40BB =GEIX

矸<77F8 =GF =6F =ToF. 𥑃<25443 =GF =GTF

䃩<40E9 =GFIX =6FIX

碱<78B1 =GFox =GFpx =6Fox =6Fpx. 䃭<40ED =GFoxL

磄<78C4 =GFPA =GFPo =GFDA =GFDo

𥓷<254F7 =GFR =6FR

斫<65AB 斫<_ =6FT =GFT =ToFT

破<_ =GFx =6Fx =ToFx =TpFx

砳<7833 =GG =66

磊<78CA 磊<F947 =GGG =666

码<7801 =Gg =6g =G9 =69

𥐧<25427 =GH

劯<52AF =Gh =Gr =GtJ

𥑆<25446 =GhA =GrA =6hA =6rA =GhO =GrO =6hO =6rO

𥕊<2554A =GHAH =GAH =GH =6HAH =6AH =6H

矼<77FC 砼<783C =GI =6I =ToI =GAI =6AI

磓<78D3 =Gig =6ig =GiB =6iB

矵<77F5 =GIJ =6IJ =GlJ =6lJ =GY

鿎<9FCE =Git =6it


矴<77F4 =6J =GJ =ToJ

礎<790E =GlE =6lE =GiE =6iE,

砋<780B =6lt =Glt =GIt =6It

𬒔<2C494 =GltA

䂣<40A3 =6ltt =Gltt =GItt =6Itt

碟<789F =GLUT =6LUT =GtUT =6tUT

碎<788E =GMT =6MT

𣩸<23A78 =GMT9E =6MT9E

砊<780A =Gn =6n

留<F9CD =Gn =Gno

砓<7813 =Gnx =6nx

硆<7846 䂴<40B4 =Go =Ga =6o =6a =GAo =6Ao

砢<7822 =GoJ =6oJ

𥓅<254C5 =Goo =6oo =600

礆<7906 =Goo =Goom =6oo =6oom

䂸<40B8 =GoX =6oX

碿<78BF =GPA =6PA

礀<7900 =GPAg =6PAg =GPA9 =6PA9

礔<7914 =GPAY =GPoY =6PAY =6PoY

䃹<40F9 =GP9 =Gpg =GPtog

䂥<40A5 屔<5C54 屔<_ =GPt =6Pt =GR =6R =FTPt

硍<784D =GPx =6Px =GRx =6Rx

砨<7828 =GPz =6Pz

磵<78F5 =GP8g =GPBg =6P8g =6PBg =GP89 =GPB9

砄<7804 𥐮<2542E =GR =6R =G7P =67P =G7R =67R

砕<7815 =Grt =6rt =Gr+ =6r+

砑<7811 =GSJ =GST =GR =6SJ =6ST =6R

硋<784B =GST =6ST

碲<78B2 =GT =6T =GIP =6IP

䂗<4097 =Gt =6t =Gat =Got =Tat =Tot

砚<781A =GTh =6Th =GTL =6TL

砤<7824 𥐨<25428 =Gth =6th

𥒅<25485 =GTOX =GTgxe =GT9xe =6TOX =6Tgxe =6T9xe

砒<7812 磇<78C7 =Gtt =6tt =Gxtt =6xtt =Gott =6ott

𥒦<254A6 =Gtth =6tth

䃈<40C8 =Gtt8 =GttB =6tt8 =6ttB

砘<7818 =GtuL =GtwL =6tuL =6twL

䂾<40BE =Gtx =Gxt =6tx =6xt

䃟<40DF =GuAX =GAX =GHAX =6uAX =6AX =6HAX

础<7840 =Gww =6ww =GEE =6EE

砇<7807 䂘<4098 =GX =6X. 砹<7839 䂢<40A2 䂭<40AD =Gx =6x =GHX =6HX =Gx= =6x=

硌<784C 碦<78A6 =Gxo =Gox =6xo =6ox =GxA =GAx =6xA =6Ax

唘<5518 =GXA =GXo =6XA =6Xo. 䀾<403E =GX =6X

䂚<409A =GXX =6XX

㐏<340F =GZ =6Z =36Z

砭<782D =Gz =6z =GTZ =6TZ =G2 =62. 乭<4E6D =Gz =6z

硁<7841 =GZI =GIZ =6ZI =6IG =GHN =6HN

䂤<4 =G1t =G1J =Glt =GlJ =GIt =GIJ

𥐦<25426 =G2 =GZ =62 =6Z

硙<7859 =G2 =GZ =62 =6Z =GW2 =GWZ

硟<785F =G3lE =63lE =G3IE =63IE =G3iE =63iE

矷<77F7 䂛<409B =G7 =67 =To7

砶<7836 碹<78B9 =G8 =GB

礘<7918 =G8EE =GBEE =68EE =6BEE

䃂<40C2 =G8tt =GBtt =68tt =6Btt

矽<77FD =G9 =69 =To9

矶<_ =6π =Gπ =Toπ =GJL. 矹<_ =6π =Gπ =Toπ =GTL

䃁<40C1 =G+

砧<7827 =G-Key =6-Key =To-Key =Tp-Key =Gto =Got =6to =6ot =Gta =6ta =Go =Ga


加<52A0 加<_ 訄<8A04 =hA =ho =hO

欠<6B20 ⽋<2F4B =hA =T

饸<9978 =hALA =hALO

を<3092 =hc =thc =tc =txc

鳩<9CE9 =he =hs =he5

㞬<37AC 㞬<_ =HE =WI

馔<9994 =heeL#

贡<8D21 =HEK =HCK

饩<9969 =hELl

ん<_ =hi =hu =lu =lv

か<304B か<_ =hi

ꒄ<A484 =HJ

劜<529C 劜<_ 劜<_ 劜<_ =hL =rL. ⻠<2EE0 =hL

斻<_ =hn

ꀞ<A01E =HO

鸠<9E20 =hS

施<_ =hth

馓<9993 =huLAX

ꀠ<A020 =HW

饳<9973 =hWLW

艾<_ =HX =X

旭<65ED 旭<_ =h8 =hB

㞁<3781 =h8t =hBt

ꆿ<A1BF =H|

  • Also see: H/h.


l追atures/symb히s/glyphs (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which definitely look-like starting with small-le比er "i" or capital-le比er "I" (i), such are shown/listed here in this section. And, glyphs which may look-like any of (capital-le比er) "I" (i) or (small-le比er) "l" (el/L) or (number) "1" (one) or (small-le比er) "i" etc, those are shown below in next/another section: "Either-I/l/1-(CJK)".

巩<5DE9 茿<833F =IA

迌<8FCC 䢎<488E 㳉<3CC9 逍<900D 诮<8BEE 消<6D88 浵<6D75 =iA

淜<6DDC 漰<6F30 =iAA =iwAA

认<8BA4 込<_ 汄<6C44 =iA =iY

淝<6DDD =iAe

㴯<3D2F =iAt8 =iAtB

㴨<3D28 =iAX

𣵴<23D74 =iA7 =iAA7 =iO7 =iOA7 =iP7 =iPA7

𣾿<23FBF =iAoIF =iPoIF =iOoIF

邛<909B 辸<8FB8 𣱽<23C7D =IB =iB

㧭<3 =IB =IB3E =IBT =IBJ

泐<6CD0 =iBh

䢫<48AB =iBGA =iBA

瀡<7021 =iBiA =iBGiA

𣾂<23F82 =iBtt8 =iBttB

﨤<_ 汲<6C72 =iBx =iT3x

㳱<3CF1 =iB8

汇<6C47 氾<_ 氾<6C3E 沧<6CA7 汒<6C52 =iC

迎<8FCE =iCP

讴<_ 泧<6CE7 沤<6CA4 =iCX

讬<_ 讫<_ 讬<_ 泫<6CEB 迄<_ 汜<_ 汜<6C5C 汔<_ 沱<6CB1 汔<6C54 汑<6C51 =iE =ie. 迋<_ =i3E =iI =iE. 疋<_ 正<_ =lE =iE =LE

诈<_ 迮<8FEF=iE

𣼽<23F3D =ieA

𨖅<28585 =ieB

诋<8BCB 䢑<4891 诎<8BCE 滋<6ECB 泜<6CDC 汦<6C66 =iEE

涽<6DBD =iEE8 =iEEB

泑<6CD1 =iEh

泡<6CE1 =ieJ =i2J

卸<_ 瀄<7004 =iEP

𤀽<2403D =iEtoJ

𤃠<240E0 =iEx =iEMX

汴<6C74 许<_ =iF

讯<_ 迅<_ =iFl =iA =iTl

诟<8BDF 逅<9005 湁<6E41 洉<6D09 =iFo =iFa. Tr诟ld :TriFold

𣴜<23D1C =iFE

诉<_ =iFF

减<51CF 减<_ 減<_ 𫍯<2B36F =iFoX

䜣<_ 近<_ 沂<6C82 =iFT =ih

遮<906E 㵂<3D42 =iFU

返<_ 䢕<4895 淑<6DD1 汳<6C73 㳚<3CDA =iFx

㓈<34C8 沰<6CB0 =iG =i6 =iTA =iTo. 㳓<3CD3 =iG =i6 =ita =ito

追<8FFD 逭<902D 䨨<4A28 =ig =iB

冯<51AF =ig =i9 =iS. B冯 :Big

𣷮<23DEE =iGH =i6H

泖<6CD6 =igp =i9P =iyp

䢩<48A9 =iGoX =i36oX

䢠<48A0 =iH =iAH. 㳤<3CE4 =iH

功<529F 功<_ 迈<_ 边<_ 氿<_ 氿<6C3F =Ih =ih

漩<6F29 =ihlE =inlE =ihiE =ihiE

迦<8FE6 =iho =iro

泇<6CC7 =ihO =ihA =iro =irA

湤<6E64 =ihth

㳦<3CE6 诫<_ =iHX =iFiX

讧<8BA7 冮<51AE 江<_ 江<6C5F =iI. Tr讧ce :TriIce

㳩<3CE9 㴂<3D02 =iIA

𣷯<23DEF =iiFT

𣻇<23EC7 =iiPx =iiR =iiRx =iiPLx =iiRLx

鸿<9E3F =iIS =IS

㳠<3CE0 㳲<3CF2 =iit. 㳡<3CE1 =iit =iiJ

谘<8C18 =iiTa =iiTo

谜<8C1C =ii*

卫<536B =IJ =P

订<8BA2 㓅<34C5 过<_ 汀<_ 汋<6C4B 汀<6C40 =iJ

讥<_ =iJL =iA

湚<6E5A =iJEAL

训<_ 汌<6C4C =iJll =iJII =iJIl

洲<6D32 =iJN =iJII =iJll =iM

溰<6EB0 =iKOIE =iKDIE

汃<6C43 =ill =iII

诽<8BFD =ill =iII =i3E

证<8BC1 泟<6CDF =ilE

㓚<34DA =IlJ =IY

㳐<3CD0 =iIL =ilL

浊<6D4A =iLo =ioL =i9e =ige

渱<6E31 =iLoI =ioLI =i9eI =igeI

迣<8FE3 泄<6CC4 =iLU =itu. 䢡<48A1 =iLU =itu =iLU7K =itu7K =iLUT =ituT

沚<6C9A =ilt. 淽<6DFD 鿊<9FCA =ilt =iHlt

泚<6CDA =iltt. 𣸆<23E06 =iltt =iHltt

渋<6E0B =ilt =iltx =ilt><

泤<6CE4 =iLX =iLY

讷<_ =ilYJ =ilAJ =ilTJ =iAJ

沠<6CA0 溛<6E9B 泒<6CD2 =im =iM

诬<8BEC =iMI =iIM

鹀<9E40 =IMS =MIS

谇<8C07 淬<6DEC 𨔊<2850A =iMT

远<_ =in =ir

沿<6CBF 诏<8BCF =ina =ino =illo

设<_ 没<6CA1 沒<6C92 =inx

识<8BC6 䢔<4894 𨑕<28455 𣲵<23CB5 迪<_ =iO =iD =iA =io =iAO. 𨑕n :ion

浥<6D6F 㴩<3D29 =ioe

滸<6EF8 =ioF =iaF

溃<6E83 遗<_ 溃<_ 溃<_ =iOEK =iOICK =iO/CK =iBlEK =iBICK

诃<8BC3 词<8BCD 渮<6E2F 泃<6CC3 泀<6CC0 河<6CB3 =ioJ =ipJ

㳭<3CED 误<8BEF 洖<6D16 =ioT =iTo =iOHK =io7F. 㠬<382C =IOT =IO7F =IO3F

㘏<360F =iAt =iot =i8At =iBAt =i8ot =iBot

淢<6DE2 =iox

诡<_ =iPc =iFc

卭<536D =IP. 迉<8FC9 沪<6CAA =iP. 冷<F92E =ip =iAp. L卭 :LIP, 卭v4 :IPv4, 迉hone :iPhone

㴮<3D2E 滄<6EC4 =iPa =iPo

㴫<3D2B =iPaB =iPoB

㵎<3D4E 㴸<3D38 𣾺<23FBA =iPAg =iPA9 =iPg =iP9

潤<6F64 =iPEg =iPIg =iPE9 =iPI9 =iP3Eg =iP3E9

䢢<48A2 =iPo =iAPo

𣼶<23F36 =iPog =iPo9

避<907F 澼<6FBC =iPoY =iPaY

泦<6CE6 =iPr =iPn

迡<8FE1 淚<6DDA 涙<6D99 泥<6CE5 泥<F9E3 =iPt

𣵶<23D76 =iPT =iPhA =iAT =iAhA =iOT =iOhA

潣<6F63 =iP7g =iPxg =iP79 =iPx9

澗<6F97 =iP8g =iPBg =iP89 =iPB9

冺<51BA =iPt =iR

泿<6CFF 浪<F92A 𬣳<2C8F3 =iPx =iR =iPLX =iRx =iRLx

冲<51B2 =iqp =i9P

迟<8FDF 沢<6CA2 浕<6D55 =iR. 决<51B3 决<_ 決<6C7A 诀<8BC0 =iR =i7P. 冺<_ =iR =iPt

笾<7B3E =ir. 氻<6C3B =ih

䅄<4 =Ir1hh =Trhh

㳃<3CC3 =irt =ir+

冴<51B4 迓<_ 讶<_ =iST =iSJ =iR

式<5F0F 式<_ =It =Il

让<8BA9 㲺<3CBA =it. 让<_ 计<_ 计<_ 辻<_ 汁<6C41 达<_ 迏<_ 迍<_ 迖<_ 迗<_ 评<_ 汰<6C70 汱<6C71 汏<6C4F 𨑗<28457 =it =iT. 辻<8FBB =it =i+. 达<8FBE =it. 迂<_ 汙<6C59 =it =iT =i3F. 迀<_ 迁<_ 讦<_ 汘<6C58 汗<6C57 㳄<3CC4 𨑜<2845C 𬇙<2C1D9 =iT =iF =i7F =iTF. 㳄<3CC4 =iT =ihA. 㓆<34C6 =it =iE. H辻 :Hit, H达 :Hit, G让 :Git

𣷓<23DD3 =iTA =iTO =iTP

沏<6C8F =itA =itn

测<6D4B =iTIJ =iTlJ

迆<8FC6 沲<6CB2 池<6C60 =ith. W迆 :With, Fa迆 :Faith, E迆er :Either

𤉠<24260 =iTh =iTL

迼<8FFD 适<_ =iTo =ioT =iOH =iHO

𣳪<23CEA =iTox =iTgxe =iT9xe

沘<6C98 =itt

冹<51B9 =itx

诣<8BE3 =it8 =itB =i8 =iB

湝<6E5D =itt8 =ittB

迠<8FE0 沾<6CBE 𧮪<27BAA =iot =iat =ito =ita =i-key

𣵰<23D70 =ixa =ixo

㲸<3CB8 汣<6C63 泛<6CDB =iTZ =iZ

辿<8FBF 讪<8BAA 汕<6C55 =iW

㴥<3D25 =iWA

㵹<3D79 =iWH8t =iWHBt

溦<6EA6 =iWnX =inX

攻<653B =IX

㲼<3CBC 议<8BAE 这<8FD9 汶<6C76 汷<6C77 汊<6C4A 汉<6C49 㳊<3CCA =iX =ix

洛<6D1B 落<F918 =ixo =ixa

滧<6EE7 =ixX

溞<6E9E =ixoL =iXge =ix9e

㳯<3CEF =iY =iY=

𣷸<23DF8 =iz =iHz

迳<8FF3 泾<6CFE =iZI =iHN =iNH

逦<9026 =i00 =iOO

漎<6F0E =i1Mlt =i1lt

讹<_ 沎<6C8E =i1t =iTt =iIt =ilt

液<6DB2 =i1X =iTX =iIX =ilX

记<8BB0 =i2 =iZ

㓎<34CE 浸<6D78 =i3X

巧<5DE7 巧<_ 迃<_ 污<6C61 窍<7A8D 汅<6C45 =I5 =i5 =IS. 㤍<390D =I5 =IS =I5L =ISL

䢊<488A 辽<_ 汓<6C53 汓<_ 𣱾<23C7E =i7

涰<6DB0 =i7777 =ixxxx

浏<6D4F =i7IJ =iXIJ =i7lJ =iXlJ

冰<_ =i7K

迫<8FEB 泹<6CF9 泊<6CCA 汨<6C68 =i8 =iB

淐<6DD0 =i88 =iBB

溻<6EBB =i833 =iB33

㵿<3D7F =i888 =iBBB

𣷠<23DE0 =i8A =iBA

询<_ =iBJ =i8J

湜<6E5C =i8lE =iBlE =i8AE =iBAE

混<6DF7 =i8tt =iBtt

渂<6E02 =i8x =iBx

汐<6C50 =i9 =i'7

涴<6DB4 =i9c =i9e. 𣸱<23E31 =i9c =i9e =iH9c =iH9e

泱<6CF1 =i9R =i9P =igp

计<8BA1 䢝<489D 𣵾<23D7E =i+

诂<8BC2 =i+a =i+o

迕<8FD5 =i9E =iE =i9F

讲<_ 进<_ =i#

選<_ =i22 =iee#

渭<6E2D =ioA

涄<6D84 =iO5 =iOS


In some CJK based glyph/symb히/l追ature (or d追raph/tr追raph), it looks-like (or it appears-to-be) starting with (capital-le比er) "I" (i) or (small-le比er) "l" (el/L) or (number) "1" (one) or (small-le比er) "t" (T) or (small-le比er) "i", such type of glyphs are shown+listed in this section. Look & interpretation also depends on position of the l追ature (or d追raph/tr追raph) inside a word & font's glyph & font-size.

悄<6084 枬<67AC 枂<6782 梢<68A2 枏<678F 恲<6072 𣏵<233F5 =lA =IA =tA

𢚘<22698 =la =lo =Ia =Io

杁<6741 朲<6732 =lA =IA =lY =IY =tA

㥊<394A 棚<68DA =lAA =IAA

梛<689B =IAB =lAB =tAB. 㮋<3B8B =IAB =lAB =tAB =ItAB =ltAB =ttAB

㭢<3B62 愉<6109 =lAIJ =IAIJ =lAY =IAY =lAlJ =IAlJ =tAIJ =tAlJ =tAY

㮝<3B9D =IaP =laP =IoP =loP =taP =toP

𗁜<1705C =lAt =IAt

㮳<3BB3 悈<6088 =lAX =IAX =lHX =IHX =tAX

𗁑<17051 =lAx =IAx

𣐲<23 =tA4 =tAY =tP4 =tPY =tO4 =tOY =lA4 =lAY =lP4 =lPY =lO4 =lOY =IA4 =IAY =IP4 =IPY =IO4 =IOY

㭁<3B41 𢖱<225B1 =lB =IB =tB

橢<6A62 =lBA =IBA =tBA. 橗<6A57 =l8A =lBA =t8A =tBA =I8A =IBA


忣<5FE3 极<6781 =lB =IB =lBx =IBx

ꏸ<A3F8 =IC =lC

に<_ =lC =IC

と<_ =LC =IC =lC. ど<_ =LC" =IC" =lC"

忙<5FD9 忙<_ 忙<_ 杧<6767 =IC =1C =lC

恾<607E 枪<67AA 怆<6006 𦮝<26B9D =lc =Ic =lHC =IHC =lAC =IAC

恇<_ =lCi =ICi =lCI =ICI =lCE =ICE

怇<6007 怇<_ =lCo =lE =1E =IE =ICo =lCe =ICe

㭚<3B5A =lCF =ICF =tCF

枊<678A 𢗾<225FE =lCP =ICP =tCP

怄<6004 怴<6034 怴<_ =lCX =ICX =l[X =I[X

ꍠ<A360 =IE =lE. ꀘ<A018 =IE =lE

㭃<3B43 怰<6030 忔<5FD4 忔<_ 杚<675A 杔<6754 㤞<391E =lE =IE =tE

怍<600D 怍<_ =1E =1'E =1F =1'F =IF =lF =IE =lE =I'F =l'F =I'E =l'E

正<_ 正<6B63 㱏<3C4F =lE =LE =iE =LTE

疋<758B ⽦<2F66 =lE =AE =At =ATt =lt =lTt

杷<6777 𣏌<233CC =le =Ie =te

樃<6A03 𢠯<2282F =leA =IeA =teA

榔<6994 =leB =IeB =teB

忯<5FEF 怟<601F 忯<_ 𣏚<233DA 柢<67E2 =lEE =IEE =tEE. 䓋<44CB =iEE =HiEE

棔<68D4 惛<60DB =lEE8 =lEEB =IEE8 =IEEB =tEE8 =tEEB

㦏<398F 㯢<3BE2 =lee# =Iee# =tee#

怮<602E 怮<_ 柪<67EA =lEh =IEh =tEh =1Eh

𢞃<22783 𣖘<23598 =lEI =IEI =tEI

怉<6009 枹<67B9 =leJ =IeJ =l2J =I2J =teJ

㯞<3BDE =IEoA =lEoA =tEoA

慉<6149 =lEO =IEO

㱖<3C56 =ltMT

㱒<3C52 =ltpJ =ltoJ =ltaJ

武<_ =lEt =iEt =Ltt =LEt

政<_ =lEX =LEX

忭<5FED =IF =lF. ᆙ<1199 =IF =lF

忤<_ =lF =1F =IF =l7F =I7F =l'F =I'F =l'7F =I'7F

梔<6894 =lFe =IFe =tFe

㤧<3927 =lFo =IFo =lFA =IFA

忻<5FFB 析<6790 =lFT =IFT =lh =Ih =tFT

㤜<391C 㭜<3B5C =lFX =IFX =tFX

柘<67D8 𣖻<235BB =lG =IG =tG. 㤑<3911 =lG =IG =ltA =ItA =lto =Ito

㭒<3B52 桘<6858 杩<6769 悺<60BA =lg =Ig =tg

㮟<3B9F =IGI =IGl =lGI =lGl =tGt

㷗<3DD7 =lge =Ige =Jge

𢣃<228C3 =lGMT =IGMT

桺<687A 柳<67F3 =lgp =Igp =l9p =I9P =tgp =t9P

忇<5FC7 朸<6738 =lh =Ih =th. 朹<6739 =lh =lr =Ih =Ir =th =tr

枷<67B7 =lhO =lhA =IhO =IhA =thO =thA

𣙷<23677 =lHAH =lAH =IHAH =IAH =tHAH =tAH

𣒣<234A3 =lHC =IHC =tHC

𣓋<234CB =lHtt =IHtt =tHtt

械<68B0 =lHX =IHX =tHX

杠<6760 =lI =tI

桏<684F =lIB =tIB

槌<69CC 𢟋<227CB =lig =Iig =tig

𣖗<23597 =liPt =IiPt =tiPt

𢟔<227D4 =liPx =liPx =liR =IiPx =IiPx =IiR

恜<605C =lIT =IIT

㮸<3BB8 =IiX =liX =tiX

リ<_ =lj =ij =IJ. 朾<673E =lj =IJ =tJ. HリACK :HIJACK

り<_ =lj =b. Kilりoy :KillJoy

㣿<38FF 忊<5FCA 刂<5202 =lJ =IJ =Y =l'J =I'J. ⺉<2E89 =lj =IJ =Y. ⻔<2ED4 =l`J =I`J

师<5E08 =lJT =IJT =YT =lJTM =IJTM =YTM. 帅<5E05 =lJT =IJT =YT =lJIP =IJIP =YIP

归<5F52 归<_ =lJ3 =iJ3 =IJ3 =IJE =Y3

怅<6005 怅<_ 枨<67A8 =lK =1K =IK =tK

札<672D =lL =IL =tL

⼼<_ =iLi =lLl =ILI

㋩<_ 八<516B ハ<_ バ<_ パ<_ =ll =II =ll"

怔<6014 怔<_ 怔<_ 柾<67FE =llE =liE =IlE =IiE =lLE =ILE =1lE =1iE =tlE =tLE =tiE

㭣<3B63 =IloJ =IIoJ =lloJ =lIoJ =Il`oJ =II`oJ =ll`oJ =lI`oJ =tloJ =tIoJ =tl`oJ =tI`oJ

杫<676B =lLt =ILt =tLt

怈<6008 怈<_ =lLU =ILU =ltu =Itu

坚<575A =IlX =lIX =IIX =llX

㪔<3A94 =llx =lltx =IIx =IItx =ttx =tttx

枛<679B 柧<67E7 枞<679E =lM =IM =tM

悴<60B4 =lMT =IMT

ꑭ<A46D =IN =lN

𗀰<17030 =ln =In

怊<600A =lno =Ino =lna =Ina

𗐴<17434 =Int =lnt =Tnt

杸<6778 =lnx =Inx =tnx

ꆉ<A189 =IO =lO =I0 =l0

怾<603E 枳<67B3 恰<6070 =lo =Io =lR =IR =to =tR

悁<6081 梋<688B =loA =IoA =toA

𣘄<23604 =loE =IoE =toE =laE =IaE =taE

悒<6092 =loe =Ioe

怐<6010 何<_ =1oJ =loJ =IoJ

怐<_ 柯<67EF 柌<67CC 枸<67B8 =loJ =IoJ =toJ

㯳<3BF3 =IoJX =loJX =toJX =IHoJX =lHoJX =tHoJX

枴<67B4 =lon =Ion =ton

㭭<3 =IonlJ =IonIJ =lonlJ =lonIJ =tonlJ =tonIJ

柺<67FA =lor =Ior =tor

㮙<3B99 愕<6115 =loo5 =Ioo5 =looS =IooS =too5 =tooS

𣖟<2359F =lot =Iot =tot =lat =Iat =tat

悮<60AE =IOT =lOT =IO7F =lO7F

𣒱<234B1 =IOT =lOT =tOT =IPT =lPT =tPT =IAT =lAT =tAT =IOhA =lOhA =tOhA =IPhA =lPhA =tPhA =IAhA =lAhA =tAhA

は<306F =lot =lt =l91 =ldt =Idt. ば<3070

惐<60D0 惐<_ =loX =IoX =1oX

枵<67B5 =lO5 =lOS =IO5 =IOS =tO5 =tOS

枦<67A6 𢗼<225FC =lP =IP =tP

怜<601C 怜<F9AC =lP =IP =lAP =IAP

憪<61AA =lPAg =IPAg =lPA9 =IPA9

㥃<3943 椚<691A =lPg =IPg =lP9 =IP9 =tPg =tP9

桾<687E =lPo =IPo =lPa =IPa =tPo =tPa

𣛣<236E3 =lPAg =IPAg =tPAg =lPA9 =IPA9 =tPA9

怩<6029 怩<_ 柅<67C5 =lPt =1Pt =IPt =tPt

憫<61AB =lPxg =IPxg =lPx9 =IPx9

㭈<3B48 快<5FEB 恨<6068 =lPx =IPx =lR =IR =tR

怋<600B 怋<_ =lR =IR =lPt =IPt =1R =1Pt

憦<61A6 =lr =Ir

忰<5FF0 枠<67A0 =lrt =Irt =lr+ =Ir+ =trt =tr+

㭤<3B64 =lS =IS =1S =tS

㤥<3925 =lST =1ST =IST

𢘝<2261D =lT =IT =lhJ =IhJ

忺<5FFA =lT =1T =IT =lhA =IhA =1hA

忓<5FD3 忏<5FCF 忓<_ 忏<_ =lT =1T =IT =l7F =I7F

け<_ 忕<5FD5 忲<5FF2 枤<67A4 杕<6755 朼<673C =lt =It =lt` =It` =tt

げ<_ =lt" =It"

𢞄<2 =ltFa =ItFa =ltFo =ItFo =l+-Fa =I+-Fa =l+-Fo =I+-Fo

忚<5FDA 忚<_ 柂<67C2 杝<675D 枧<67A7 =lth =1th =Ith =tth. Hea忚 :Health

恻<607B =lTIJ =ITIJ =lTY =ITY

㤦<3926 =ltox =Itox

枇<6787 𢗽<225FD =ltt =Itt =ttt

悂<6082 =ltt+- =Itt+-

恉<6049 =lt8 =ItB

㮖<3B96 =IUOT =lUOT =tUOT =IU9e =lU9e =tU9e

杣<6763 =IW =lW =tW

恺<607A =Iw2 =lw2 =IwZ =lwZ

㣾<38FE 忟<5FDF 权<6743 枚<679A 校<_ 杖<6756 㤏<390F =Ix =lx =tx

𗁕<17055 =lXA =IXA

愘<6118 悋<608B 恪<606A =lxo =Ixo =lxa =Ixa

㮁<3B81 =IxtA =lxtA =IxA =lxA =txtA =txA

𢙵<22675 =lxG =IxG =lx6 =Ix6

㮰<3BB0 =Ixtt =lxtt =txtt =Itt =ltt =ttt

㤊<390A =lxx =Ixx

忆<5FC6 亿<_ =IZ =lZ =1Z =TZ. 杦<6766 𣎷<233B7 =IZ =lZ =tZ. 柉<67C9 =lZ =IZ =tZ =lTZ =ITZ =tTZ

忋<5FCB 杞<675E =l2 =I2 =12 =t2

𢚲<2 𣒵<234B5 =l2X =I2X =12X =t2X =lZX =IZX =1ZX =tZX

档<6863 =l3 =I3 =t3

朻<673B =l4 =I4 =t4 =lLI =ILI =tLI =lY =IY =tY

朽<673D =l5 =I5 =lS =IS =t5 =tS

恗<6057 =l5 =I5 =lA5 =IA5 =lS =IS =lAS =IAS

忴<5FF4 =l7 =I7 =lA7 =IA7

惙<60D9 =l7777 =I7777 =lxxxx =Ixxxx

怕<6015 怛<601B 怕<_ =18 =I8 =l8 =1B =IB =l8

㭿<3B7F =I8CP =IBCP =l8CP =lBCP =t8CP =tBCP

恂<6042 =l8J =I8J =lBJ =IBJ

惃<60C3 =l8tt =I8tt =lBtt =IBtt

㥗<3957 =l8X =I8X =lBX =IBX

怏<600F 柍<67CD =lgR =IgR =tgR =l9R =I9R =t9R =loR =IoR =toR =l9P =I9P =t9P

怞<601E =lO =IO

惮<60EE =lOT =IOT =lYOT =IYOT

惯<60EF =lOT =IOT =lOCK =IOCK

怗<6017 枮<67AE =lto =lta =Ito =Ita =tto =tta =lot =lat =Iot =Iat =tot =tat =I-key =l-key =t-key


邒<9092 =JB. 邘<_ =JB

ꐱ<A431 =JC =CJ

胤<80E4 =JEAL =IEAL =lEAl

ꀮ<A02E =Ji =JI =Jl

川<_ =Jll =lll =III =JII =JIl

氷<6C37 =jK =7K. =JustKidding

儿<513F ⼉<2F09 儿<_ ㄦ<_ ル<_ =JL =IL

朮<_ =JTL

み<_ =Jx =Jt =H

⺢<2EA2 =Jx =xJ =*

㐉<3409 =JZ =TZ

  • Also see: J/j.


炿<70BF 烐<70D0 烿<70FF 焨<7128 =KA

焩<7129 =KAA


邩<90AA 𤆈<24188 =KB

𤆣<241A3 =KBx

炝<709D =Kc =Ke =KAc =KAe

𬉼<2C27C =KCX =KX

灹<7079 炨<70A8 炫<70AB =KE. LI灹 :LIKE

𤆵<241B5 =Ke

炸<70B8 =KE =K'E

炷<70B7 =KE =KI =K3E

𤎜<2439C =KeA

焝<711D =KEE8 =KEEB

㷷<3DF7 =Kee# =Kee

㶭<3DAD =KEh

炮<70AE =KeJ =K'eJ =K2J

𤍑<24351 =KEX

炞<709E =KF =KTF

𤊭<242AD =KFJ

煘<7158 =KFox

炍<708D =KFx. 𤇳<241F3 =KFX

炘<7098 =KFT =Kh

焿<713F =KFR

熫<71AB =KFU

炻<70BB =K6 =KG =KTO =KTa. 𤊤<242A4 =KG =KwG =K6 =Kw6

𤊠<242A0 =KGH =K6H

㶯<3DAF 㶯<_ =KgP =KYP =K9P

㷆<3DC6 =Kgt =Kg+

재<_ =KH =ZH

𤈪<2422A =KHX =KAX

𤈝<2421D =KHX =Kx

㷬<3 =KH8t =KHBt

烦<70E6 =KHCK =KHEK =KT

쟁<_ =KHO =ZHO

灴<7074 =KI

熥<71A5 =KiA

㷟<3DDF =Kig

煺<717A =KiPx =KiPLX =KiP =KiR

灲<7072 =KIJ =KlJ =KY

지<_ =KI =ZI =Kl =Zl =K| =Z|

짓<_ =KIA =ZIA =KlA =ZlA =K|A =Z|A

진<_ =KIL =ZIL =KlL =ZlL

𤆸<241B8 =KILI =KlLl =KL

증<_ 정<_ 침<_ 칭<_ =KIO =ZIO =K/O

집<_ =KIU =ZIU =KlU =ZlU =KIA =ZIA =KlA =ZlA

烒<70D2 =KIt =KIL

𤇤<241E4 =KI5 =KIS

灯<706F 䓎<44CE =KJ

煠<7160 =KLUT =KtuT =KLU7K =Ktu7K

炡<70A1 =KlE

焠<7120 =KMT

炕<7095 𤆤<241A4 =Kn

炤<70A4 =Kno =Kna =KDY =KOY

炈<7088 =Knx

知<_ =KO =KA

𤉘<24258 =Ko =Ka

烚<70DA 焀<7100 𤏧<243E7 =Ko =Ka =KAO =KAa

炽<70BD =Ko =KR

焆<7106 =KoA

豆<8C46 =KOI =KDI

豈<8C48 =KOIE =KDIE

炣<70A3 奇<_ =KoJ

烛<70DB =KoL =KLo =Kge =K9e

焒<7112 =Koo =Koa

㷿<3DFF =Koo =KooM =KAooM =Km =KA

𤑯<2446F =KoolJ =KooIJ =KooY =KooMlJ =KooMIJ =KooMY =KAoolJ =KAooIJ =KAooY =KAooMlJ =KAooMIJ =KAooMY

𤒦<244A6 =KooX =KooMX =KAooMX

炴<70B4 煐<7150 =KoR =K9P =Kgp =KgR =K9R

龦<9FA6 =KOT

𤊨<242A8 =KoX

炉<7089 =KP

熗<7197 𤉙<24259 =KPa =KPo

燗<71D7 =KPAg =KPA9

爛<F91E =Kpg =KP9 =Kpog =KPo9

燜<71DC =KPLg =KPL9

熩<71A9 =KPoe

焗<7117 =KPoJ

𤉚<2425A =KOT =KPT =KAT =KOhA =KPhA =KAhA

煀<7140 =KPww =KPEE

燘<71D8 =KPxg =KPx9 =KP7g =KP79

烺<70FA =KPx =KR =KPLy =KPLX

𤋊<242CA =KP#

炔<7094 烬<70EC =KR =K7R

㶸<3DB8 =Krrr

烗<70D7 =KST =K9T. 𤆹<241B9 =KST =KSJ =KR =K9J

주<_ =KT =ZT

㶥<3DA5 𤇊<241CA =KT =KJ. 烀<70C0 =KTJ =KT =KJ

炊<708A =KT =KhA. 炋<708B =KT =K7F

𤆻<241BB =KtA =Ktn

𤊫<242AB =KtFx

灺<707A 炧<70A7 =Kth. 㶩<3DA9 =KTh =KTL

쥐<_ =KTI =ZTI =KT| =KTl =ZTl

준<_ =KTL =ZTL

𤊩<242A9 =Ktt =Kll =KII

煯<716F =Ktt8 =KttB

炖<7096 =KtuL =KtWL

煂<7142 =KUOT

灿<707F =KW

炪<70AA =KWW =KEE

炆<7086 炇<7087 =KX. 烄<70C4 =Kx =KAX. 烪<70EA =KX =KX=. 𤇼<241FC =Kx. 炵<70B5 =Kx =Kx=

烙<70D9 烙<F916 =Kxa =Kxo

烊<70CA =KY =KYE =K3YE

𤇮<241EE =Kz =KTZ

烃<70C3 =KZI =K2I =KHN =KNH

烆<70C6 =K1J =KIJ =KlJ

𤆷<241B7 =K1t =Klt =KIt

焲<7132 =K1X =KIX =KlX

𤇧<241E7 =K1+- =K1t =Kl+- =Klt =KI+- =KIt

𬊈<2C288 =K3J

炲<70B2 =K4a =K4o =KAa =KAo

焐<7110 =K6a =K6o =KGa =KGo

𤆺<241BA =K7L

炄<7084 =K8 =KB

炟<709F 烜<70DC 𤇢<241E2 =K8 =KB

𤋉<242C9 =K8E =KBE

㶷<3DB7 =K8J =KBJ

焻<713B =K88 =KBB =K8B =KB8

焜<711C =K8tt =KBtt

㶤<3DA4 =K9

燐<71D0 =K94 =K*94

焥<7125 =K9e =K9c

𤊒<24292 =K9JX =K9J =KgJX =KgJ

灶<7076 =K+- =K± =Kt

𤆥<241A5 =K=J

煟<715F =KOA

熡<71A1 =Koox

炶<70B6 =K-key =Kta =Kto

  • Also see: K/k.


CJK based glyphs/symb히s/l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which definitely look-like starting with only (capital-le比er) "L" or (small-le比er) "l" are shown/listed in this section. But some CJK based glyphs of "L" or "l" can also be interpreted as "I" or "1", such are shown in a different section: "Either-I/l/1-(CJK)" , "Either-I/l/1".

ᇈ<11C8 ᇇ<11C7 =LA

늣< =L/A =LA

ᄕ<1115 ᇆ<11C6 =LC

늗<B297 =L/C =LC

늠<B2A0 =L/D =LD

ᇉ<_ ᇉ<11C9 =LE

늩<B2A9 =LE =L/E

政<653F 政<_ =LEX

냐<B0D0 =LF

냣<B0E3 =LFA

냗<B0D7 =LFC

냠<B0E0 =LFD

냩<B0E9 =LFE

냔<B0D4 =LFL

낺<B0D6 =LFLo

냤<B0E4 =LFM

냥<B0E5 =LFO

냡<B0E1 =LFU

냦<B0E6 =LFZ =LFK

냘<B0D8 =LF2 =LFZ

내<B0B4 =LH

냇<B0C7 =LHA


냄<B0C4 =LHD


낸<B0B8 =LHL


냈<B0C8 =LHM =LH

냉<B0C9 =LHO

냅<B0C5 =LHU


낼<B0BC =LH2 =LHZ

니<B2C8 니<_ =LI =Ll

い<3044 い<_ =LI

닛<B2DB =LIA =LlA

닏<B2CF =LIC =LlC

님<B2D8 =LID =LlD

닡<B2E1 =LIE =LlE

닌<B2CC =LIL =LlL. 닌 :LIL :Little

닎<B2CE =LILo =LlLo

닜<B2DC =LIM =LlM. 닜B :LIMB, S닜 :SLIM

닝<B2DD =LIO =LlO

닞<B2DE =LIZ =LIK =LlZ =LlK

닐<B2D0 =LI2 =LIZ =Ll2 =LlZ

ᄔ<1114 =LL. Hangul(Korean) Choseong Ssangnieun

는<B294 =L/L =LL

패<_ =llH =IIH =uH =oH =DH

피<_ =llI =IIl =ul =uI =u| =II|

늖<B296 =L/Lo =LLo

늤<B2A4 =LM =L/M

ᆭ<11AD =Lo

능<B2A5 능<_ =L/O =LO

⾍<2F8D 虫<866B =Lo =oL =ge =9e

蚦<86A6 蚏<868F =LoA =oLA =LA =oA =geA =9eA

虴<8674 =LoE =oLE =LE =oE =geE =9eE

蚆<8686 =Loe =oLe =Le =oe =gee =9ee

蚿<86BF =LoE =oLE =LE =oE =geE =9eE

蚔<8694 =LoEE =oLEE =LEE =oEE =geEE =9eEE

蚴<86B4 =LoEh =oLEh =LEh =oEh =geEh =9eEh

虾<867E =LoF =oLF =LF =oF =geF =9eF

蚂<8682 =Log =LoS =Lo9 =oLg =oLS =oL9 =Lg =LS =L9 =og =oS =o9 =geg =geS =ge9 =9eg =9eS =9e9

蝧<8767 =Logp =oLgp =oL9p =oL9R =Lo9p =gegp =ge9p =ge9R =9egp =9e9p =9e9R

虬<866C =LoL =oLL =LL =oL =geL =9eL

蛌<86CC =LoM =oLM =LM =oM =geM =9eM

蚇<8687 =LoR =oLR =LR =oR =geR =9eR

蚜<869C =LoST =oLST =LoSJ =oLSJ =LST =oST =LSJ =oSJ =geST =geSJ =9eST =9eSJ

蛱<86F1 =LoT =oLT =LT =oT =oL9R =Lo9R =geT =ge9R =gegR =9eT =9e9R =9egR

⻊<2ECA =Lt =Lot =LE =LoE =oLE =oLt

蚍<868D =Lott =oLtt =Ltt =ott =gett =9ett

螥<87A5 =LoPo =LoPa =oLPo =oLPa =LPo =LPa =oPo =oPa =gePa =gePo =9ePa =9ePo

蛘<86D8 =LoY =oLY =LoYE =oLYE =LY =oY =geY =geYE =9eY =9eYE

蚎<868E =Lo8 =oL8 =L8 =o8 =ge8 =geB =9e8 =9eB

누<B204 누<_ =LT. BI누 :BILT, A누 :ALT, MU누I :MULTI, BO누 :BOLT, U누RA :ULTRA, VO누 :VOLT

⽌<2F4C 止<_ 止<6B62 =lt =it =Lt. Bi止 :Bilt, A止 :Alt, U止ra :Ultra, Vo止 :Volt, 止d :Ltd

뉘<B258 =LTI



뉨<B268 =LTID =LTDI

뉱<B271 =LTIE =LTEI


뉞<B25E =LTILo =LTLoI


뉭<B268 =LTIO =LTOI

뉩<B269 =LTIU =LTUI


뉠<B260 =LTI2 =LTIZ =LT2I =LTZI

눈<B208 눈<_ =LTL. 눈 :LTL :Little

눠<B220 =LTl

눳<B233 =LTlA =LTAl

눧<B227 =LTlC =LTCl

눰<B230 =LTlD =LTDl

눹<B239 =LTlE =LTEl

눤<B224 =LTlL =LTLl

눦<B226 =LTlLo =LTLol

눴<B234 =LTlM =LTMl

눵<B235 =LTlO =LTOl

눱<B231 =LTlU =LTUl

눶<B236 =LTlZ =LTlK =LTZl =LTKl

눨<B228 =LTl2 =LTlZ =LT2l =LTZl

눘<B218 =LTM

𣥱<23971 =lttox =ltt9xe =lttgxe

此<_ 此<6B64 些<4E9B =ltt =itt =Ltt

啙<5559 =lttAA =lttoo

㰣<3C23 =lttT =ltthA

㫮<3AEE =ltt8 =lttB

눕<B215 =LTU

뇨<_ =Lu

世<4E16 世<_ 笹<7B39 =LU =tU =tu, B世E :BLUE

늡<B2A1 =L/U =LU

늢<B2A2 =L/UA =LUA

贳<8D33 =LUCK =LUEK =tUCK =tUEK

㰥<3C25 =LUT =LuhA =tuT =tuhA

以<4EE5 以<_ =LX =LY

늦<B2A6 =L/Z =LZ =L/K =LK

じ<3058 =L"

늘<B298 늘<_ =L/2 =L2 =L/Z =LZ

ퟋ<D7CB =L2 =_L2

ᇅ<11C5 ᄓ<1113 =L7

断<65AD 断<_ =LIFT =LTFT =LYFT =L*FT


씃<C503 =MA =M/A

쓷<C4F7 =MC =M/C

씀<C500 =MD =M/D

爬<722C =Me, 爬d :Med

씉<C509 =ME =M/E

爮<722E 瓟<74DF =MeJ

쌰<C330 =MF

썃<C343 =MFA

쌷<C337 =MFC

썀<C340 =MFD

썉<C349 =MFE

쌴<C334 =MFL

쌶<C336 =MFLo

썄<C344 =MFM

썅<C345 =MFO

썆<C346 =MFZ =MFK

쌔<C314 =MH

쌧<C327 =MHA

쌛<C31B =MHC

쌤<C324 =MHD

쌭<C32D =MHE

쌘<C318 =MHL

쌚<C31A =MHLo

쌨<C328 =MHM

쌩<C329 =MHO

쌪<C32A =MHZ =MHK

㰵<3C35 =MhTA

쌤<_ =MHO =MHD

씨<C528 =MI

씻<C53B =MIA

씯<C52F =MIC

씸<C538 =MID

앁<C541 =MIE

씬<C52C =MIL

씮<C52E =MILo

씼<C53C =MIM

씽<C53D =MIO

씾<C53E =MIZ =MIK

瓝<74DD =MJ

쓴<C4F4 =ML =M/L

쓶<C4F6 =MLo =M/Lo

㼌<3F0C =MM

씄<C504 =MM =M/M

𗟻<177FB =Mnt

씅<C505 =MO =M/O

𤓺<244FA =Mt =M+ =M=t =M=+

쒸<C4B8 =MTI



쓈<C4C8 =MTID

쓑<C4D1 =MTIE






㼉<3F09 =Mth =MtL

쒀<C480 =MTl

쒓<C493 =MTlA

쒇<C487 =MTlC

쒐<C490 =MTlD

쒙<C499 =MTlE

쒄<C484 =MTlL

쒆<C486 =MTlLo

쒔<C494 =MTlM

쒕<C495 =MTlO

쒖<C496 =MTlZ =MTlK

씁<C501 =MU =M/U

씂<C502 =MUA =M/UA =AA/UA =AAUA

㸕<3E15 =Mx =MEX. 妥<59A5 =MX. 㼎<3F0E =MX =MAX. 㼏<3F0F =MxM =xM

씆<C506 =MZ =MK =M/Z =M/K

쓸<_ =M2 =M/2

  • Also see: M/m.


𗰢<17C22 =nAt

邟<90A7 邟<909F =nB =rB

ꋐ<A2D0 =NH

劥<52A5 𠠺<2083A =nh =rh

召<53EC =no =na =nA =DY =TJo =TJA

劭<52AD =noh =nph =nah

欩<6B29 =nhoA =noT =rhoA

刟<521F =nolJ =noIJ =noY =nalJ =naIJ =naY

卲<5372 =noP =naP =nAP

兺<517A =not =nat =TJAt =At =ot =nAt

ꎐ<A390 =NI =Nl

ᆔ<1194 ㆌ<_ =nl =n| =nI

ꄌ<A10C =NJ

ꎇ<A387 =NJ =Nt =NtJ

ꈵ<A235 =NK =,K

ꉆ<A246 =NN

ꂚ<A09A ꍸ<A378 =NO | ꊿ<A2BF =NO =ON

ꃥ<A0E5 =NP =NIP =NlP

㰠<3C20 =nT =nhA

ꃮ<A0EE =NU =UN | ꈐ<A210 =NU =NIJ | ꉠ<A260 =UN =Uu | ꊀ<A280 =NU =UN

ꇍ<A1CD =NW

𠘰<20630 =nx. 殳<6BB3 ⽎<2F4E =nx =rx

𗙳<17673 =nxt

ꎱ<A3B1 =N*

  • Also see: N/n.


CJK based glyps/symb히s/l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) which definitely look-like starting-with only le比er-"O" or "o" are shown/listed in this section.

ᅅ<1145 ᇱ<11F1 =OA =0A

ᅃ<1143 =OA =0A. ᇷ<11F7 =oA

읏<C74F =O/A =OA

郘<90D8 =oaB =ooB

鹃<9E43 =oAS

郢<90E2 =oB =oEB =oIB =o3EB

ꀝ<A01D =OB

ᅂ<1142 =OC =0C

읃<C743 =O/C =OC

ᅊ<114A =OE

邑<9091 ⾢<2FA2 =oe. 𤍋<2434B =oE =oz

읕<C755 =O/E =OE

𨛗<286D7 =oeB

𨚼<286BC =oetA =oteA

𤕔<24554 =oEx =oE =o7Ex =o7E

야<C57C 약<_ 먀<BA00 =OF =0F =DF. 햐<D590 =oF

얏<C58F =OFA

얃<C583 =OFC

얌<C58C =OFD

얕<C595 =OFE

얀<C580 =OFL

얂<C582 =OFLo

얐<C590 =OFM

양<C591 =OFO

얍<C58D =OFU

얎<C58E =OFUA

얒<C592 =OFZ =OFK

얄<C584 =OF2

애<C560 애<_ 왜<_ 해<_ =OH =oH =0H. 해<D574 =oH

앳<C573 =OHA

앧<C567 =OHC

앰<C570 =OHD

앹<C579 =OHE

앤<C564 =OHL

앦<C566 =OHLo

앴<C574 =OHM. 했<_ =oHM

앵<C575 =OHO

앱<C571 =OHU

앲<C572 =OHUA

앶<C576 =OHZ =OHK

앨<C568 =OH2

이<C774 이<_ =OI =Ol =O| =01. 히<D788 =oI =ol. 어<C5B4 =Ol

ꋉ<A2C9 =OI =Ol =OH

豇<8C47 =oI

잇<C787 =OIA. 힛<D79B =oIA =olA

읻<C77B =OIC. 힏<D78F =oIC =olC

임<C784 =OID. 힘<D798 =oID =olD

잍<C78D =OIE. 힡<D7A1 =oIE =olE

에<C5D0 에<_ =OII =Oll =OlI =011. 헤<D5E4 =oII =oll =olI

인<C778 =OIL. 힌<D78C =oIL =olL

읺<C77A =OILo. 힎<D78E =oILo =olLo

있<C788 =OIM. 힜<D79C =oIM =olM

잉<C789 =OIO. 힝<D79D =oIO =olO

입<C785 =OIU. 힙<D799 =oIU =olU

잆<C786 =OIUA. 힚<D79A =oIUA =olUA

잊<C78A =OIZ =OIK. 힞<D79E =oIZ =olZ =oIK =olK

일<C77C =OI2. 힐<D790 =oI2 =ol2 =oIZ =olZ

可<_ 可<_ 笴<7B34 =oJ =pJ, BK可 :BKoJ :Because

句<_ =oJ =aJ

邭<90AE =oJB

斪<65AA 斪<_ 㪼<3ABC =oJFT =oJh

鸲<9E32 =oJS

㰤<3C24 =oJT =oJhA

敬<656C =oJX =HoJX. 攲<6532 =oJX =t+oJX. 亟<4E95 =oJX =o7x =o77. 㪃<3A83 =oJx =oJtx

㐓<3413 =oJZ

은<C740 은<_ =OL =O/L

ᇵ<11F5 =oL

証<_ =olE =alE

읂<C742 =O/Lo =OLo

읐<C750 =O/M =OM

ᅇ<1147 ᇮ<11EE ᅇ<_ =OO =oo =00

응<C751 =O/O =OO

㗊<35CA =ooAA =oooo =ooaa =oaoa

䣈<48C8 =ooee =oeoe

骂<9A82 =oog =oo9

㖐<3590 =ooP

斂<6582 =ooX =ooMX =AooMX

㕺<357A =oo5 =ooS

㥐<3950 =op =opL =opu

鹆<9E46 =oS =aS. 鸽<9E3D =oS =aS

우<C6B0 우<_ =OT

㖎<358E =ot =ot-home

𛁏<1B04F =otc =dtc

위<C704 =OTI

윗<C717 =OTIA =OTAI


윔<C714 =OTID =OTDI


윈<C708 =OTIL =OTLI

윊<C70A =OTILo =OTLoI

윘<C718 =OTIM =OTMI

윙<C719 =OTIO =OTOI

윕<C715 =OTIU =OTUI



윌<C70C =OTI2 =OT2I

운<C6B4 =OTL

워<C6CC =OTl

웟<C6DF =OTlA =OTAl

웓<C6D3 =OTlC =OTCl

웜<C6DC =OTlD =OTDl

웥<C6E5 =OTlE =OTEl

웨<C6E8 =OTlI =OTII =OTll

원<C6D0 =OTlL =OTLl

웒<C6D2 =OTlLo =OTLol

웠<C6E0 =OTlM =OTMl

웡<C6E1 =OTlO =OTOl

웝<C6DD =OTlU =OTUl


웢<C6E2 =OTlZ =OTlK =OTZl =OTKl

월<C6D4 =OTl2 =OT2l =OTlZ =OTZl

웄<C6C4 =OTM

웁<C6C1 =OTU

<1144 =OU. ㅮ<316E =ou. ᇸ<11F8 =oU

읍<C74D =O/U =OU

읎<C74E =O/UA =OUA

戓<6213 敨<6568 敁<6541 故<6545 敆<6546 或<6216 㪗<3A97 =oX =ox =otx. T戓ic :Toxic

㰲<3C32 =oXT =oXhA

𠮙<20B99 =OZ. C𠮞Y :COZY

ꑓ<A453 =OZ =oz =0Z

읒<C752 =O/Z =O/K =OZ =OK

ꥶ<A976 =O2

을<C744 을<_ =O/2 =o/z =O2 =OZ

郫<90EB 郸<90F8 =o4B =otB =YoTB

鸮<9E2E =o5S =oSS

豉<8C49 =o+x

  • Also see: O/o.

Some glyphs may look-like or appear-as any of these le比ers or number: "A" or "O" or "0" or "D" or "P", for such see these sections: Either-A/O/0/D/P/o/a-(CJK) , Either-A/O/0/D/P/o/a , 0-(CJK) , 0 , A/a-(CJK) , A/a, d/D-(CJK) , d/D , D/O-(CJK) , D/O , P/p-(CJK) , P/p.


肩<80A9 屑<5C51 =PA



启<542F =PA =Po. 𡰪<21C2A =Po. 屇<5C47 =Po. 㧂<39C2 =Po. 启st :Post. 𡰪lice :Police, 屇wer :Power

閒<9592 開<958B =PAg =PA9

鹛<9E5B =PoS =PAS

郡<90E1 =PAB =PoB

簄<7C04 =Poe

𨛦<286E6 =Paoe =Pooe =Poae


礕<7915 =PaYTo =PoYTo =PoYTa =PAYG =PAY6. 劈<5288 =PoYTJ =PoYn =PAYTJ =PAYn. 㵨<3D68 =PaY7K =PoY7K. 壁<58C1 =PAY =PoY =PoY+- =PAY+-

䴙<4D19 =PaYS =PoYS

創<5275 =PAIJ =PoIJ =PAlJ =PolJ =PAY =PoY

剧<5267 剧<_ =PAIJ =PolJ =P+olJ =PalJ =PoIJ

屙<5C59 =PBoJ

㧀<39C0 =PBx

䣀<48C0 =PcB

戺<623A =Pe. 𢨪<22A2A =Pe. 戺OPLE :PeOPLE, 𢨪OPLE :PeOPLE

㞎<378E =Pe. 㞎t :Pet

焈<7108 =pe =peA

䦳<49B3 =PEeB9 =PEeBg

𣱆<23C46 =PEE

闗<95D7 =PEEg =PEE9

䦍<498D =PEg =PE9. J䦍 :JPEg

䋀<42C0 =PEJ

所<6240 =PFT =Ph

門<9580 ⾨<2FA8 =pg =P9

円<5186 円<_ 内<5185 =P9 =pg

閄<9584 =PgA =PgY =P9A =P9Y

䦒<4992 =PGg =PG9 =PTog =PTo9

䦡<49A1 =Pg9 =Pgg

𡳥<21CE5 =PHMT =P6MT

𡰱<21C31 =PI. 𡰦<21C26 =Pi. 𡰱 :PI, 𡰦 :Pi

炙<_ =Pi

ゆ<_ =PJ =KP =KD =IJO =IOJ =lJO =lOJ =bJ =IP =lP =IJD =lJD

焛<711B =PKg =PK9

㷉<3DC9 =PKt =PKJ

㞑<3791 =PL =PxL

屉<5C49 =PLU =PtU. 屉RAL :PLURAL

⾉<2F89 良<F97C =PLX =Rx =Px

凥<51E5 =Pn. 凥eumonia :Pneumonia, HY凥oTic :HYPnoTic

閌<958C =Png =Po9

君<541B 倉<5009 =Po =Pa =PA

問<554F 問<_ =Pog =Po9 =Poq. ㉄<3244 =Pog =Ppg =Pag =Po9 =Pp9 =Pa9

局<5C40 局<_ =PoJ

屌<5C4C 帬<5E2C =POT. 𢃆<220C6 =PoT =PaT. 屌TERY :POTTERY, Jack屌 :JackPOT

啟<555F 戧<6227 𣘼<2363C =PoX =PaX =PpX

鸤<9E24 =PS

尻<5C3B 㞍<378D =Pr. 尻ofit :Profit

𡲢<21CA2 =Pra =Pro

䦑<4991 =PR9 =PRg =P7R9. 𨳊<28CCA =Prg =Pr9

帍<5E0D 屃<5C43 =PT

尼<5C3C =Pt. Corru尼 :CorruPt

戻<_ =Pt

⺠<2EA0 =Pt =R =Rt =PLt =RLt

𨳍<28CCD =Ptg =Pt9

㦾<39BE =Pth

屁<5C41 =Ptt

㕞<355E =PTX =PITX =PlTX

㞏<378F =PTZ =Pz

㞓<3793 =Pt8 =PtB

屈<_ =Pww =PEE

㞋<378B 叏<53CF =PX =3eX =Px

啓<5553 啔<5554 䏿<43FF =PXA =PXo. 䁈<4048 =PX

𨳦<28CE6 =Pxxg

戹<6239 =Pz

晵<6675 =PX8 =PXB

閏<958F =P3Eg =P3E9 =PEg =PIg =PE9 =PI9

㞌<378C =P7

尿<_ =P7K

昼<663C =P8 =R8 =PB =RB

屎<5C4E =P*

啞<555E =A+ =P+ =O+ =0+

䦕<4995 =P#9 =P#g

  • Also see: P/p.

Some glyphs/l追atures (or d追raphs/tr追raphs) may look-like (or appear-as) any of these le比ers or numbers: "P" or "D" or "O" or "0" or "A", such are shown in other sections: Either-A/O/0/D/P/o/a , Either-A/O/0/D/P/o/a-(CJK)


中<4E2D =qp =op

ꁥ<A065 =qi =qI =ql =9I =9l



CJK scripts use such a pictographic stroked le比er, which resembles to latin half-uncial or insular small-le比er "R", such pictographs & which are similar to latin capital-le比er "R" are shown in this section.

刔<5214 =RIJ =RlJ =RY

刡<5221 =RIJ =RlJ =RY =PtIJ =PtlJ =PtY

勼<52FC =rJ

咫<54AB =Ro =RR. 咫𨹎:RoBot

笳<7B33 叴<53F4 =ro =ra

㖙<3599 =roAt =roat

贺<8D3A =roCK =roEK =roT

䂟<409F =roG =ro6 =roTa =roTo

㤎<390E =ro =roL =rou

㔔<3514 =roo

哿<54FF =rooJ

驾<9A7E =rog =ro9

妿<59B5 =rox

乫<4E6B =roz

㠰<3830 =ro2 =roZ

劦<52A6 =rrr =tJrr

㐇<3407 =rz

厹<53B9 =r4 =rA

旮<65EE =r8 =rB

𡳤<21CE4 =R8B =RBB =R+-8B =R+-BB

卆<5346 =r+ =rt

  • Also see: R/r.


邬<90AC =SB

도<B3C4 도<_ =Sc =UH =Hn =S

돼<B3FC 돼<_ =ScH =SH =UHH =HnH

됃<B403 =ScHC

됕<B415 =ScHE

됀<B42B =ScHL

됐<B410 됐<_ =ScHM =SHM =ScH

됑<B411 =ScHO

됒<B412 =ScHZ =ScHK

됄<B404 =ScH2

되<B418 되<_ =ScI =Scl =SI =UHI =UHl =HnI =Hnl

됫<B42B =ScIA =SclA

됱<B431 =ScIE =SclE

된<B41C 된<_ =ScIL =SclL =SIL =SlL

됬<B42C =ScIM =SclM

됭<B42D =ScIO =SclO

됮<B42E =ScIZ =SclZ =ScIK =SclK

鸵<9E35 =SE =St

驻<_ =SE =S3E =SI =g3E =gI

牙<7259 笌<7B0C ⽛<2F5B =SF =ST =SJ =9F =R

亥<4EA5 =ST =9T

劾<52BE =STh =9Th

凫<51EB =Sn =nS

鹱<9E71 =Sx =SHX

ꍛ<A35B =s=

ꉖ<A256 =s]

ꑄ<A444 =S° =So =S^o =S-degree

  • Also see: S/s.

The le比er "S" often looks-like number "5", so also check+view "5-(CJK)" section in below, or 5-(NonCJK) in above.


CJK based glyphs which look-like starting-with latin "T" or "t" are shown in this section. Some CJK glyphs which looks-like "T", they also look-like "lP" or "IP".

和<548C 䄴<4134 =TA =TO =TP

帩<5E29 帆<5E06 =TA =IPA

勶<52F6 =TAX =TAX7J

辞<8F9E =TAY =ToY =EAY =EoY =FAY =FoY

䄧<4127 =TB =lB =IB

や<3084 =tb

㠷<3837 =TBx =IPBx =lPBx =PBx

ち<3061 =tb =5 =+b. ぢ<3062 =tb" =5" =+b"

た<305F =tc

だ<3060 =tc"

さ<3055 =tc =+c =ct =c+. ざ<3056 =tc" =+c" =ct" =c+"

な<_ =td =ta =to =td` =ta` =to` =toC

帊<5E0A =Te =IPe

⻐<2ED0 =tE

㣧<38E7 =TEAL =1EAL =iEAL

幯<5E6F =Tep =IPep

㤰<3930 =TEL =TEU

䄾<413E =TFX =lFX =IFX

䄷<4137 祐<FA4F =TG =lG =IG

𥟊<257CA =TGo =TGa =T6o =T6a =T36o =T36a

ᆊ<118A ᆊ<_ =TH

㔓<3513 =Th =Tr

见<89C1 =Th =TL. ⺐<2E90 ⼪<2F2A =th =tL

也<4E5F =th. 也e :the, 也en :then, 也ey :they, 也rough :through, 也in :thin, bir也 :birth, 也is :this, 也at :that, 也ough :though, 也under :thunder

㔹<3539 协<534F =th =ttJ =tr

䅒<4152 =THC =lHC =IHC

乸<4E78 =th8 =thB

左<_ =TI =FI =HY =tbc =bc

竹<7AF9 =TJ =1J ='T'J. 帄<5E04 =TJ =IPJ

筕<7B55 =TJ

せ<305B ぜ<305C 乜<4E5C =tJ =LJ =tJ" =LJ"

账<8D26 帐<5E10 乑<4E51 =TK. ⻓<2ED3 =tK =K

秀<_ =TKB =3TFB =3TFT3

礼<FA18 =TL =zL

幉<5E49 =TLU =Ttu =IPLU =IPtu =PLU =Ptu

ㅝ<315D =Tl. ㅟ<315F =TI =Tl =T|

刌<520C =tlJ =tIJ =tY =JlJ =JIJ =JY

则<5219 =TlJ =TIJ =TY. 厕<5395 =TlJ =TIJ =TY =FTlJ =FTIJ =FTY

ᅰ<_ =Tll =T|| =TII =TlI

䀺<403A 㣠<38E0 䩦<4A66 =TlX =TIX =1lX =1IX =ilX =iIX =TIXUOT

㍽<337D =tlE =tiE

鸩<9E29 =tLS =thS

䄳<4133 =Tlt =lLt =ILt. 祉<FA4D =TLt =zLt

夾<593E =TM

ꏖ<A3D6 =TN

切<5207 =tn =tA. 苆<82C6 =tn =tr =tTJ 窃<7A83 =tn =tr =tTJ

殶<6BB6 =tntx =+ntx =Enx =3Enx. (Transmit/Transfer)

石<_ =TO =G =TA =Fo =FA

帜<5E1C =To =TR =IPo =IPR

帢<5E22 =To =Ta =TAo =TAa =IPo =IPa =IPAo =IPAa

⍕<_ ⏁<_ =TO =To

ꅂ<A142 =TO

䅌<414C ==ToA =loA =IoA

䅓<4153 =ToJX =loJX =IoJX

叓<53D3 㕝<355D =TOX. 吏<540F 吏<F9DE =TOX =T9xP =TgxP. 䄿<413F =TOX =lOX =IOX

敌<654C =ToX =EoX =FoX =3EoX =TpX =EpX =FpX =3EpX

幗<5E57 =ToX =IPox =Pox

㣯<38EF =TPA =1PA =iPA

幈<5E48 =TPA =TP# =IPPA =IPP# =PP#

釈<91C8 赆<8D46 =TR

𛂼<1B0BC =tR

れ<308C =tr =h

㖌<358C =TrAt =Trot

𫝓<2B753 =trx

䴓<4D13 =TS =lpS

ね<306D =ts

わ<308F =to =ts =b =tb

比<6BD4 =tt. ⽐<2F50 =tt. bu比er:butter, A比end :Attend, bi比er :bitter

㠲<3832 =Tt =IPt =lPt =Pt

𣏟<233DF =tt

货<_ =TEK =TtEK =TtCK

䄬<412C =Tth

婴<5A74 =TTX

鹦<9E66 =TTXS

帗<5E17 =TTx =IPTx

㩺<3A7A =ttx =tt+x

皆<7686 =tt8 =ttB

勓<52D3 =tt8h =ttBh

败<8D25 =TX. 來<4F86 來<F92D =TX =XT. 㠽<383D =Tx =IPx =lPx =Px

友<53CB 友<_ 攴<6534 ⽁<2F41 =Tx =Fx

⻰<2EF0 龙<9F99 =tt =tx =txL =tE

赂<8D42 䅂<4142 =TxA =Txo =TAx =Tox

勑<52D1 =TXh =xth

贬<8D2C 乏<4E4F =Tz =TTZ. 𥝎<2574E =TZ

ビ<30D3 ビ<_ =t"

ㄝ<311D =t+ =L+

鸨<9E28 =t+S

厷<53B7 宏<_ =t4 =tA

雄<_ =t4II =t4ll =taII =tall =t4EE =taEE

䄦<4126 =T7 =l7 =I7

帕<5E15 帕<_ =T8 =TB =IP8 =lP8 =IPB =lPB. 旨<65E8 㫖<3AD6 =t8 =tB

帽<5E3D =T8 =TB =T88 =TBB =IP8 =IPB =IP88 =IPBB

切<_ =tA =tTJ =tJJ =tn =t/J

贴<8D34 帖<5E16 =Tot =Tto =T-key

更<66F4 =TOX =9e

  • Also see: T/t.

The small-le比er "t" also looks like "+-" i.e: ± symb히 (when "+" plus is on top of "-" minus), so also see "Other CJK-based symb히s & l追atures & Di-TriGraphs" section in below, and the "Other Symbols (NonCJK)" section in above.


ᄡ<1121 =UA

ᄣ<1123 =UAC

ퟧ<D7E7 =UAC =_UAC

ᄤ<1124 =UAU

ꋳ<A2F3 =UB

邯<90AF =UB

ᄠ<1120 =UC

ퟣ<D7E3 =UC =_UC

ퟥ<D7E5 =UD =_UD =UO =_UO

ᄩ<1129 =UE

븥<BE25 =U/E =UE

ㆇ<3187 ㆇ<_ =uF

뱌<BC4C =UF


뱓<BC53 =UFC

뱥<BC65 =UFE

뱐<BC50 =UFL

뱒<BC52 =UFLo

뱠<BC60 =UFM

뱡<BC61 =UFO

배<BC30 배<_ =UH

ꁂ<A042 =UH =UI =Ul

ᆅ<1185 ㆈ<3188 =uH

뱃<BC43 =UHA

밷<BC37 =UHC

뱉<BC49 =UHE

밴<BC34 =UHL

뱄<BC44 =UHM

뱅<BC45 =UHO

비<BE44 =UI =Ul

ᆈ<1188 ㆉ<3189 =uI =ul =u|

빗<BE57 =UIA =UlA

빋<BE4B =UIC =UlC

빝<BE5D =UIE =UlE

빈<BE48 =UIL =UlL

빊<BE4A =UILo =UlLo

빘<BE58 =UIM =UlM

빙<BE59 =UIO =UlO

빕<BE55 =UIU =UlU

빚<BE5A =UIZ =UlZ =UIK =UlK

ᄟ<111F =UL

ᄥ<1125 =UM =UAA

븠<BE20 =U/M =UM

븡<BE21 =U/O =UO

⾰<2FB0 =UOT =U9eT =UgeT =9e =u9e =ge =uge

䩗<4A57 =UOTA. Q䩗 :QUOTA

鞈<9788 䩧<4A67 =UOTa =UOTo =UOTAO

䩕<4A55 =UOTCP

䩘<4A58 䩙<4A59 =UOTE. 䩐<4A50 =UOTz =UOTE. 䩚<4A5A =UOTEE. Q䩘 :QUOTE

靶<9776 =UOTe


䩲<4A72 =UOTFUX

䩪<4A6A =UOTg

勒<F9F2 =UOTh

䪈<4A88 =UOTig

鞑<9791 =UOTit

䩝<4A5D =UOTM

䩔<4A54 =UOTnx

부<BD80 부<_ =UT =AT

ᙈ<1648 =UT, Ca㎁dꙗn Carrier Dzu

㸟<3E1F =uth8 =uthB











분<BD84 분<_ =UTL

붜<BD9C =UTl

붔<BD94 =UTM

ᄈ<1108 ᄈ<_ =UU, Ssangpieup

ퟦ<D7E6 =uu =_uu

쁫<C06B 뽓<BF53 =UU/A =UUA

쁟<C05F 뽇<BF47 =UU/C =UUC

쁱<C071 뽙<BF59 =UU/E =UUE

뺘<BE98 =UUF









빼<BE7C 빼<_ =UUH =AAH


뺃<BE83 =UUHC

뺕<BB95 =UUHE

㸞<3E1E =uuhh =uunn

뺀<BE80 =UUHL

뺂<BE82 =UUHLo

뺐<BE90 =UUHM

뺑<BE91 =UUHO


삐<C090 =UUI =UUl

삣<C0A3 =UUIA

삗<C097 =UUIC

삩<C0A9 =UUIE

삔<C094 =UUIL

삖<C096 =UUILo

삤<C0A4 =UUIM

삥<C0A5 =UUIO


쁜<C05C 뽄<BF44 쁜<_ =UUL =UU/L

쁬<C06C 뽔<BF54 =UU/M =UUM

ᄬ<_ ꉕ<A255 =UUO. 쁭<C06D 뽕<BF55 =UU/O =UUO


쀠<C020 =UUTI

쀳<C033 =UUTIA

쀧<C027 =UUTIC

쀹<C039 =UUTIE

쀤<C024 =UUTIL

쀦<C026 =UUTILo

쀴<C034 =UUTIM

쀵<C035 =UUTIO



뿨<BFE8 =UUTl


쁮<C06E 뽖<BF56 =UU/Z =UUZ =UU/K =UUK

㪚<3A9A =U8X =UBX

븢<BE22 =U/Z =UZ =U/K =UK

ᇣ<11E3 =U2

ᄞ<111E =U7

ꌤ<A324 =U+

  • Also see: U/u.


岄<5C84 峭<5CED 岍<5C8D 岍<_ 嵴<5D74 崝<5D1D =WA. 岍R :WAR

崳<5D33 =WAIJ =WAlJ =WAY

邖<9096 屷<5C77 =WB

岋<5CDB =WB =WBx =WA3

㟐<37D0 =Wc =WHC

岠<5CA0 =WCe =WCo =W[o =W[e

岇<5C87 =WCP =CP

㞽<37BD 岖<5C96 =WCX

岮<5CAE 屹<5C79 岞<5C9E =WE. 𡵆<21D46 =We. 屹LL :WELL, 𡵆st :West

岜<5C9C =We. 𡵆<21D46 =We

㞴<37B4 岻<5CBB 嵫<5D6B =WEE =WE,E. 岻P :WEEP, 岻K :WEEK

崏<5D0F =WEE8 =WEEB

岰<5CB0 =WEh

嵠<5D60 =WEt =WMEt

岓<5C93 㟁<37C1 𡶨<21DA8 =WFT

岅<5C85 岥<5CA5 =WFx

𡴽<21D3D =Wh. 岴<5CB4 =WFI =Wh. 𡴽o :Who, 岴at :What

嵣<5D63 㟾<37FE =WFPo =WFPa

岴<5CB4 =WG =WGc =W6

峿<5CFF =WGo =WGa =W6o =W6a

㟷<37F7 =WHAA =WHAo =WA =Wa =Wo

𡶐<21D90 =WhA =WhO =WhP

㟿<37FF =WHAH =WH

峅<5CC4 =WH =W4H =WAH. 岎<5C8E =WH =WllTJ =Wlln =WIIn

欪<6B2A =WhWA =WWT

屸<5C78 =WI. 屸LL:WILL

乢<4E62 =WL. BO乢:BOWL

岤<5CA4 崊<5D0A =Wll =WII

崪<5D2A =WMT

屶<5C76 =Wn =WTJ =YE =TJ

岹<5CB9 =Wno =Wna =WDY

峆<5CC6 峪<5CEA 嵱<5D71 =Wo =WAo =Wa =WAa

㞹<37B9 岣<5CA3 =WoJ

嶮<5DAE =Woo =WooM

崿<5D3F =Woo5 =WooS =W5 =WS


岛<5C9B =WS =SW

崢<5D22 =WP =WMP =WTP

峮<5CEE =WPo =WPa =WDo =WDa. 嵢<5D62 崌<5D0C =WPo =WPa

㞾<37BE =WPt


峸<5CF8 =WPX

㞲<37B2 =Wqp =W9P =Wgp

𡵸<21D78 =WR

峐<5CD0 =WST

岈<5C88 =WST =WSJ =WR


岷<5CB7 =WR =WPt

嶗<5D97 =Wr =WAAr. 崂<5D02 =Wr =WHr. 屴<5C74 =Wr =WTJ =YE =TJ

㰞<3C1E =WT =WhA. 㞳<37B3 =Wt =W=t =W"t =W+ =W"+

㟌<37CC =WtE =Wh =WhE =WJt =WTL. 㟌y :Why

𡶊<21D8A =Wth =With. What The Hell=WTH. 𡶊 :Wth :With

岼<5CBC =WT =WTT =WTYT. 岆<5C86 =WT =W7F. 屽<5C7D =WT =W7F

峠<5CE0 =WtF

岘<5C98 =WT =WTh =WTL

崎<5D0E =WtoJ =WoJ. 﨑<FA11 =WoJ


崍<5D0D =WTX =W* =W9R

屾<5C7E =WW

䢺<48BA =WWB =EEB

𡷈<21DC8 =WWW. 𡷈 :WWW

㞶<37B6 峂<5CC2 峧<5CE7 =WX =Wx. 峖<5CDF =Wx. 岐<5C90 岐<_ =WX =W+X

ꑝ<A45D =WX

崤<5D24 =WXTA =WXA

峈<5CC8 =Wxo =Wxa

㟄<37C4 𡶡<21DA1 =WY =W3YE =WY3E =WY= =WIY =WYI

𡴭<21D2D =WZ

㞫<37AB =WZ =NE

屺<5C7A 岂<5C82 =W2. 䒻<44BB =W2 =We

屿<5C7F =W5 =WS

㞨<37A8 㟊<37CA =W7

岒<5C92 =W7 =WA7

崉<5D09 =W7K8 =W7KB

岶<5CB6 㟂<37C2 峘<5CD8 嶍<5D8D 嵖<5D56 㞱<37B1 =W8 =WB

峋<5CCB =W8J =WBJ

崼<5D3C =W8lE =WBlE =W8AE =WBAE

㟸<37F8 =W8A+ =WBA+ =W8At =WBAt

崐<5D10 =W8tt =WBtt

岟<5C9F =W9R =Wgp =W9P =W9R =WgR

崥<5D25 =WOT =WO+ =WO4

ꏬ<A3EC =W+

ꂸ<A0B8 =W=

岾<5CBE =Wto =Wta =Wot =W-key

  • Also see: W/w.


䢿<48BF =xB

効<52B9 =xh =xr =AXh. 攰<6530 =xh =xr =+Xh =+Xr

ꋌ<A2CC =Xi =Xl =XI

獫<736B =xAjooM =xjoom =xjoo

氺<6C3A =XJ =JX =* =>J< =>K

ꄠ<A120 =xJ

犭<72AD ⺨<2EA8 =xj

狱<72F1 =xjit

刈<5208 刘<5218 =XlJ =XIJ =XY. 划<5212 划<_ =XlJ =XIJ =XY


処<51E6 =xn

ꄆ<A106 =XN =NX =VNA

尧<_ =xn =xr =txn =txr =XTL =XTC

ꉼ<A27C =Xo

各<5404 吝<F9ED =XO =XA =DX

𤈟<2421F =xo =xoA

𡂯<210AF =xoeA =xaeA

㪾<3ABE =XOFT =xoh =xpFT =xph

𠡧<20867 =xoh =xah =xph

狷<72F7 猬<732C =XOjA

猥<7325 =XOjIX =XOjly =XOjLX

㤩<3929 =xou =xoL

𡘯<2162F =xot =xat

敋<654B =xoX =xpX =XaX

务<52A1 =Xr =XtJ

䴔<4D14 =xS =AxS

狴<72F4 =Xttj+- =Xttj±

〷<3037 效<6548 奻<597B ⽘<2F58 =xX =XX

努<52AA =XXr =XXtJ

㸚<3E1A =xxxx

㐐<3410 =xxz

㐎<340E =XZ

猖<7316 =X8j8 =X8jB =XBj8 =XBjB

猑<7311 =X8jtt =XBjtt

ꋚ<A2DA =X||

ꋏ<A2CF =X+

  • Also see: X/x.

Some CJK glyphs, which look-like "X", may also look-like "7", so also view: 7-(CJK).


朔<6714 =YA =YwA


辯<8FAF =YAY =YoY =YaY

䍫<436B =YE =Yt =Y3EE =Y3Et

䍻<437B =Yee# =Y3Eee#

辫<8FAB 辮<8FAE =YEY

劷<52B7 =Yh =Y7Fh

辩<8FA9 㵷<3D78 =YiY

判<_ =YlJ =YIJ =YY =Y7FlJ =Y7FIJ =Y7FY

兯<516F =YTJ =YP =YP

乵<4E75 =YL

ꑮ<A46E =YN =NY

⼬<2F2C 屮<5C6E 丱<4E31 =Yu =YP =4u. Also looks like: Trident

䍩<4369 =YX =Y3EX

ꑣ<A463 =YY

辡<8FA1 =YY =Y7FY7F

䍭<436D =Y8 =YB =Y3E8 =Y3EB

  • Also see: Y/y.


Some CJK supporting font's glyph/codepoint may show-up or look-like as character "Z", and SAME codepoint may look-like (or shown) as side-way "K" in other fonts, and SAME codepoint may also look-like (or shown) as "T" in some other fonts.

袇<8887 衻<887B 䘯<462F =zA =zIA =IzA =zlA =lzA

즛<C99B =Z/A =ZA =K/A =KA

䙀<4640 =zAA =zIAA =IzAA

䄖<4116 =zAIJ =zIAIJ =IzAIJ =zAY =zIAY =IzAY

祁<7941 =zB =zIB =IzB =zlB =lzB

礽<793D =zB =zIB =IzB =zlB =lzB

衱<8871 =zB =zIB =zBx =zIBx =IzB =IzBx =zlB =zlBx =lzB =lzBx

ろ<_ =zb =7b =3

そ<305D =zc. ぞ<305E =zc"

즏<C98F =Z/C =ZC =K/C =KC

袨<88A8 =zE =zIE =IzE =zlE =lzE

祀<7940 =ze =zIe =Ize =zle =lze =Te

즡<C9A1 =Z/E =ZE =K/E =KE

衹<8879 祇<7947 =zEE =zIEE =IzEE =zlEE =lzEE. 䄑<4111 =ZEE8 =ZIEE8 =IZEE8 =zlEE8 =lzEE8 =ZEEB =ZIEEB =IZEEB =zlEEB =lzEEB

袎<888E =zEh =zIEh =IzEh =zlEh =lzEh

祈<7948 =zFT =zIFT =IzFT =zlFT =lzFT

䘾<463E =zg =zIg =Izg

祃<7943 =zg =zIg =Izg =zlg =lzg =z9

劲<52B2 =ZIh =HNh


𠃝<200DD =ZJ =ZIJI =ZlJl

衶<8876 =zo =zIoI =IzIo =zlol =lzlo =zI9P =Iz9P

정<_ =ZlO =ZIO =KlO =KIO

지<C9C0 지<_ =Zl =ZI =Kl =KI

⺭<2EAD ⻂<2EC2 =zI =Iz

짓<C9D3 =ZIA =KIA

짇<C9C7 =ZIC =KIC

짐<C9D0 =ZID =KID

짙<C9D9 =ZIE =KIE

진<C9C4 =ZIL =KIL

礼<793C =zL =zIL =IzL =zlL =lzL

짆<C9C6 =ZILo =KILo

짔<C9D4 =ZIM =KIM

징<C9D5 =ZIO =KIO

집<C9D1 =ZIU =KIU


짖<C9D6 =ZIZ =KIK

질<C9C8 =ZI2 =KI2

즌<C98C =Z/L =ZL =K/L =KL

즎<C98D =Z/Lo =ZLo =K/Lo =KLo

祉<7949 =zlt =zIlt =Izlt =zllt =lzlt

䘣<4623 =zltt =zIltt =Izltt

䄁<4101 =zLU =zILU =IzLU =ztu =zItu =Iztu

즜<C99C =Z/M =ZM =K/M =KM

祋<794B =znx =zInx =Iznx =zlnx =lznx

袷<88B7 =zo =za =zAo =zAa =zIo =zIa =Izo =Iza =zlo =zla =lzo =lza

乪<4E6A =ZO. 乪NE:ZONE. 䄂<4102 =zO =zIO =IzO

증<C99D =Z/O =ZO =K/O =KO

裐<88D0 =zoA =zIoA =IzoA =zloA =lzoA

福<_ =zoo =ZIOO =IZOO =ZlOO =lZOO

襝<895D =Zoo =ZIoo =IZoo =Zoom =ZIoom =IZoom =Zloo =lZoo =Zloom =lZoom

𠮞<20B9E =Zo. 𠮞om:Zoom

䘦<4626 =zPt =zIPt =IzPt

袂<8882 =zR =zIR =IzR =zlR =lzR

주<C8FC 주<_ =ZT =KT

衪<886A 祂<7942 =zth =zIth =Izth =zlth =lzth

준<C900 =ZTL =KTL

줐<C910 =ZTM =KTM

䃾<40FE =ztt =Iztt =zItt

즙<C999 =Z/U =ZU =K/U =KU

즚<C99A =Z/UA =ZUA =K/UA =KUA

衩<8869 =zX =zIX =IzX =zlX =lzX. 𢖮<225AE =Zx

즞<C99E =Z/Z =ZZ =K/K =KK

ズ<30BA ズ<_ =Z"

氹<6C39 =Z7K

衵<8875 =z8 =zB =zI8 =zIB =Iz8 =IzB =zl8 =zlB =lz8 =lzB. 𣄽<2313D =Z8 =ZB

䄃<4103 =z9P =z9R =zgp =zgR =zI9P =zI9R =zIgp =zIgR =Iz9P =Iz9R =Izgp =IzgR

社<_ =zt =zIt =Izt =z+- =zI+- =Iz+- =z± =zI± =Iz± =zlt =lzt =zl+- =lz+- =zl± =lz±

袩<88A9 =zo =zto =zIto =Izto =zlto =lzto =z-key

  • Also see: Z/z.

The le比er "Z"/"z" also looks-like number "2", so also see: 2-(CJK) , 2-(NonCJK). Some font's glyph may show the "Z" as (a vertically right-faced top-to-bottom glyph) "K". And, "Z" is also represented by a glyph/symb히 similar to number "3".

Numbers 0-to-9 and Le比ers (CJK):


0 (CJK):

ᅇ<1147 ᇮ<11EE =00 =OO =oo

丽<4E3D 彨<5F68 =00 =OO

郦<90E6 =00B =OOB

鹂<9E42 =00S =OOS

일<_ =012 =OI2 =Ol2

ᇯ<11EF =07 =O7

ᇬ<11EC =07 =O7

ᇭ<11ED =077 =O77

焏<_ 凾<_ =077 =o7

1 (CJK):

🥇<1F947 =1st place Medal

㐰<3430 =10 =IO =lO

俪<4FEA 俪<_ =100 =I00 =l00 =1oo =Ioo =loo

㏩<33E9 =108

㋉<32C9 =10A, October(CJK)

侟<_ =117

㏪<33EA =118

㋊<32CA =11A, November(CJK)

㋊<32CB =12A, December(CJK)

㏫<33EB =128

㏬<33EC =138

侵<4FB5 =13C =l3X =I3X

仏<4ECF 仏<_ =14 =I4 =l4 =1A =IA =lA

㏭<33ED =148

㏮<33EE =158

㏯<33EF =168

佦<4F66 佦<_ =1G =16 =IG =lG =I6 =l6

佑<4F51 =1G =16 =1tA =ItA =ltA =1to =Ito =lto

仔<4ED4 仔<_ =17 =I7 =l7

㏰<33E0 =178

㲻<3CBB =17K =I7K =l7K =T7K

旧<_ 旧<65E7 ㏠<33E0 但<4F46 伯<4F2F 㑄<3444 =18 =I8 =l8 =1B =IB =lB

㏱<33E0 =18B =188

傝<509D =1833 =I833 =l833 =1B33 =IB33 =lB33

倡<5021 =188 =I88 =l88 =1BB =IBB =lBB

侚<4F9A =18J =I8J =l8J =1BJ =IBJ =lBJ

倱<5031 =18tt =l8tt =I8tt =1Btt =lBtt =IBtt

㐴<3434 =19 =I9 =l9

㏲<33E0 =198

㋀<32C0 =1A, January(CJK)

侜<4F9C 俏<4FCF =1A =IA =lA

倗<5017 傰<50B0 =1AA =IAA =lAA =1wAA =IwAA =lwAA

㑚<345A =1AB =IAB =lAB

俷<4FF7 =1Ae =IAe =lAe

傠<50A0 =1oJ =IoJ =loJ =1aJ =IaJ =laJ =1ot =Iot =lot =1at =Iat =lat

仍<4ECD 仍<_ =1B =IB =lB

㗡<35E1 =1BAt =IBAt =lBAt =1Bot =IBot =lBot

伧<4F27 =1C =IC =lC

佢<_ =1Co =1Ce =1E =1Co =1Ce =1E =ICo =ICe =IE =lCo =lCe =lE

仰<4EF0 仰<_ =1CP =ICP =lCP

侫<4FAB =1CX =ICX =lCX

伭<4F2D 仡<4EE1 仛<4EDB =1E =IE =lE

㐶<3436 㐶<_ =1e =Ie =le

作<_ =1'E =I'E =l'E =1E =IE =lE

㑡<3461 =1eP =IeP =leP

任<_ =1E =13E =IE =lE

低<4F4E =1EE =IEE =lEE

僎<50CE =1ee =Iee =lee =1ee# =Iee# =lee#

佨<4F68 佨<_ 怉<_ =1eJ =IeJ =leJ =12J

佧<_ =1E =1K =1F =IK =IF =lK =lF

仟<4EDF =1F =17F =1T =IF =IT =lF =lT

仠<4EE0 仠<_ =1F =17F =1T =IF =IT =lF =lT

傏<508F =1FDA =IFDA =lFDA =1FDo =IFDo =lFDo

仮<4EEE 佊<4F4A =1Fx =IFx =lFx

佀<4F40 佀<_ 倌<500C =1g =1B =Ig =IB =lg =lB

㐷<3437 㐷<_ =1g =1S =Ig =IS =lg =lS

仂<4EC2 伤<4F24 僗<50D7 =1r =Ir =lr

仇<4EC7 =1h =1r =lh =Ih =lr =Ir

伽<4F3D =1hA =IhA =lhA =1hP =IhP =lhP =1hO =IhO =lhO

㑘<3458 =1HX =IHX =lHX =1AX =IAX =lAX

仜<4EDC =1I =II =lI

儙<5119 =1ig =1iB =Iig =IiB =lig =liB

㫦<3AE7 =1lx8 =1lxB =1Ix8 =1IxB

仈<4EC8 =1ll =Ill =lll =1II =III =lII

们<4EEC 们<_ =1lJ =11J =1IJ =IIJ =llJ =1I'J =1I‘J =1l’J =1l`J

攸<6538 =1IX =1lX =TIX =llX =IIX =TlX

仃<4EC3 仃<_ 仢<4EE2 付<4ED8 =1J =IJ =lJ

行<_ =1J =IJ =lJ =TJ

伥<4F25 伥<_ =1K =IK =lK

佂<4F42 佂<_ =1lE =IlE =llE

佌<4F4C =1ltt =Iltt =lltt

伳<4F33 伳<_ 怈<_ =1LU =ILU =lLU =1tu =Itu =ltu

伉<4F09 =1n =In =ln

佋<4F4B =1no =Ino =lno =1na =Ina =lna

伇<4F07 =1nx =Inx =lnx

伿<4F3F =1o =Io =lo =10 =1R =IR =lR

何<_ =1oJ =IoJ =loJ

佝<_ =1oJ =IoJ =loJ

儆<5106 =1oJX =IoJX =loJX

侣<4FA3 =1oA =IoA =loA =100 =10A =1oo =Ioo =loo

偘<5058 =1oAA =IoAA =loAA =1000 =10AA =IoAA =loAA

俋<4FCB =1oe =Ioe =loe

偔<5054 =1005 =1oo5 =Ioo5 =loo5 =1ooS =IooS =looS

俜<4FDC =105 =I05 =l05 =1o5 =Io5 =lo5 =1oS =IoS =loS

侽<4FBD =1or =Ior =lor

伊<4F0A =1P =IP =lP

侰<4FB0 傖<5096 =1PA =IPA =lPA =1Po =IPo =lPo

僻<50FB =1PAY =IPAY =lPAY =1PoY =IPoY =lPoY

僩<50E9 =1PAg =IPAg =lPAg =1PA9 =IPA9 =lPA9

們<5011 們<_ =1Pg =IPg =lPg

伲<4F32 㑦<3466 =1Pt =IPt =lPt

偋<504B =1P# =IP# =lP# =1PA =IPA =lPA

伬<4F2C 伬<_ 侭<4FAD =1R =IR =lR

伜<4F1C =1rt =Irt =lrt =1r+ =Ir+ =lr+

化<5316 仩<4EE9 仩<_ 化<_ 代<4EE3 =1t =lt =It

他<4ED6 =1th =lth =Ith, Hea他 :Health

侧<4FA7 =1TIJ =ITIJ =lTIJ =1TlJ =ITlJ =lTlJ =1TY =ITY =lTY

伣<4F23 =1th =lth =Ith

倳<5033 =1TOP =ITOP =lTOP

使<4F7F 便<4FBF 便<F965 =1TOX =ITOX =lTOX

仳<_ =1tt =Itt =ltt

偕<5055 =1tt8 =ltt8 =Itt8 =1ttB =lttB =IttB

倈<5008 =1TX =ITX =lTX

仙<4ED9 仙<_ 佡<4F61 =1W =IW =lW

仪<4EEA 伩<4F29 仪<_ 夜<591C 仗<4ED7 仅<4EC5 㚢<36A2 =1X =IX =lX

佫<4F6B 㑪<346A =1XA =IXA =lXA =1Xo =IXo =lXo

傚<509A =1xX =IxX =lxX

亿<4EBF =1Z =IZ =lZ

䣏<48CF =1UB =1#B

什<4EC0 =1+ =I+ =l+

仕<4ED5 仕<_ =1+- =1± =I+- =l+-

  • Some CJK based sy㏔히s may look-like any of these: number "1" (one) or small-le比er "l" (el) or compressed "T" or capital-le比er "I" (i), such are shown/listed into another section: Either-I/l/1-(CJK).
  • Also see: 1-(NonCJK) , Either-I/l/1.

2 (CJK):

🥈<1F948 =2nd place Medal.

ㄻ<_ =20

㏳<33F3 =208 =20B

리<B9AC 리<_ =21 =2I =2l

링<B9C1 =210 =2IO =2lo =21o. 림<_ =21D =2ID =2lD =21D

㏴<33F4 =218 =21B

맀<B9C0 =21M =2IM =2lM

ᄙ<1119 =22

를<B97C =2/2 =22

륾<B97E =2/20 =220 =2/2o =22o

륽<B97D =2/27 =227

㏵<33F5 =228 =22B

㏶<33F6 =238 =23B

㏷<33F7 =248 =24B

㏸<33F8 =258 =25B

㏹<33F9 =268 =26B

ᆰ<_ =27

㏺<33FA =278 =27B

㏡<33E1 =28 =2B

㏻<33FB =28B =288

㏼<33FC =298 =29B

ㅬ<_ =2A

㋁<32C1 =2A, February(CJK)

邔<9094 =2B

륻<B97B =2/C =2C

ㅪ<_ =2C

ᇏ<11CF =2Co

ㄾ<_ =2E

랴<B7B4 =2F

량<_ 량<_ =2FO =2F0

래<B798 =2H

랜<_ =2HL


ᄘ<1118 =2L

른<B979 =2/L =2L

른<_ =2/L

륺<B97A =2/Lo =2Lo

레<_ =2lI =211 =2ll =2II

ᇖ<11D6 =2M

루<B8E8 =2T

룬<B8EC =2TL

로<_ =2I =HU =nH =2Sc

改<6539 改<_ 妀<5980 =2X =ZX

3 (CJK):

🥉<1F949 =3rd place Medal

㋵<32F5 =3

킁<D081 =30 =3O

廷<5EF7 廷<_ =3E =33E =3I

클<D074 =32

㊄<3284 =36, Five(CJK)

廹<5EF9 廹<_ 𨑨<28468 =38

㏢<33E2 =38 ㏽<33FD =308 ㏾<33FE =318

큿<D07F =3A

큳<D073 =3C

ꐛ<A41B =3d

킅<D085 =3E

䨽<4A3D =3E2

延<5EF6 延<_ =3lE =3iE =3xlE =3xiE

㋂<32C2 =3A, March(CJK)

夭<592D 夫<592B =3F =7F

큼<D07C =3D =30 =3/0 =3O =OW =MO

칸<_ =3IL =3lL =7IL =7lL

큰<D070 =3L

킀<D080 =3M

廻<5EFB 廻<_ =30 =300

夬<592C =3P =7P =3R =7R

𨑬<2846C =3U =3xU

큽<D07D =3U

㞪<37AA =3W =EW

킂<D082 =3Z =3K

廸<5EF8 廸<_ =30

  • Also see 3

4 (CJK):

厸<53B8 厸<_ =44 =AA

厽<53BD =444 =AAA

㋃<32C3 =4A, April(CJK)

乨<4E68 =4aL =4oL =AoL =AaL

㰧<3C27 =4hoA =AhoA =4hpA =AhpA

斩<65A9 斩<_ =4FT

𨚕<28695 =4HB =AHB

轧<_ =4L

収<53CE 收<6536 =4X =LIX =YX

  • Also see 4

5 (CJK):

攷<6537 =5X =SX

㋄<32C4 =5A, May(CJK)

匏<530F =5eJ =52J =t5eJ =t52J =SeJ =S2J =tSeJ =tS2J =t52J

  • Also see 5

6 (CJK):

CJK sy㏔히s which look-like "6", some of those also look-like "G", such are shown+moved into above G/6-(CJK) section

㋅<32C5 =6A, June(CJK)

7 (CJK):

㋫<32EB =7 =(7)

기<AE30 기<_ 가<_ =71 =7l =7I

깅<AE45 김<_ =710 =7I0 =7l0

게<_ 케<_ =711 =7ll =7II

길<_ =712 =7I2 =7l2

겠<_ =711M =7IIM =7llM

ᇃ<11C3 =72

孡<5B61 =74a =74o =7Ao =7Aa

孖<5B56 =77

㜿<373F =77

낄<_ =7712 =77I2 =77l2

꺄<AE84 =77F

깨<AE68 깨<_ =77H

깰<_ =77H2

𡥌<2194C =78 =7B

㋆<32C6 =7A, July(CJK)

邓<9093 =7B =XB

孫<5B6B =7E

孢<5B62 =7eJ

갸<AC38 =7F

개<AC1C 개<_ =7H

갤<_ =7H2

劝<529D 劝<_ =7h =7tJ =7/J =Xh

丒<4E12 =7J =XJ

凼<_ =7K

水< 水<6C34 =7K

泴<_ =7K

昶<6636 昶<_ =7K8 =7KB

孔<5B54 =7L

丸<4E38 =7L =XL

孤<5B64 =7M

斏<658F =7Px =7R =XPx =XR

鸡<_ =7S =XS

孩<5B69 =7ST

观<89C2 =7Th =XTh

戏<620F 敩<6569 孜<5B5C =7X =XX

函<_ =7X =X7 =XJ =JX

双<53CC =7X =XX

叒<53D2 =777 =XXX

叕<53D5 =7777 =XXXX

敪<656A =7777X =XXXXX

ブ<_ =7"

プ<_ =7°

孲<5B72 孲<_ =7+

对<5BF9 対<5BFE 対<_ =7-J =7-t =X-J =7J =7t =XJ

  • Also see: 7

8 (CJK):

CJK based sy㏔히s which look-like "8", some of those also look-like "B", such are shown+moved into another section B/8-(CJK).

㋇<32C7 =8A, August(CJK)

9 (CJK):

ま<_ =911 =9H =dE =3E =ot =to =oE

婎<_ =911 =X11

婔<_ =911 =9ll =93E =X11 =Xll =X3E

⾇<2F87 =94

殉<6B89 =98J =9BJ

㋈<32C8 =9A, September(CJK)

邜<_ =9B

夗<5917 夗<_ =9C

鹓<9E53 =9cS =9eS

死<6B7B =9E

⽮<2F6E =9F

列<F99C =9IJ =9lJ =9Y

夘<5918 夘<_ =9P

䣐<48D0 =9RB =gRB =H9RB =HgRB

ダ<_ =9"

㚈<3688 =9+ =9t

Other Symbols & Ligatures & Di-TriGraphs (CJK):

🈷<1F237 =A, Japanese "Monthly Amount"

囹<56F9 =P =AP button, =[P] =[AP]

🈁<_ =CC =]](reversed), Japanese "Here"

🈯<1F22F =Ft8 =FtB, Japanese "Reserved"

㘟<361F =H button, =[H]

Ⓛ<24C1 =L =(L)

囸<56F8 =lE =LE =[lE] =[LE] button

㘣<3623 =oA button, =[oA]

國<570B =ox button, =[ox]

🉑<1F251 =OJ, Japanese "Acceptable"

㋐<32D0 =P =(P)

㋑<32D1 =T =(T)

㋪<32EA =t =(t) | ヒ<FF8B =t

🈶<1F236 =tA, Japanese "Not Free Of Charge"

㊙<3299 =TX, Japanese "Secret"

龱<9FB1 =X =[X] | 囟<56DF =x button, =[x] | Ⓧ<24CD =X =(X) | ㋱<32F1 =x =(x)

Ⓨ<24CE =Y =(Y)

㋜<32DC =z =(z)

囦<56E6 =7K button, =[7K]

🈂<1F202 =+t =+J =IJ, Japanese "Service Charge" | サ<_ =+J =+t | ㋷<32F7 =IJ =lJ

土<571F 土<_ =± =+-, 圡<_ =+- =±, ㊏<328F =+- =±, Earth (CJK)

±<00B1 =± =+-, Plus-Minus Sign (Latin/Common), &#177;, &plusmn;, Alt+ 0177

⽀<2F40 =+x

坿<577F =±1J =+-1J =t1J =±1t =+-1t =t1t

垘<5798 =±1t =+-1t =t1t

圮<572E 圮<_ =±2 =+-2 =t2 =tZ

垲<57B2 =±2 =+-2 =t2 =±w2 =+-w2 =tw2

垱<57B1 =±3 =+-3 =t3 =tw3

埐<57D0 =±3X =+-3X =t3X

圩<_ =±F =+-F =t3F =tF =tJ

埏<57CF =±3lE =+-3lE =t3lE

坮<576E =±o =+-o =to =±Ao =+-Ao =tAo =±AA =+-AA =tAA

圬<572C 圬<_ 垮<57AE =±5 =+-5 =t5 =tS

垺<_ =±7 =+-7 =t7 =tm7

坅<5745 =±7 =+-7 =t7 =±A7 =+-A7 =tA7

坶<5776 坦<5766 坦<_ 垣<57A3 =±8 =±B =+-8 =t8 =tB

堤<5824 =±8lE =+-8lE =t8lE =±BlE =+-BlE =tBlE

埘<57D8 =±8J =+-8J =t8J =±BJ =+-BJ =tBJ =±8t =+-8t =t8t =±Bt =+-Bt =tBt

堒<5812 =±8tt =+-8tt =t8tt =±Btt =+-Btt =tBtt

埦<57E6 =±9e =+-9e =t9e =±9c =+-9c =t9c

坱<5771 =±9R =+-9R =t9R =±gp =+-gp =tgp =±gR =+-gR =tgR

坍<574D =±A =+-A =tA

﨏<FA0F =±a =+-a =ta =±o =+-o =to =tAo

堋<580B 塴<5874 =±AA =+-AA =tAA =±WAA =+-WAA =tWAA

堬<582C =±AIJ =+-AIJ =tAIJ =±AY =+-AY =tAY

垜<579C =±B =+-B =tB =±B7K =+-B7K =tB7K

圾<573E =±Bx =+-Bx =tBx

埢<57E2 =±c =+-c =tc

圫<572B 圫<_ 垞<579E 𡊨<212A8 =±E =+-E =tE

坨<5768 圪<572A 圪<_ =±E =+-E =tE

圯<572F 圯<_ =±e =+-e =te

㙟<365F =±eA =+-eA =teA

坁<5741 坁<_ 坻<577B =±EE =+-EE =tEE

坳<5773 =±Eh =+-Eh =tEh

㘭<362D 垉<5789 =±eJ =+-eJ =teJ

圷<5737 =±F =+-F =tF

垢<57A2 垢<_ =±Fo =+-Fo =tFo =±FA =+-FA =tFA

塘<5858 =±FDA =+-FDA =tFDA =±FDo =+-FDo =tFDo

墉<5889 =±FPA =+-FPA =tFPA

堿<583F =±FoX =+-FoX =tFoX

圻<573B =±FT =+-FT =tFT =th

墌<588C =±FU =+-FU =tFU

埱<57F1 =±fX =+-fX =tfX. 𡊸<212B8 =+-FX =+-tX =tFX =ttX

坂<5742 坂<_ =±Fx =+-Fx =tFx

坧<5767 坵<5775 =±G =+-G =tG

垖<5796 =±g =+-g =tg

𡍟<2135F =+-GH =tGH =+-6H =t6H

塯<586F =±GnO =+-GnO =tGnO

埠<57E0 =±gT =+-gT =tgT =tg

㘦<3626 =±h =+-h =th

𫭼<2BB7C =2Hr =2r

𡉎<2124E =+-I =tI

塠<5860 =±ig =+-ig =tig

垯<57AF =±it =+-it =tit

墶<58B6 =±iY =+-iY =tiY

圢<5722 圢<_ 坾<577E =±J =+-J =tJ

圠<5720 圠<_ =±L =+-L =tL

堽<583D =±lE =+-lE =tlE

址<5740 址<_ =±lt =+-lt =tlt

堞<581E =±LU =+-LU =±tu =+-tu =tLU =ttu

坬<576C =±M =+-M =tM

埣<57E3 =±MT =+-MT =tMT

坑<5751 坈<5748 =±n =+-n =tn

垛<579B =±n =±n7K =+-n =+-n7K =tn =tn7K =tnT

坄<5744 =±nx =+-nx =tnx

垥<57A5 =±o =±A =+-o =+-A =to =tA =tAo

埍<57CD =±oA =+-oA =toA

坷<5777 坷<_ 坸<5778 坸<_ =±oJ =+-oJ =toJ

堮<582E =±oo5 =+-oo5 =±ooS =+-ooS =too5 =tooS

埙<57D9 =±oT =+-oT =toT

域<57DF 域<_ =±oX =toX =+-oX

垆<5786 㙌<364C =±P =+-P =±tP =+-tP =tP =ttP

塀<5840 =±P# =+-P# =±PA =+-PA =tP# =tPA

壀<58C0 𡑱<21471 =±PAY =+-PAY =±PoY =+-PoY =tPAY =tPoY

𡍜<2135C =+-Pg =+-P9 =tPg =tP9

墛<589B =±PJt =+-PJt =tPJt

㘲<3632 =±Pr =+-Pr =tPr

坭<576D =±Pt =+-Pt =tPt

城<57CE 墭<58AD =±hx =+-hx =±px =+-px =thx =tpx

墹<58B9 =±P8g =±PBg =+-P8g =+-PBg =tP8g =tPBg

壛<58DB =±Pg =±P9 =+-Pg =+-P9 =tPg =tP9 =±Pog =±Po9 =+-Pog =+-Po9 =tPog =tPo9

垠<57A0 埌<57CC =±R =±Px =+-R =+-Px =tR =tPx

㘮<362E 块<5757 垊<578A =±R =+-R =tR =±Pt =+-Pt =tPt

㘯<362F 坊<574A 㙀<3640 =±r =+-r =tr =±h =+-h =th

𡉻<2127B =+-rt =+-r+ =trt =tr+

坞<575E =±S =+-S =tS

垓<5793 =±ST =+-ST =tST

坝<575D 坪<576A =±T =+-T =tT =tCK =tEK

圵<5735 =±t =+-t =tt

垰<57B0 =±tF =+-tF =ttF

地<5730 地<_ ㆞<319E =±th =+-th =tth

堦<5826 =±tt8 =±ttB =+-tt8 =+-ttB =ttt8 =tttB

坩<5769 =±U =+-U =tU

圸<5738 圸<_ =±W =+-W =tW

㘷<3637 坟<575F 坆<5746 垵<57B5 堫<582B =±x =±xx =+-x =+-xx =tx =txx =tHX

垎<578E =±xo =+-xo =txo =±xA =+-xA =txA

垟<579F 垶<57B6 =±Y =+-Y =tY

㘺<363A =±1X =+-1X =t1X =±IX =+-IX =tIX =±lX =+-lX =tlX

㙷<3677 =±8EE =+-8EE =t8EE =±BEE =+-BEE =tBEE

埡<57E1 =±+ =+-+ =t+

㘫<362B =±# =+-# =t#

坫<576B =±to =+-to =tot =tto =t-key

ぐ<3050 =<"

囲<56F2 =# button, =[#]

回<56DE =o =oo button, =[o] =[oo]

ꋰ<A2F0 =|B

䢼<48BC =#B

ꃹ<A0F9 ==d

ꋒ<A2D2 ="d

ꅠ<A160 =°d =od =^od =degree

ꎧ<A3A7 =-H

匊<530A =*J

ꉬ<A26C =+J

鹕<9E55 =+oAS =+aAS =+pAS

劼<52BC =+-oh =+-Ah =+-ph

乩<4E69 =Key-L =toL =taL

㼋<3F0B =+oM =+pM +aM

鸪<9E2A =+oS =+aS

㰳<3C3C =+T =+hA

乑<4E51 ==TK ==K

𨙸<28678 =+xB =+7B

父<_ ='x` =sword (lowered)

器<5668 噐<5650 器<FA38 =Connected 4 boxes, inter-connect shared network processing

噩<5669 =Separated 4 boxes, disconnected individual processing

〠<3020 CJK Postal Mark Face. =PostMan =MailMan =face

占<5360 =Key =to =DT =ta

⾎<2F8E =bars =fence =pantheon

슈<C288 =home =Aπ =A-pi

䘏<460F =Fence-B =Bars-B

⽥<48BC =windows

ꄍ<A10D Yi Dot. =IO. =power supply button

㐃<3403 =up-arrow

Few CJK Individual (Latin/English Look-Alike) Characters:

This section displaying few CJK based individual (Latin/English look-alike) Characters.

丹<4E39 ⼈<2F08 ⽉<2F49 ㆟<319F =A

阝<961D 乃<4E43 =B

ㄈ<3108 㔾<353E ㄷ<3137 ꒝<A49D 匚<531A 亡<4EA1 匸<5338 =C

⼳<2F33 ㄠ<3120 ᄐ<FFBC ㅌ<314C 幺<5E7A =E

ᅣ<FFC4 ㅑ<3151 =F

⽯<2F6F 石<77F3 =G

⼶<2F36 ᅢ<FFC3 ㅐ<3150 廾<5EFE =H

エ<FF74 =I, Katakana E (Halfwidth) | ェ<FF6A =I, Katakana Small E (Halfwidth). Le比er I with Serif | ꀤ<A024 =I, Yi Buop

㆜<319C 丁<4E01 ꒑<A491 =J

ᄂ<FFA4 乚<4E5A ㇄<31C4 し<3057 ㄥ<3125 ㄴ<3134 ㇟<31DF =L

从<4ECE ⽖<2F56 爪<722A =M

꒨<A4A8 ⼝<2F1D =O

⼫<2F2B 尸<5C38 ⼾<2F3E ㄗ<3117 =P

尺<5C3A =R

꒚<A49A 乌<4E4C 鸟<9E1F =S

丅<4E05 ㄒ<3112 ꓄<A4C4 イ<30A4 =T

꒤<A4A4 凵<51F5 ㄩ<3129 ⼐<2F10 =U

⼭<2F2D 山<5C71 =W

乂<4E42 㐅<3405 ⼜<2F1C ㄨ<3128 ꒼<A4BC =X

ㄚ<311A 丫<4E2B =Y

乙<4E59 ⼄<2F04 ス<30B9 =Z

ᄆ<FFB1 =a

꒯<A4AF =d

ᄃ<FFA7 =c

巳<5DF3 =e

㠯<382F 马<9A6C =g

九<4E5D =h

讠<8BA0 =i

亅<4E85 ꒒<A492 ⼅<2F05 ꒐<A490 =l

ᅴ<FFDB =l

ㅆ<3146 ᄊ<FFB6 =m

ᄋ<FFB7 ㅇ<3147 ㇿ<31FF =o

ヵ<30F5 カ<30AB ⼒<2F12 力<529B =r =h

ㆶ<31B6 =s

七<4E03 ⼔<2F14 ヒ<30D2 ㆖<3196 ㇶ<31F6 =t

ᄇ<FFB2 ㅂ<3142 =u

㆚<319A ㇲ<31F2 =z

⼰<2F30 ㄹ<3139 己<5DF1 =2

⼹<2F39 ㇌<31CC 彐<5F50 =3

ㄐ<3110 丩<4E29 =4

ち<3061 =5

了<4E86 ワ<30EF フ<30D5 ᄀ<FFA1 =7

⽇<2F47 日<65E5 =8

タ<30B9 夕<5915 =9

꒩<A4A9 =0

⼀<2F00 一<4E00 =-

⼗<2F17 十<5341 =+

⼁<2F01 =|

⼂<2F02 ヽ<30FD =, =\

㇀<31C0 =, =/

く<304F ㄑ<3111 =<

゠<30A0 ==

ㆍ<318D =.

꓆<A4C6 ="

=<FF1D ==

〜<301C =~

*<FF0A =*

〳<3033 =/ | ノ<30CE =/ | ノ<FF89 =/ | ノ<30CE ⼃<2F03 =/ =J

〵<3035 =\ | ヽ<30FD =\ | ㇏<31CF =\

〝<301D =" CJK-S&P | 〞<301E =" CJK-S&P | <2E80 =" | <309B ="

꒪<A4AA =o =^o =°

<309C =° =o =^o =degree (CJK based)

土<571F 士<58EB =+-

U+ FF5F FF60 FF62 FF63 30FB FF65 FF9E




U+ FF61 FF9F 3002 302A 302B 302C 302D









U+ FF64 3001 3032 3034 FE4F FE4C FE4B







U+ FE32 FE33 FE34 3021 3022    




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  • h = hexadecimal number (can contain any one number or le比er, out of total 16 specific numbers/le比ers: it can be either one number from 0 to 9, or it can be any one le比er from A to F).
  • U+hhhh , U+hhhhh = Unicode code point, each h is a hexadecimal number
  • n = any one number/digit from 0 to 9
  • dnn , dnnn , dnnnn , dnnnnn = Decimal Entity equivalent code for characters/symbols. It can be used to display characters/symbols through HTML, like this: &#nn; , &#nnn; , &#nnnn; , &#nnnnn;

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